Impeachment Nightmare: Giuliani Testifying Is Now ‘Scariest’ Outcome For President Donald Trump
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Impeachment Nightmare: Giuliani Testifying Is Now ‘Scariest’ Outcome For President Donald Trump

October 24, 2019

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  1. McConnel will hold a single vote at the beginning of the trial. Dismiss the impeachment indictment in that single vote, and move on. Our republic is at an end.

  2. McConnell said that they would have a trial. Did anybody else notice? The squirrely, dishonest skank didn't say when. They could wait until after the election. They can pick and choose their own time. McConnell is deflecting, he's not saying he's going to actually put Trump on trial. He's saying they would have to, but he's not saying when. That's why he is, Moscow Mitch!!!🤣🤣🤣

  3. I can't wait till, Trump wins in 2020 so I can come back and watch this all over again just like when they all said Trump would never be president

  4. It will NOT be devastating for Trump.. He can well handle it, besides he is chief in command and he had the right to question discrepancies in Ukraibne. Where's Biden hiding? Corrupt News!

  5. You better get this right…NOTHING SCARES THE PRESIDENT. dON'T YOU THINK HE IS USED TO THIS BY NOW. get your facts straight…

  6. "Shall have the sole power to try impeachments" sounds like only the Senate can try impeachments, but not like they have to. That would be worded, "The Senate shall try all impeachments sent by the lower house." Not that Moscow Mitch wouldn't twist facts and history to work it all around to his will on the matter anyway.

  7. But where was Mitch McConnell's determination to follow the Senate rules when it was time to give Merrick Garland his confirmation hearings?! 🤔🙄😡

  8. Trump is the type to push the
    Nuclear buttons before he allows
    Himself to be impeached or imprisoned.
    So my question is,
    are we all about to die?

  9. Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey will never let it happen unless they already know the outcome is in their favor.

  10. LOL!!! THIS is all we got???
    TRUMPS not getting impeached…I saw the Congress hearings and we Democrats are getting owned. We have nothing on Trump…Stop getting our hopes high by your lies NBC. Republicans are mocking us.

  11. Don't fold Mr. President. The Democrats are playing poker and have never had a decent playing hand, and their lies cannot hide their dirty poker faces.!!

  12. Impeachment judges and lawyers are going to make millions of dollars for themselves. Meanwhile one hundred million U.S. jobs are going to be computerized and robotized pushing the U.S. unemployment rate to 70% by 2050.

  13. Every time Moscow Mitch McConnell speaks I feel like vomiting in my mouth. How did that hideous blob of a person ever get elected?

  14. I'll put money on Trump not being impeached and winning the 2020. By the way, what happened to terrorist, never seem to hear about terrorism?

  15. What has happened to your integrity? This is going to be how our constitution will be stripped, destroyed, and ripping to pieces forcing every person who has sworn to defend and protect the constitution against any government foreign or domestic. When this happens these oath keepers will have no recourse other than to defend our rights. It will not be pretty, and the the consequences will be swift and disastrous.

  16. Biden&Biden are in trouble now. One billion (!) dollars from China because of what expertise?….. Just a week after Biden was in China… Suddenly a competition with other (far better) companies was not necessary…

  17. What happened to reporting on facts only? Look at the title is pushing their narrative with a title. It's not What could it mean if Giulliani testifies? It's OMG TRUMP IS GUILTY GIULIANI IS GOING TO TESTIFY AGAINST TRUMP WE TOLD YOU.

  18. Media are controlled by the richest. The richest hate Trump. Stupid normal people believe that the media is fair.😀

  19. A lawless president asked a foreign country to help him find dirt on his rival !!! His motive for breaking the law!!!

  20. Trumps done much worse than both of those presidents, he is the one who should therefore NOT escape and be allowed to stay in office…actually he is eminently (for more reasons than just this incident) prison worthy.

  21. The Senate HAS to take up the impeachment trial. The Senate does NOT have to spend any specific length of time "considering" the impeachment. McConnell specifically STATES that on this video. So…the Senate could dismiss the trial on the same day they "take it up".

  22. 1) — Giuliani told a reporters on several occasions – “I’m not acting as a lawyer,” — “I’m acting as someone who has devoted most of his life to straightening out government.” “I’m not here in my capacity as a private lawyer for President Trump. I’m here as a private citizen.”————————- 2) — Yet Giuliani has stated that he will invoke attorney-client privilege in response to the impeachment inquiry. and — prior, they hid the communications from congress – and now are REFUSING to release the documents to congress. ——————————-

    Edit or delete this

  23. It is NOT the job of Trump's "personal" attorney to meddle in US government / business / foreign affairs either by his own decision or on behalf of Trump. Then they HID the communications from congress. Then they refuse to cooperate with congress.. —- Then Giuliani claims attorney-client privilege and declares the committees investigating it are not legit.

