How to Shoot Architectural Digital Photos : Composition in Interior Architectural Photography
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How to Shoot Architectural Digital Photos : Composition in Interior Architectural Photography

August 25, 2019

In this segment we’re going to talk about
using compositions in interior architectural photography. Now this is a condominium in
South Beach, in Miami, in a 45 story building called the Icom, designed by Philip Stark
and the SigiSuarez partnership. Now this is a classic 1940’s furniture. Morris Lapidus,
the famous architect, use to call these shapes woggles. Now what we’ve tried to do here,
is to integrate the curve of the shape of the sofa, with the curve of the shape of the
tables here, creating this repeating pattern. And as you can see, it’s a repeating pattern
here, here, here. And this is repeated on this side of the picture here, creating an
almost perfect balance between the left hand side of the picture, and the right. Now the
other thing here that’s of interest is the lighting, because we’ve waited to about 5:30
at night for the light to just to slowly go down here, behind. And we’ve just introduced
a very small amount of strobe lighting on a soft box from just on top of the camera,
but it’s just a very small amount. And what we’ve used is most of the lighting that was
available already in the apartment. Combining those two factors, with the light outside,
not being too bright, creates this very glamorous and warmth, and atmospheric feeling.

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  1. would have been better to have had the drapes wide open and tied back nicely . You should have tried to pick up some color from the exterior ambient light especially if it was a setting sun…some blues and oranges…with those sheer drapes there is really no need to even expose for the outside as the drapes act as one big diffuser and spread the light so much it just looks like one big mushy overcast sky….

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