How to use the Frame tool in Photoshop CC 2019
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How to use the Frame tool in Photoshop CC 2019

October 23, 2019

how to use the frame tool in Photoshop
CC 2019. hello what’s up everybody Welcome to the channel Digital
creations and in this Photoshop tutorial we are going to learn how to use frame
tool a new feature of Photoshop CC 2019 version 20 so don’t forget to subscribe
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new latest release so let’s get started how to use frame tool in Photoshop CC
2019 hello what’s up everybody and in this Photoshop CC 2019 tutorial
we are going to learn how to use frame tool for masking so let’s get started and here
I’m going to create a new document let’s say I just create some flyer so if both
sides that’s it I’m just going to put it here in this we
can easily mask images by using new frame tool and I’m here we will find
frame to icon in the tool panel left side you see here this one is for n2 and
just create a placeholder fringe for images and the short key is cake so I’m
just going to click here and you see in the option bar there is you see here
there are two options rectangle and elliptical so I’m just going to create
rectangle frame so yeah I just wanted to draw this frame elliptical rectangular
frame and here down side I just press shift and an elliptical
free now guys you see and in the layer panel there is a premier is created so
you see this frame layer is created here and here you see simply we just check it
out here you see this icon is the thumbnail frame thumbnail and this one
is and then thumbnail so I’m just going to drag and drop the image simply drag
and drop image into frame and here in the properties shows the frame property
so I select this number one frame and here you see under the properties we can
change it and I took the frame and then we can insert the image so here and just
click here find on the double stroke so it will open Adobe stock website and you
will purchase here this is not three images here by pictures from there and
another English image female voice from local disc my baby camel so just click
place to content and just going to select this image and place and as you see I simply drag and drop
this picture and I’m Tara it frame the image automatically it’s still long to
flip that free and here you see this one this I’m glad you see here it will
change here let’s check another teacher there’s me I just select here I guess
this is the frame is selected so we can increase the frame size and if we select
the content so we can content increase the size still out at our content so
let’s fill this we can select both our address same
please like this Monty goes this scale it out is this frame
Comanche this is Indian homes another feature is we just go to properties and
gears you see we can add stroke into frame we
select the placement so just as you see in this picture and here we have to
place with the Sancho outside inside you see this picture I’ll go is if you were designing some
brochures and flyers menus and the rough edges so it is very easy here lots of
pictures so you need a frame this value replace your images we can replace this
image and show you example for example this is our we can draw for a beach so
on and then it is masked by the trained monkey so selected this now as you see we easily draw up that
mask just going to convert this yoga how to me we can simply Unwerth my shapes or
cats into clean even placeholder as well so first I’m going to convert this my
logo to shape select it yes press command and click here on your own you
see and select and what the stewpot let it go to edit justify
this shape so this is my occupation my logo and now we can find more shapes or
tax into flames very easily – you get a placeholder so now guys you see I’m
going to select a shape the showing how we can not any shape to this folder so
understand shit because I want to use my own home every time sometimes I use my placeholder to drag and drop an image so
here you see Margaret my kangaroo and it’s going to it’s all here okay this shape there I just believe it
so I just click here so we can convert any shape which is whether it is
rectangle or cell phone so in front so just right click here another panel and
you will find the option then go to frame you just chain creation and what
this bring very easily and now this advocate place image inside of this see
you guys here it’s automatically skin and robe and you
made in frame that we don’t even still fit in the frame and so this is very
easy to take it and then you select this frame this this one is the family of
frame and this one is a temple so here until then keep changing the increase super easily
I’m just not a change and nowadays after this you can easily lose any shape to
work in good shape for here I will give you example example this tree just right
click here and turn your work right like the name here kinda disgusting now
guys that I’m going to convert tax cheat frame somebody please the sighs okay now guys
simply I’m just going to convert this taxpayer to frame a right click here very easy and now here it’s placed
simply this image as you see in a very simple way you we
can convert shapes or touch into thing to use as a placeholder now guys
in this feature we can very easily on work a large shape layers or taxpayer to
frame and now guys we can also place different methods we can replace things
content the second drop your image for example on this here this will integrate
a frame Mountains weekend and dragon meet in the
layer panel as well some distance up train and here in the layer panel there
is interior features dragon crop this image to print and you see it’s here
besides it this to me just kinda wanted this project now guys
it is very easy you can open file just go to file and not obviously option so
you can replace images the spring which is quoted them properties and
insert image also unchanged it on this and the difference of the linked object
is the chain now like this is all about the frame FCC in 2019 in the don’t
forget to subscribe like comment on my video thanks for watching

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