  24. The ONLY reason McConnell is "doing the right thing" because he knows Trump is going down – he's only trying to save himself.

  25. McConnell following the rules? Muhaha good one! I don’t believe one word this hideous snake would ever utter for the rest of his life.

  26. Moscow Mitch recognizes this is a way out from under Trump with no repercussions if it fails.
    "I had no choice, my hands were tied" regardless of the outcome.

  27. …Trump's minority appointees in agency positions will follow the laws of this Nation to " keep the United States great." Perhaps, Trump will reward them by approving reparations for all the good labors over the centuries.

  28. McConnell may only have said what he said in the hope that it would curb the president's comments. On the other hand, he may recognise an opportunity to separate the president's behaviour from what, even the Republicans, regard as acceptable.

  29. 1) trusting McConnell would be silly. 2) Biden is not a good candidate. 3) 70% of the voters are women, or dark skinned, or young people under 30. Get out the vote

  30. If the Democrat’s “Impeachment Theater” is for the “American People”, who want to know, why is it being held in secret behind closed doors?

  31. "Follow the Senate rules" is a very broad answer from Mitch, If he's the one that decides when to have a vote on this is his decision, he could do it in 2024 if it's up to him by "RULES"

  32. This is what happens when you drain the swamp but you forgot about yourself now try to worm your way out that … Guilty Guilty

  33. My opinion, President Trump is traitor fishing in the swamp and they are all biting. Only way to drain the swamp is to catch all the hypocrites.

  34. Why should ANYONE talk to Congress until they vote to impeach Trump?
    Doesn't he have rights too?
    But Democrats don't like following the rules, then Trump could ask
    some questions.

  35. Will there be more whisleblowers than there were abused women in the 2016 Trump campaign? When the levee breaks he'll have no plsce to go.

  36. inciting a riot or civil war if you don't win election of re-election is a impeachable offense in itself they don't need the phone call get rid of the hollywood celeb ………. tell him you're fired liar

  37. Why does “shall”mean yes in this case but not in collecting trump’s taxes? Can Mitch delay progress in this hearing, letting time run out?

  38. When they haul these jokers into court, EVERY question they ask and get a "stupid" answer, be PREPARED to show every and any video that will contradict what they say!! They have told so many lies, it's gonna be a marathon Lie-Off!! Back it up with LIVE video's–there's plenty!!

  39. So Moscow Mitch is an OK guy since he is siding with impeachment. However, what about his wife (in collusion with him) for egresous illigal transactions? This incredible act by Mrs. Moscow Mitch is certainly a crime. Begin legal action against both of them.

  40. Mcconnell isnt stupid. He doesnt want to go down with trump. But I dont see the Senate doing anything to trump. They are all to chickenshit to tell the truth. Even though they know he is a true Russian asset!!!

  41. Its now mid October, and things have progressed to nothing with this rubbish. I am enjoying the way this is all playing out and watching this now makes me laugh even more. Trump is just getting on with the job of President while this circus plays out and into nothingness. Keep it up you guys, and please let Hilary run again in 2020. I will enjoy seeing her get smashed by Trump once more.

  42. Moscow Mitch is just waiting to hear from you – before he FLIPS on trump. Please contact him at 202-224-3121… AND your state republicans.

  43. I almost feel sorry for Trump. Another scapegoat bites the dust. So much Irony.Not sure who the big players are but this couldn't have worked out better for you. Congradulations

  44. Giuliani’s lost his management tact between the differences in legal, illegal, and perceived rights and wrongs. His testimony would truly just be an extension of Trump’s disconnected “wandering”…….he’d get eaten alive.

  45. Constitution should be changed so members of either party won't be hearing evidence, but it should be a jury pool from American people, because party members show biased toward their party.

  46. Incredibly rediculous to impeach a President for sexual indisgressions than to lock this fake Autocrat up for being a mobster sitting in our highest office . The shame of our America .

  47. Rules whats that #45 says. He has never followed rules, especially the rule of law. He always had lawyer's to pull his potatoes out of the fire, to let him get away with his crimes since birth.
    This is where some of his arrogance comes from, now mix that with entitlement and you have DJT.

  48. I don't believe it McConnell is trying to find some loophole to avoid impeachment trial he has something up his sleeve he is as dirty as Trump

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