Impeaching A President For Being ‘Disgrace’ To Office | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Impeaching A President For Being ‘Disgrace’ To Office | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

October 24, 2019

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  1. MSNBCannibal STUFFED ANIMALS currrently in the worx .. Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan .. Velshi The Amputator Masterb8ater , Sawed of Shotgun Ruhle … Ari Buttboy Melber

  2. Trump wipes his huge behind on the Constitution in an almost daily basis.
    If impeachment isn't for him, then it isn't for anyone.

  3. Hillary and Obama have waited a long time to expose and nail trump.  I hope they release all the tapes they have on trump over the last 8 years.

  4. Trump has brought the Presidency into disrepute. He is thought of as a CLOWN and a PUPPET by 90% of the leaders of this world. The only ones with him are the Dictators and Despots of the world.

  5. DISGUSTING liberal ASSCLOWN joke networks like this should impeach themselves from the American people…..What a bunch of DISGRACEFUL CLOWNS

  6. America's stupidest, smarmiest criminals are not only ON DISPLAY TO THE WORLD – that disgrace would be humiliating enough – but they are EXTORTING, BETRAYING and KILLING AMERICA'S ALLIES while ELEVATING AMERICA'S ADVERSARIES.

  7. Another day of Fake News. President Trump is not going to be impeached. Fake Fake Fake Johnson was just another carpet bagger

  8. Comments here are so stupid, I feel I lost 20 points of IQ by just reading them. But what can you expect from MSNBC audience ?!

  9. The orangeutan boasts uniqueness; first president to be impeached and convicted… for his vast and unmatched wisdom.

  10. help we are trapped in a #SNL skit hosted by mob-boss mad-king troll-bully ٩๏̯͡๏)۶ Executive Malware + #FakePresident = Putin's Puppet ☠ #TreasonGate = #ClusterTrumped ٩๏̯͡๏)۶💫 🌵 💩 ♞♘ #Trump-ocalyp$e Exposed! ☠ 💀 💀 #AgentOrange #Trumphole♞♘

  11. Russian cyber actors were in a position to delete or change voter data – U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee

    Yes, we’re supposed to believe that Russians had access to our voting infrastructure and did nothing. Trump lost the popular election by the largest amount of any winning president. It’s not a difficult puzzle to figure out. #NotMyPresident

  12. Ari, the House drafted articles of impeachment against Nixon that were so successful he resigned rather than waiting to be thrown out of office. Ari should read those articles of impeachment. They focused on the clause of Article II of the Constitution, which requires the President to "take care that the laws are faithfully executed." Violating that clause is impeachable, but it's not a "crime" nor "misdemeanor." Trump has violated that clause again and again, so publicly that no investigation would be required. For example, when the IRS refused to turn over Trump's tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee, Trump violated the clause by failing to direct the IRS to comply. Trump violated the clause when he encouraged officials to illegally seize land to build the Wall. He violated the clause when he didn't enforce the Hatch Act after Kellyanne Conway broke the law (multiple times). He violated the clause by withholding Congressionally-mandated aid to Ukraine. The list goes on and on. But Ari appears to be just another lazy prisoner of groupthink and apparently won't read the articles of impeachment against Nixon.

  13. I can understand a "mentality" that holds for not removing a leader because it implies that the country (business corporation etc) made poor choices and was weak and feeble during that time. This view is held by those who wish to be seen by history as …."see we were strong the whole time and we made good choices." I take the view that to acknowledge weakness and to remove the problem is to be seen to be STRONG. It says to history…"we acted when we saw the NEED to act. We did the right thing and it was right for the country for the people. I think history will mark these politicians as weak and self serving.

  14. He should be removed as CIC for starters, he is not protecting the US from foreign enemies, rather he is empowering ISIS, Iran and Russia.

  15. While it appears that the office of President and all of the responsibilities that it entails has remained unchanged since the nation was founded and, indeed, since Nixon held the position, behind the scenes things have changed drastically. The position of President has become almost tokenistic and this ratio of expectations and responsibilities does change depending of the political party and the drive, commitment and know how of the person holding the position. We tend to assume that the buck stops with The President but there are hundreds of people working behind The President whose faces we never see. Removing this man would do very little to change the course of this country in terms of big ticket items on the agenda. He is obtuse and not at all fastidious in terms of providing truthful details and that may be a big problem to many millions of people. But is it a problem that will go away with this man? Overtly, perhaps, with someone well spoken taking the reigns but again, business will continue as usually because only those willing to play ball receive the nomination.

  16. We only need 20 senate republicans to convict the president and these should be the articles, not one article but many:
    •Obstruction of justice
    •Obstruction of congress
    •Vote of no confidence
    •Soliciting China
    •Extorting Ukraine
    •Emoluments violations
    Make republicans vote on each and every one of these crimes and make this trend go viral #20ToConvict

  17. The President's that got Impeached were all Racist Hating DemoKKKrats. An they deserved it for being a Disgraced. The DemoKKKrats want to IMPEACH Trump, because the DemoKKKrats can't win 2020.

  18. Dump The Fool trump will Go Out Kicking And Screaming, Leaving An Orange Skid Mark From The Oval Office To The Back Door's ! trump Is The Greatest Disgrace Of All American's And The World . :/ Will trump Not Be impeached ? Only IF THE republican PARTY WILL Choose Money OVER AMERICANS ……… :/ Think About it

  19. Andrew Johnson almost sounds like Trump. Trump has brought nothing to Office but division, treason, ridicule, hatred and fear. Impeach and remove this vermin. Trump is the enemy of America.

