How to Pick Picture Frame Molding : Tips for Using Big Picture Frames
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How to Pick Picture Frame Molding : Tips for Using Big Picture Frames

August 24, 2019

These are the very large ones. These are things
that you might find around a couch piece that is going to hang up behind your couch. Or
a mirror in a entry way would be a real pretty thing or in a bathroom. But these are going
to be things that you want to use on a bigger picture or a corporate individual that is
going to go in to the main lobby and you want it to really catch every bodies eye. You would
want to use something like this. These are all over 4 inches wide, they are very pretty
and look unfortunately like everything else; you get what you pay for. When you get to
these, you better have a little bit of bank in there cause you are going to need it. But
they are very pretty, they would dress up mostly any room. You definitely would not
want to use these on a 8×10 unless you where making a dramatic statement of some sort for
some reason. You really want to think about putting them on a huge picture whether it
is a portrait, g-Harvey or most anybody; these would sport nicely. It does take a special
room to put them in though you can not have a tiny room you need a big great room to put
these in.

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