HRW urges Turkey to loosen grip on judiciary
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HRW urges Turkey to loosen grip on judiciary

November 19, 2019

blanchard Checkley dismembered of
turkeys Supreme Council for judges and prosecutors not happy with
the new law passed by the Turkish Parliament he becomes especially authorized Minister having excessive powers over I’m the composition I’ll be over the High
Council over the members all the icon so I’m over judges and prosecutors with all these
changes you got a system bitch puts the separation of powers into the
rubbish turkey Supreme Council for judges and
prosecutors is at the heart of a battle between the
government amber has meant movement lead bike democrats from Laguna
a former allied of the turkish Prime Minister
guidance followers are said to have influence over the
police and the Judiciary the government blames the group for
leaking a corruption scandal in December to bring down the government of the
ruling Justice and Development Party battling the graft probe the
government’s act and we assigned thousands of police officers and
prosecutors it also introduced a new bill to
restructure the Supreme Council for judges and prosecutors Parliament approved it in a stormy
session last name the government claims that the new law
will and the dominance up the golan movement over the Supreme Council judges and prosecutors in the building
behind me but not argument is infuriating the
opposition who accuse the government of destroying the independence of the
judiciary amina Tom Hanks is a former judge and in Tempe
for the biggest opposition party she says the government wants to stifle
the investigation of corruption by Yanni did I be able to cool it
carried out against the judiciary into you’re a claim their hand in the
judiciary be turned into a culvert silencer so that no one can read it
voices against what the government does the prime minister juppe to give at the
one is standing firm this party nyse: all accusations a
senior member of the ruling barton says case is exaggerated to the
kid that event the other than Obama’s not
independence of the judiciary which is not able to see the partial
judiciary in turkey is working on ideological structurally our intentions only to me Council work
to make state function but the controversy and the
power struggle is might be too want and is only arming
image often on slaughterhouses Huron ca

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  1. HRW? Really? I've never heard of these clowns, and out of all the shit going on in the world they are having talks with TURKEY?? smh

  2. Turkey must get rid of the new Pascha Erdogan. Not only to preserve the secular in the secular Republic but to save the Republic itself.

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