How to put a bed frame together
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How to put a bed frame together

October 22, 2019

Hey guys, it’s Candice with The Sleep Shop and today
I’m going to show you how to put together a standard bed frame. This one is a 45 G and you can
get it on our website. It is for a twin to full size bed. So, in the box you will get a bag of feet something that looks like this and another thing that looks like this and, your instructions you’re going to get two end caps and then you’re going to get two, whoops, plastic plugs as well if you like me, instruction
manuals frustrate you and confuse you. I don’t know what
it is but when I try to read an instruction
manual I always confuse myself So, this video is going to help you in a very simplified way. if you get the
product from us in the beginning of a twin to full frame there is a step, and when I was reading the instruction
manual it’s already done. It’s talking about securing these back here That parts already done for you so skip that step, move on cause it’s already done and if you try to figure it out, it’s just going to confuse you Now we move on to putting on our end caps. These are
really important because if you’ve ever been around a bed frame that
doesn’t have this on it and you’ve scrapped your shin you know exactly why
the companies make these so just slide these onto the end of your bed rails. I’m going to come a little bit closer to show you it’s not in focus here, but they look like
this and they just slip onto the side of your bed rail. Again
it’s not in focus because I have it focused for back there
but… it takes a little work but you definitely going to want them on
their so, just be patient with them Once you’ve done that you’re going to put your feet onto the metal feet of the bed frame you can use a hammer on the bottom of this to tap it on securely if you don’t feel like it’s tight enough so now what you do is swing your legs out you are going to lock these two bars in place I have it locked right here and right here and then you have two of these caps and they’re gonna go right here you can see that there’s two of these these and then there’s the one
sticking out where you don’t have a lock you gonna put it right over the one not
was sticking out so, to show you again on this side we have it
locked in there and down here we have one that’s sticking out we’re just gonna place
the cap over it and now and that is how you put a bed frame together.

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  1. What about the cross support?? The bolt is not fitting all the way into the nut to fit the cross support in the middle of the frame. I see a plastic ring stopping the bold to fit all the way into the nut. Do i need to remove that plastic ring??

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! Also makes me feel better that nearly 100k other people needed help putting their frame together lol.

  3. I have one that can switch from Queen, to King, to California King, Leggett & PLatt KQ2OG. Is there a video for that? I am really struggling.

  4. The girl is so beautiful she should not be doing a product promotion , because no body is going to see the product *

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