How To Shoot Great Vertical Video Part 3, Composition, Shooting Tips, Transitions For Vertical Video
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How To Shoot Great Vertical Video Part 3, Composition, Shooting Tips, Transitions For Vertical Video

October 10, 2019

[Music] I’m not too sure what happened on the last video but let’s hope that it doesn’t happen with this video [Music] and I guess intros are appropriate if you guys don’t know who I am I am Benjamin Brannan I’m a social media content producer and vertical filmmaker that has dedicated this channel to support your video quality and this is a continuation of the series that I’m calling how to make a great vertical video and in the last video before it glitched out we talked about some technical aspects on what to do with your camera when it comes to shooting vertical video we’re gonna continue some of that now with composition whip transitions and shot selection so what is composition in simple terms it’s where you place your subject in the frame of your video there’s so much science and detail as to what composition can do for your videos however we’re just gonna go over very simple things for vertical video there are four things to understand when it comes to composition the first is center framing the second is how to apply the will of thirds to a vertical video so we’ll be going over the vertical thirds the next is leading lines and finally head blurring and so with seven framing it’s very important to understand where your baseline is and therefore that’s what we apply the rule of thirds as you can see here this grid shows you the horizontal rule of thirds versus this now you have the vertical thirds and so as a vertical filmmaker you have complete control of what the audience looks at with center framing and looking at this shot I know that the only thing you’re looking at is that clock tower because it’s aligned to the center so when there is a subject that you need your audience to pay attention to that’s what center frames for now with vertical thirds consider this more of a stylistic approach as you can see here I frame the clock tower towards the Left intersecting line and so the reason why vertical thirds is a thing is because it’s another way for you to draw your audience towards your subject plus you’re able to actually display more within the frame besides your subject which allows the audience to question what’s happening in that particular environment or in that particular scene and with more shot variety you get better pacing for your video and that’s important because as of right now faster paced critical videos have a higher audience retention rate versus slower paced videos and that’s super important to grow on IG TV now let’s move the leading lines which is one of my favorite strategies with composition I’m gonna try not to geek out too much let’s go ahead and break down this drone shot so I can explain why I shot it this way notice all the roads that are in this shot all of them are leading towards my subject which is the clock tower look at this from a cinematographer perspective there are so many lines to my subject hence leading lines and with vert understanding center framing and leading lines and combining the two you get a very captivating shot but what do you guys think about this I’m curious comment below let me know I really want to know let’s move on to Headroom now I’m going to refer back to that shot we just saw when it comes to Headroom for vert I would say this shot is actually pretty good however there is a lot of headroom let me explain think of headroom as the space between the top of your subjects head and the top of the frame just a little too much room in this shot versus this shot that looks a lot better not only don’t have the right amount of headroom but I’m still applying the bullets and that’s why this shot looks way better than this shot and it’s little things like that to take your critical video from good to great now let’s take it back outside to understand establishing shots what they are and what they do for your vertical video now with establishing shots those are particularly drone shots especially on YouTube and besides the fact that I’m actually here to shoot some shots for a brand video that I’m doing I’m also here because that clock tower is a very good tall subject here’s an example of establishing shot and pervert I absolutely recommend shooting tall subjects for establishing shots when you’re using drones because it looks the best simply put establishing shots or where you’re establishing where your subject is or where your story is taking place and they just don’t want to be jump shots time lapses work extremely well for establishing your environment so with the small real estate you actually do have make it count tall subjects help okay so let me tell you where viel shots are so powerful with verbs and they’re quite simple for the effect that they bring all you do is take advantage of something that’s in front of your subject either pan or tilt towards your subject kind of like this [Music] here I’m just using the flowers are in front of the clock tower and now moving up to reveal the clock tower itself and for my own style my own personal Flair something that I’m known for is rotating the camera it just looks so good for vertical video and it brings such a unique feel to the videos and something that a lot of people underestimate is using walls or door frames especially for reveal shots as you can see here I’m just using this wall that’s in front of me and I’m panning toward the right and that’s it about reveal shots use them to either introduce your subject a new environment or transition your audience to a new location and speaking of transitioning to new locations wit transitions are the best and coolest way to do that for vert whippin your camera left or right up or down taking advantage of motion blur is a great way to keep your audience watching because it takes most a few seconds to realize what just happened and it just looks cool and when done right it can give off a really cool transportation effect like you see here I just took you the audience from one visual location to another and just a disclaimer for you mobile users you can totally apply everything that you’re learning in this video to your phone especially if you use that app that I mentioned in the last video filmic Pro so just keep that in mind it’s also important to note you need to use the proper frame rate for whip transitions as well that’s why I went so heavy into fps in the last video for these 24p is the best because it gives off the most motion blur transitions in general are very important because they stitch your story together if you have a hard transition like starting dialogue with something like okay so now on that you’re dictating the scene versus allowing the audience to look around and figure it out on their own therefore your video just becomes boring and in my opinion whip transitions do this the best for birds so now let me show you a sequence with everything we learned today [Music] let me interrupt the quickly point out if you have any questions about this video so far comment below let me know I will get to every single question more importantly I encourage you to ask questions because that just helps everyone else out in the community after all this is vert vertical video is such a new-age thing that it needs all the support it can get from everyone watches me and a question I proposed to you guys what’s the information in this video valuable if it was smash – like button for me you know just get after it it’s also important to note that YouTube is YouTube so well if you do decide to subscribe I would totally hit that notification bell so you could be alerted when the next video like this one comes out next and I my friends will see you on the next if you have questions comment below I’m out and now you know how to shoot Bert Congrats but like how do you edit it and that’s exactly what we’re to do next week is we’re gonna edit this footage along with yours what that’s right I want you to go out as soon as you can shoot some vertical video use the concepts that I showed you here and let’s edit a vertical film together I’m gonna take the footage that you saw me shooting here and edit the heck out of it through my entire editing process what you’re gonna see and posted on IG TV and I encourage you to do the exact same thing I will see you next week I’m out

