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Human Cloning

September 16, 2019

I’m very very pleased to announce that
the very first baby clone is born. She was born yesterday at 11:55 a.m. in the
country where she was born, so this will not give you more details about the
location. She’s, she’s fine. We call her “Eve”. These guys in the funny suits are making “gene chips”
the little needles are dropping tiny newly invisible bits of DNA on the
glass slides. And where did the DNA come from? From babies ,1000’s of them. I run a company called Cambrian genomics we make DNA and we sell it for money. We’d like to really
allow anyone in the world to become a genetic designer. If you want to build a
creature right now, what you would do is you would log on to a website called
genome compiler, you would design an organism just by dragging and dropping
these Lego DNA pieces. That information would be sent to our printer; we would
print the DNA out for you. A lot of people think like because everyone will
be able to design DNA that everyone will have their own custom designer dinosaur
that’s hanging out in their kitchen. So the problem with that model though is
even though we’ve reduced the cost of making an organism, it doesn’t reduce the
cost of verifying that that organism is safe! We’re not going to send it to you,
we’ll send it instead to a contract research organization which does have significant
resources to be able to to keep it controlled and safe and then they can
actually take your DNA put it into a organism and make-boot-up your new
creature. In a closed-door meeting at Harvard University on Tuesday nearly 150
scientists got together to organize the human synthetic genome project. These
days when Harvard isn’t organizing black masses for its students, its holding
Bilderberg like meetings to create a totally synthetic human genome. Their
goal is to artificially synthesize all 3 billion base pairs or chemical letters
in the human genome unlike the original human genome project whose purpose was
to read the entire genome this project the synthetic human genome project will
Frankenstein into reality a “transgenic human” this process of course will
require gutting out a human embryo and replacing it with synthetic DNA. Not only
will this pave the way for rolling out synthetic humans off the assembly line,
it will pave the way for human cloning as well as chimera hybrids of all shapes
and sizes. Flying pigs may soon become a reality
Ladies and gentlemen and with gene drive technology they could have the code
built-in to force their synthetic genome onto subsequent generations. Clones
breeding clones to naturally weed out the population this will be a pivotal
component to the post-human agenda! Since these future clones and transgenic
humans will have little choice but to implement the plans of their “originating
laboratory”: sooner rather than later we will see transgenic humans born with
cognitive augmentation: half-man half-machine: able to upload to the
communications grid and ready to download their orders for extermination. By taking your human consciousness and storing it on a device called a “portable
stack”. real?! For now the police in central Russia
continue to collect evidence following a gruesome discovery:
earlier this week of almost 250 fetuses dumped in a forest. They are thought to
have been used in scientific research by a woman who worked at a local medical
university before being fired last year, but as RT’s Sean Thomas found out some
experts think the fetuses could even be the product of cloning. Now human cloning
raises deep ethical concerns. There is virtually unanimous consensus in the
scientific and medical communities that attempting to use known cloning
techniques to actually create a human being is untested, unsafe, and morally
unacceptable. 2 days ago the Senate voted to take the time necessary to
carefully craft a bill that will ban the cloning of human beings while preserving
our ability to use cloning technology for morally acceptable and medically
important purposes. hopeful society has institutions of
science and medicine that do not cut ethical corners and that recognize the
matchless value of every life. Tonight I ask you to pass legislation to prohibit
the most egregious abuses of medical research. Human cloning in all its forms.
Creating or implanting embryos for experiments. Creating a human animal
hybrids and buying selling or patenting human embryos. Right absolutely. You know
if you go to Disney World for instance down there in the Haunted Mansion you
see the hologram right oh you know how to make a hologram
well our scientists have learned how to make people. They call them synthetics.
Are you familiar with those? Well actually we just interviewed John
Lear and he was talking about being in an audience in which they were given a
lecture by a guy that they thought was real and found out later, which he was a
hologram. Well, he’s a synthetic. A synthetic, when you touch their skin it feels like a
plastic almost that’s the latest technique the old…the old techniques
you guys can rent a video the *Boys from Brazil* ? Rent it! Because in it, it
gives you the exact way how our governments been making people. Really?! Yeah and the Soviets have a different method. Making
people, meaning temporary people? No. Walking talking one’s. Meaning through
genetics you’re not talking about that?! Let me tell you, I mean the movie shows
it, but I’ll share it with you right now. All right. All I need to do is take 2
cells off of your body. Yours. We give them a small electrical charge. I’m just
conduc…connect…… it’ll act like a fertilized egg. If I got a fertilized egg
all I need is a receiver in order to make it so they were hypnotizing women
you know said they were being invaded by aliens and the fetus starts growing
