How To Replace Front Window Regulator 02-07 Jeep Liberty
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How To Replace Front Window Regulator 02-07 Jeep Liberty

December 2, 2019

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  1. Thanks for the video!! I have never done this before, so I watched your video a couple time and I just finished doing one of mine.  I will need to do one of my back windows in the near future & I will order that from your website.  Thanks for the detailed video.

  2. Just finished replacing the driver's side front regulator. You are guys are so awesome for providing the videos. Thank you so much!!! Saved me money I did not have.

  3. on my 2007 liberty there was no "door handle rod clip" that you mention at 1:58.  It was hardware fastened in, there is no way for me to release without breaking this piece so I just left it.  I ended up just using a 1×1 peice of wood to jam the window up permanently.  Jeeps suck I want my Honda back!   Thanks for the 'how to' though!

  4. Thank you for the video.  I am about to take my front psgr door apart ( makes a one time clunk noise when I power the window up.  Hoping its just a loose nut.  But, I will definitely be checking your website for parts as needed.  Thanks again!

  5. Thank you so much! The dealer wanted $450 for the part plus labor. I bought the part for $75 and it took me an hour to install, thanks to your instructions. I owe you guys a cold beer!

  6. Thank you for the video! I was able to replace mine this morning in about 90 minutes. I was worried it would be too much for me to handle, but the project was actually quite fun, if that's possible! I've now had a productive Saturday morning.

  7. Ok I'm going to try this, it will be me and my son. I'm not sure it this is what is wrong with it. We will see. Thanks for the video.

  8. I'm having issues with this project. I've replaced this item twice now (with you guys sending me a replacement part for the first one I bought) and it continues to malfunction. Each time I complete the installation, the window will not go up straight. The motor struggles to get the window moving up and then the window tilts forward and wont go all the way up straight. I have to use my hand to straighten the window out for it to go up straight. I know it's installed correctly since there really isn't a "wrong" way to place the part in the door. Plus I've taken it apart and tried again about 5 times. Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  9. thank you so much… i really appreciate this video you now have my business for life … see ya autozone and advanced auto done with your nonsense

  10. Thanks 1A. Great video and your replacement part works great so far. If you update, consider adding the different clip styles. The one I had had the center plastic clip that fits in the hole at the bottom of the window. Not difficult to figure out (push tab with phillps screw driver and pop out), but might be a helpful add if you update.

  11. These guys are on the level, they stand behind their warranty, and they have great prices..
    The vid is quite helpful… Will buy from these guys for all my needs…

  12. I am so happy I found this video. I'm 62 and was not sure I could this but after watching this I know my son and I can handle it. I also ordered the part from 1A Auto Parts. The price was unbelievable thank you so much.

  13. Thanks soo much for this great video! Took me about 1.5 hours from beginning to end. I did have a little difficulty trying to line up the bolts on the motor end once I installed the new regulator. I removed the three bolts and lined the holes up and then was able to secure them. Everything works great and it's nice to have my window working again after four long months of not being able to operate it… 🙂 I purchased the upgraded regulator and it was 10 x's better than the old one.

  14. This video was very helpful I followed step by step and guess what it worked I got my wife's window fix and now she's really happy!!!!!!!

  15. I would never have been able to do it without this video. Thank you for the help! Now I can drive in the summer with my windows down again!

  16. What if the slots don't line up between my window and regulator? I can't seem to figure out how to clip the window in.

  17. Thanks for posting this… I'm 74 and have saved a bundle of money doing this chore myself, YES….. MYSELF! My buddy is so proud of what I did he bragged to my neighbours… AND yes, everything works simply great! again, thank you!

  18. Hi there do u have a video on how to install a BLACK MILD STEEL BRUSH GRILLE GUARD FRAME BAR FOR 02-07 JEEP LIBERTY if yes can u provide me with the link

  19. Your guys video was a life saver. Thanks for saving me so much money for not having to take to a dealer!! Much appreciated!!

  20. Are the 1aauto regulators more reliable and robust than the OEM? It seems that everyone who has this car has this problem.

  21. My passenger window went out around 2 years ago, and never fixed it, then my drivers side window went out in July of 2018. I was tired of getting out of my Jeep to order from the Drive thru, LOL This video was very easy to understand and follow along with . I took my computer outside next to my Jeep while completing the fix!!!!! Thank you for helping me out!!!! Also the car parts store wanted the same price for one of the motors that I payed for both!!!

  22. Can you please help me!!??? I need to reattach the window regulator on a 15 jeep altitude/renagade. I cant get the tension in the cables w/o them frying off!! Please help me out ive looked everywhere and cant dind a video on it!

  23. Disconnect the battery connection for few hours maybe 8 hours as I did , and connect it again, it should work , mine did , tnx God .

  24. I'm a 73 yr old woman and on watching the video which was very good and detailed, I knew I could do it. And I now have a working window again. Thanks for the video guys.

  25. Long holiday weekend with passenger side window dropped all the way down inside the frame. Hoping this will be helpful enough – if only to fish the window out before it rains!

  26. My window on the passenger side in a 2004 Jeep Liberty just stopped working. I can hear the motor turning but the window doesn't go up and down. Did something just come off the track anyone know what it can be?

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