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  1. Congrats on 2K!!!

    Such amazing tips that work for landscape vid as well! Rule of thirds can total change the look of a picture or video from dull to exciting by just moving the focal point over.

    I am totally thinking about doing vids for IGTV for sponsors that have approached us for video reviews but don't want to mix it in with our YouTube content right now. So thinking of the possibilities of using IGTV.

    Your vids are so inspiring man! Looking forward to the editing process!

  2. LET'S CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM! I would love to support your vertical videos! I think we should all support each other with #verrt !
    Find me @accessbenjamin on Instagram ๐Ÿ™Œ Share your handle HERE for others to support!

  3. I really love that you have put so much effort into this new platform. It takes pioneers like you to turn trends into the norm. Good job my friend!

  4. I really think, showing what you are doing is really your mantra that I like the most. The stance, the whip movements, using the collar strap, the position of tripod and gear etc is something for me to look and learn, and hopefuly eventually rectify. And then offcourse showing the final outcome was cool.
    P.S. I and most humans do forget things, so maybe a food for thought, incorporating smartly designed content that is a refresher might help, also point out to the i button and linking the actual video, will help us and will help you with more views for newcomers and just plain repetition.

  5. A nice, simple and comprehensive breakdown but I have one question Ben – on average how many of each shot do you take? and do you capture them in one take or in split shots? Haha excuse me for the questions I`ve just woken up and am still half asleep. Keep up the great work.

  6. Such an amazing tip for the transitions, I was looking for that, it is really easy to do it, will it be possible with drone shots? Just asking ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. After your genuine reply from another video, I donโ€™t usually receive . I was determined to view more of your content . Mainly because I would love to start creating my own small videos as a hobby. You also explain your content in a way even a novice like me can understand. I really would appreciate your help . How do I know what slr is right for me ? (atm Iโ€™m looking at a Canon EOS 70d) . Why do 99% of content creators use a MacBook ? . If this helps I currently own a Gopro Hero6, DJI Mavic pro, and a Sony RX100 mk1 point and shoot.

  8. Like friend!!!! Perfect video!!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  9. 14 vids on IGTV…nobody saw them. I share 1 vid over to FB and 2100 people watch it ๐Ÿค”…I gotta get this figured out. I love the point, shoot upload raw feel of IGTV, especially when you don't have big buck cameras, Hopefully your vids will help what I think is a great idea…

  10. Howโ€™s it going bud just wanted to say thanks for these videos I have just adjusted the setting on my IPhone 6s and my photos appear better so cheers ๐Ÿป

  11. Damn man, you really deserve more subscribers and views. Really like your videos and you're providing very useful information on vertical videos with this series. I like doing gym videos and I wanted to start posting them to IGTV just to get more creative and do some longer videos. Your tips are quite helpful and I'll try implementing them.

  12. i have a question. a client recently sent me some footage shot in wide (1920 x 1080). She wanted a YT video as well as IGTV. My question is do you frame and compose your vert. vids in IGTV knowing that they will be cropped when displayed in the feed. The video was of her speaking engagement. i framed her well (i think) with proper head room, filling most of the screen. but when the IGTV image was presented in the feed, her feet and head were cut off, only revealing her mid section (not flattering). How have you dealt with this issue?

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