  20. Please stop, Stop, STOP begging for likes and subscriptions. Youtube has been around since 2005. We all know how to click like if we actually favor a video. Asking for it repeatedly, again and again, is just irritating. It decreases the incentive to click "Like" and just grates on our ears. PLEASE STOP BEGGING. Thank you.

  21. Another similarly between Trump and Johnson: like Trump, Johnson was nearly illiterate.
    His wife taught him to read in his 20's.
    Probably had the same type base: racist, illiterate and hating the man who was President before him.

  22. Trump should never of been allowed anywhere near the White House. America has seen this coming along for a while now, and all I’ve heard is impeachment impeachment impeachment, but nothing have been done to stop do you want our sympathy now America ?


    This is the most crucial statistic of the 2020 election:

    Average American middle class household income:

    – 8 years of George W. Bush: $400
    – 8 years of Barack H. Obama: $1,000
    – 2 years of Donald Trump: $6,000

    Trump 2020!!!

  24. Trump has done more than Johnson and he is guilty of all those CRIMES and more. A total disgrace to the white house, America and the world

  25. Someone should make President Trump read about the impeachment of President Johnson. He might finally realise impeaching an American President is possible because it has happened before.

  26. There isn't a single reason to impeach Trump. Nobody gives a reason. Beating Clibton isn't a high crime or misdemeanor . The YS is thriving under Trump and unlike Clinton and co he isn't desperate to bomb anyone. You people are deranged.

  27. Ари такой неудачник.

    Трамп победит.

    Мы поможем товарищу Трампу победить в 2020 году !!!!

  28. You will never hear well educated & intelligent people like Ari Melber ever say "begs the question" for raise the question. Anytime you hear the misuse know the speaker is an well-educated boob…

  29. Trump has obviously never read the Constitution. He thinks the emoluments clause doesn't exist but was made up by the Democrats! He thinks impeachment is unconstitutional! Maybe somebody should have told him that on becoming President he might actually want to find out how the government works! It's beyond disgraceful!

  30. It was actually regressive political correctness that stoked racism and paved the way for trump to be elected. You know, the fake liberal antifa types.

  31. Can you also talk about the awful thinks this administration is doing in various arenas? MSNBC is an impeachment network and needs to continue to educate Americans about what the administration is doing that supports pollution , destruction of natural resources and parks, etc.

  32. There is no impeachment inquiry. All aspects of Impeachment are run by the House, not Speaker, not Intel. Trump, again, was correct. Unconstitutional. Just more of the Dems attempted coup on an election.

  33. The entire GOP is a disgrace to America! And let's not forget that the criminally corrupt and treasonous GOP is only doing what the filthy rich donors are telling them to do. The fact that filthy rich donors are pressing the GOP to continue supporting the most criminally corrupt and treasonous "president" in American history makes ALL GOP donors just as guilty and treasonous and they MUST ALL pay for their crime.

  34. Lincoln had a ku kluxer right under his nose and never knew. You see how slimy they are I can see him smiling in Lincolns face and history has almost forgotten him I know I did and this will be trumps legacy. I never looked at him as President I remember the smirk on his face when he took the oath he has no morals or character all he did was sully the highest office in the land

  35. Indict! Do not Impeach. Impeach =19 Reps…An Indictment needs 0. “A sitting President can be Indicted”. He is not above the Law and he is not our King, we have been dragged into Trumps World with Muehlers unintended help and Barrs Manipulation. The Constitution says “after Impeachment he can be indicted” “ not ”he can ONLY be Indicted After Impeachment”

  36. CNixon was a crook but he was not a traitor , trump on the other hand does not look like a patriot….he ‘s only a criminal

  37. Trump's cruel. He sees the suffering of others as a reinforcement for his own power.

    Who cares about dead kids? Not Trump!

  38. The profile of a sociopath (antisocial personality disorder)

    • Compulsive lying
    • Lack of empathy  
    • Extreme narcissism 
    • Grandiose self-image
    • Lack of conscience 
    • Manipulative 
    • Sexually deviant 
    • Sensitive to criticism 
    • Paranoid 
    • Despotic/Authoritarian 
    • Low tolerance for boredom 
    • Impulsive behavior
    • Shallow emotions  

    America got manipulated into electing one of its worst.

    APD is a listed mental disorder for which there is currently no cure. A political leader with such a mental disorder in combination with a critical mass of the population that does no longer possess the critical thinking necessary to tell the difference between fact and fiction, is a dangerous and potentially explosive mix.

    Throughout the course of history, individuals with similar patterns of mental disorder who were able to take on leading positions in business, finance, government, and religion have detrimentally affected the lives of millions if not, billions. As our societies grow larger and technology exponentially increases the impact one single mentally unstable individual can have on the world’s population, this is a risk we, the people, can no longer afford.

    It is time to call out people with such a disorder and expose them for what they are —Mentally and emotionally impaired individuals. Whenever we put these individuals in pivotal positions of power, we allow them to shape our world in ways that serve them and not us. Yet, a simple non-intrusive MRI can objectively detect signs of APD. In order to protect ourselves and our planet, we must impose a psychological evaluation for anyone running for the highest office. The same must be done for all other positions in our society that potentially give individuals the power to negatively alter the fate of large portions of the world’s population.

    Only individuals with high levels of empathy and an inflexible commitment to the truth should be allowed to serve the interests of the people. Anything less is at our expense.


    The Sociopath Next Door
    book by Martha Stout Ph.D.

    Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us
    Book by Robert D. Hare

    Snakes in Suits
    Book by Robert D. Hare

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