right, needs food, well, they can use cows and sheep too. Again, a food
source. That’s all we need after about 14 weeks, all of a sudden, that fetus is gone.
Because they’ve learned to take that’s when the fetus starts developing its own
blood supply. Then they’ve used a pituitary hormone extract that they have
what accelerates the being that grows. Now the reason was that our scientists
are all excited because we could have spare parts. If you need a heart or a
liver or anything, you won’t have any rejection. It’s your own DNA right? Okay
because theoretically if we have overpopulation, we don’t need more people
right? That’s but the so-called elite are selecting on who they want to have
around anyway so if we want to keep people going as long as we can I talked
to the doctor that was working on regeneration of Castro for instance.
Right. On the DNA sequencing. And that and they’re just lying about this. Well, my
understanding is that a lot of presidents have already been replaced?
That’s right. Yeah. I don’t think…They’re walking around. They look old, but
they’re basically, some of the people are just 2nd 3rd copies…I’ll give you
something to ponder. Get some old videos of George Bush. When he first come
into office. Look at the person and listen to him speak. Look at his actions
and listen to his everything is there. Now it’s a lot easier to put
somebody out in front to act as a you know. Even Bush did, he had somebody else
that was up there, acting like he is and look like him. Even Hitler had a you
know he had his stand in. In fact, he was the one that they found in the
in the ground over in Germany I mean Hitler and Eva and the dog and 14 other
people got aboard a plane and flew down to Barcelona Spain. You aware of that? And
then ended up in Antarctica or in swabbin land and then died a few years
ago in Brazil. That’s what we heard. I got I have all the documents from our own
government. Oh you do? Okay. Yeah. Yeah we have a contact. Stalin even….Stalin
asked for the, you know, they tried to burn the body and he got the body back
and said wait a minute, different ears and and the testicles were different
everything else so they knew it wasn’t Hitler. But is it a clone or not? Oh now
you know about cloning? Cloning techniques since 38 we’ve been 1938 they
been making clone people. There’s eight countries making clones. I have a doctor friend, all he does is treat the clones. Where do you get your information? I get it from some of the
people that are willing to come forth and they talk to me because they hope
I’ll put the information out cause they always got 2 people following them
and they may be killed. I start talking about cloning too much the people that are
getting involved into that you disappear on it! So I don’t go into too many more
details, but there are infor…there is information that’s available and it
more and more that’s coming online. I just told you go rent the movie. Ok, Boys from Brazil. Yeah! And you’ll see the whole technique on what they show it to you in
different places so you you can imagine what it’s going on. Okay so…Let’s go to
the next step, because this is the most important part! All right. If your
physical reality that you have based on this physical life that you have, this
dream is made up of the experiences that is impregnated on your body and in your
mind consciously, right? Your soul memory is another thing. It goes back whatever
time that you elected to be in this incarnation for whatever reason. Now
let’s show you the division on these things. Since the bodies very physical
and we had we just got you making a physical being in a few months,
for spare parts, they said now we got the perfect deal how can we have that work
better? Well, if you go to the hospital today and get an encephalogram, what’s
that? That’s the memory your conscious mind. It’s on the CD. Let’s
download it on this being. Now we got a walking talking duplicate that has the
total memory that you have because we just took it off of your own mind. Okay
it’s like Blade Runner, the Android? Exactly. The only thing is that it’s like
this D D D you know recorder sometimes you have glitches in it so you have to
have them tuned up occasionally or redone them and so we take them to Camp
David or there’s a wing that’s the hospital to just tell you there’s if you
go down and check you’ll find the the nurses if they’re willing to come forth
they’ll tell you they work on those people and they call them “the others”: I
thought it was interesting. They’re people! Remember, these people can think and act,
but they don’t have a soul. That’s also prophesied! Right! That’s true. That’s true. Now we have
another agenda that’s going on so you have to be careful of all this.
There are many extraterrestrials that would like to be in on the game right
now. So they can sometimes will come into these physical beings that we make to
manipulate them. I see. So now you have a combination effort that you have to look
at and discernment. You have to discern what the game is. Well just figure that
most of the leaders we have in the world have been bought and paid for or created
to think a certain way. And the world. trial and nature generally solves the
problem. Absolutely not! How do you know there won’t be more Dali’s mutating? no they took the muscle of the state. This is a disgrace here! They took the muscle of the state and put it put it behind it who could
breathe how they could breathe. And that’s just what you’re trying to do. Absolutely not! We are saying that science should NOT create monsters! That there are ethics and there are morals….

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  1. cheers lloyd, scary stuff my brother, I'll never look at my neighbours in the same way again, who knows 🙂 GB ya!

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