How to vote in the Scottish Parliament election
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How to vote in the Scottish Parliament election

November 25, 2019

You are eligible to vote
in Scottish Parliament elections, if you’re: aged 16 or over on election day a UK, Commonwealth or European Union citizen resident in Scotland, and registered to vote You can register to vote at You can vote in person, by post or by proxy. If you aren’t sure whether you’re already
registered, you can check with your local electoral registration office. You’ll find
their details at Before the election, you’ll usually receive
a poll card telling you where and when to vote. Give this card to the clerk at your polling
station or tell them your name and address. You have two votes for Scottish Parliament
elections, so the clerk will give you two ballot papers. Take your ballot papers to
a voting booth. One of the ballot papers lists the candidates
standing for your constituency. The other lists parties or independent candidates standing for your wider region. Mark a single ‘X’ next to your choice
on both ballot papers, fold the papers and put them in the boxes provided. Job done!

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