How to solder broken eyeglasses frame
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How to solder broken eyeglasses frame

October 10, 2019

My eyeglasses frame broken. Now it’s time to repair it. First sanding color coating, rust and clean any grease on the surface that you need to solder. Rub it until the surface looks shiny. Sanding another part until it look shiny too. Join the two part and solder them with lead-free solder wire. normal lead solder wire is toxic so avoid using it. The eyeglasses almost on your face all the time so healthy is the most important thing. Wait until everything cool down Removing excessive lead with sandpaper Bending the eyeglasses frame until it is in a good position. The joint part is strong enough in real life use. Over six months long and the eyeglasses frame still not broken again (24/2/2017) thumb up!!!

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  1. Is the repair still holding?
    Considering using glue/epoxy.

    How did you solder without your glasses? Chicken and egg problem.

  2. If you don't have a soldering iron you can also use a candle to provide the heat. It should probably be kind of wide so it doesn't tip over and may make it easier and safer since the heat comes from a fixed spot as opposed to having to maneuver a very hot soldering iron.

  3. Just FYI – I use a fingernail file, old school, with sandpaper attached to some kind of board and small fingernail files for doing this kind of fine work. Over the years I've found these to work great for everything from fine filing of metal pieces , contacts (electrical), cleaning small battery contacts, etc., I even used them to clean my phone contacts inside my old school phone. They give you better control and leave a clean shiny surface.

  4. I’m quite niffy with a soldering iron & tried it once but no joy. Are your glasses frames copper or brass?

  5. Bought a lead-free solder wire, it didn’t work out, but the usual wire did the job. Either it depends on what your glasses are made of or this video is useless.

  6. Tried this with flux and solder but the solder never sticks it just runs off when molten. What I did was use thin headphone wire and wound it around the parts I wanted to solder together and then fed the solder into the wire , this seemed to work and is still holding.

  7. You should've used flux also. Wouldve bonded better. And the unleaded solder is not that good at bonding. leaded is better.

  8. Thanks for this video. Metal arm on my glasses just broke. Going to solder it with lead free solder. Have years of experience with soldering too. Going to use magnifying lamp as usual but this time without glasses for obvious reason. I hope the lamp will be enough.

  9. What if your glasses are titanium, and it is the bridge that broke in half? I have a solder iron for my electronics, but will this be hot enough for this metal? Thanks!!

  10. I have my eyeglasses broken, but they are made of stainless steel. Every time I melt the wire over the soldering part it does'nt stick to it any idea why? Please help me asap. Thannks

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