HOW TO use the rule of thirds – (For composition)
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HOW TO use the rule of thirds – (For composition)

October 10, 2019

Hey whats up guys? It’s J. I am J. And today I am gonna tell you how to frame your subject and get a much better composition There is something called Rule of Thirds And its not even a new rule It’s been around for years And its used by every Cinematographer and Photographer to frame their subject for a more interesting composition Basically! If you divide your frame in 9 equal parts You’ll get 4 points of intersection This are the points of interest in your composition So, instead of placing your subject dead center just try to position in to this points or over the lines you could use it on portraits you can use it on Landscapes you can apply this on anything you want So, this is a little example how a little tweak can improve your composition All I’ve done here… was a sligthly re-frame and position the eyes on our points of interest And as a result, its a much more powerful image For Landscapes, try to position your horizon over the lines With a bit of practice, even you can become a master of composition I’ll guarantee YOU this will make your composition much more interesting Don’t forget to check the blog, there are some details about all the videos on the blog If you have any questions, just leave me a comment I’ll get back to you Thanks for watching my videos Don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button down here if you like what you’ve just seen, feel free to SHARE it as “Arnie” says I’ll be back in two weeks Take it easy guys have a nice one Bye!

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  1. Hey jay, liking your videos but I think I know you know you could elaborate a lot more on this stuff.
    Like if your gona talk about composition why not mention other rules/systems such as the Golden Ratio or how you can break this rule by centering your subject in a particular environment like Kubrick or Wes Anderson.
    Lastly, I think it's great you use your own examples and footage (or indy footage for that matter) but it would be nice to also see some more commercial/recognizable examples.

    Just some ideias to help you… or not 😉

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