Imam Hassan and Muawiyah – The Truth Behind The Peace Treaty
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Imam Hassan and Muawiyah – The Truth Behind The Peace Treaty

November 27, 2019

The conditions tell you, under what
circumstances did Imam sign the peace treaty. Why did the Imam (A.S) sign the peace treaty?
Not that he was playing a tactful game. But because the people of
his time did not support him. Imam Hassan (A.S) and he prepared his army, said let’s go to battle against Mu’awiyah. And half of the army left and then the other half, Muawiyah was playing with different leaders, That were the leaders in the army of Imam Hassan (A.S). He was trying to buy them off. Muawiyah preparing a full army and he tries to buy the army of Imam Hassan (A.S) and he succeeds. He has success. Was it something that the Imams (Astag firullah) lacked that the army left him, or Was it again the people they did not truly recognize and obey the Imam (A.S). Like the Holy Prophet (PBUH), he went to the Battle of Badr and Uhad. In Uhad
many people left him and run off. We have Imam Hassan (A.S) who has only his family members left, his own brothers Imam Hussain, Hazrat Abbas (A.S) only very close circle Muhammad Hanafiyyah. These were the closest people to him his own cousins and family members his brother, cousins only they were supporting him.
Can you imagine? So he moves back from Kufa. He ruled for six months and he
moved back from Kufa to Madina. During these six months when he, when Muawiyah sent a letter to Imam Hassan (A.S) . He wrote I accept all of your conditions.
Now Muawiyah signed a blank sheet and said: Whatever conditions you write I accept
everything, I accept all of your conditions, everything that you write. The
first condition Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba (A.S) write. He says that Mawiyya will stop the cursing and the La’an of my father Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S). The conditions tell you under what circumstances did Imam sign the
peace treaty. The condition tell you, everything not
the peace treaty itself but the conditions number one, Muawiyah will stop the cursing off Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.) Number two, Muawiyah will not appoint any
person to be the Khalifa, after him. Specially not his son, Yazid. it is not
his right to appoint anyone and it is not his right to rule but Muawiyah after
his death will not appoint his son Yazid. He violated all of those conditions, he
continued with the cursing of Imam Ali (A.S) He appointed Yazid as his successor.
Number three Whatever is in the Bait-ul-Mal of Kufa
Muawiyah cannot take that away, I will keep that. When the people asked him Mola? Why
will you keep it? He said, I will distributed amongst the Shias off
Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.) because I know Muawiyah will starve them to death. He will
starve them to death, he will not give anything to the followers of Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.). None of the shias will get anything from it. So the
conditions tell you everything, that under what circumstances Imam Hassan Mujtaba (A.S) and fourth condition and the final condition, is that it is the right
of Hassan to rule and if anything happens Imam Hassan because he
knew that he would be poisoned then it is his brother Hussain who will take
over the government. Muawiyah violated all of those
conditions and did not follow but it was Imam Hassan (A.S) who placed those
conditions very clearly.

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