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  1. Having that much cleavage is just asking all these comments. Besides that, this how to video wasn't very informative. Thanks.

  2. Could somebody please tell me what this video was about, I am having trouble paying attention to the narrator.

  3. @FixedByDoc Yeah and just as soon as we practice "equality" and ask a women to pay the bill, open the door for me and cum after me we're jerks hahaha. Jk but seriously though that's how it is.

  4. What make of tent was that in the vid?
    i've been looking all over the net for a one-man job like that without success

  5. Yup that's how it's done alright! Thanx for helping me pitch a tent……. And it was very nice watching you pitch a tent as well.

  6. XD some badass casting choices bro.thats what I call a pair of kazamos!
    shout out to all the camping bad bitches out there!

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