How to Weave on a Frame Loom : How to Make a Frame Loom
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How to Weave on a Frame Loom : How to Make a Frame Loom

October 22, 2019

Hi, this is Debbie the robotier and I’m here
today with Expert Village to show you how to make your frame for a frame loom. Actually,
you can go out and find any kind of wood as long as it’s at least this thick because it
needs to be kind of strong. A little stronger actually works a little better. And what you
want to do is figure out how big your door step is so that when you make your frame,
it will fit your rug to go in front of your door. And what we want to do then is get some
L connectors at the hardware store and screws and if you don’t have a saw, you want to get
a saw and maybe a little sandpaper. And you want to cut two short pieces and two long
pieces. You want to make sure that they’re about this much bigger than the rug you want
to make so you have plenty of room to work. And you also want two nice thick dowels. You
can see how thick this is. It’s about at thick as my finger or a little thicker than my thumb.
And those you want to cut just a little smaller than the inside of the frame once you make
it. But as long as you make these two pieces the same size and these two pieces the same
size and remember to put the same ones on the inside so both fit, you will get a nice
rectangular frame.

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