IMPEACHMENT TRIAL LIVE: Senate questions House managers and Trump’s legal team – 1/29/2020
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IMPEACHMENT TRIAL LIVE: Senate questions House managers and Trump’s legal team – 1/29/2020

February 4, 2020

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  1. Why didn't anyone ask the house team : How can you come to a conclusion in the your investigation when you never cross-examine any defence witness?

  2. I can not understand why at the highest level of our court systems we allow people to make a mockery of the system. I find this very sad and our system is seriously broken. I am by far from having any legal background yet I can see what a true scam this is.

  3. Adam Schit, It takes your breath away……REALLY? But, Loretta Lynch's meeting Billy on the tarmac, in the middle of Killary's investigation…..doesn't?

  4. 1st it was held until the Biden investigation, NOW, it's because of the Election? Which one is it? Make up your mind! Who do you protect more, Adam? The Standard Hotel or Ed Buck?

  5. Wasn't Fast N Furious Dangerous? Or the Military Assault Rifles giving to Bengazi? Yes, they were! Just ask the families of Christopher Stevens & the other Victims! Where was your Impeachment then? Obviously, the people of Ukraine, are more important to you, than Americans! Maybe your bank accounts need to be investigated? You seem to be on the wrong side of the fence…..

  6. Jefferies, So it's the President's place to give you documents, to make your case? But, it was ok, for The DNC, FBI & DOJ, to not only hide, but help, in the Bleach-bit & Destroying of info & devices, in the Clinton's investigation? #WOW, WHAT A DOUBLE STANDARD!

  7. In 2014, Obama was President! So, you're saying that he should have been Impeached! "I agree"! Because, Blankets & MREs really doesn't help, when you're being attacked!

  8. I'm really shocked that Hunter Biden & John Kerry's stepson, was making $83,330. a month each! And that's not a "Quid Pro Quo"? Or Killary selling 20% of Uranium to Russia & pocketed the proceeds into the Clinton Foundation! Or the Danger of sneaking it out at night, by who knows who? (Should have been our military) Where is the Outrage for that?

  9. What about Peter Strzok's wife Melissa Hodgman? Put in position by Obama himself, to over see all Off-Shore banking! She was hiding all of their illegal gains from foreign nationals! She is also the one that knew about Paul Manafort's account! She was spying for the DNC! Before Trump ever got elected.

  10. So Ukraine breaking into Killary & the DNC computers, wasn't a concern, especially since she wasn't on a secured server or devices?

  11. Did you even care that Killary, has remained above the law? You should be concerned! Clinton's don't leave Witnesses! Especially when they think, that you know too much?

  12. President Trump's Scheme? Are you kidding me? Obama & Clinton's were the Teachers of Scheming! What text message? Zelensky only spoke to the Clinton News Network….. Shakedown? Nadler knows all about that!

  13. There's a big difference in Delay versus With-holding! What was Ukraine going to do, when Obama was President? Throw blankets & small food trays against Russia? Obama: "I'm sorry that Russia has killed your people, Here is a Blanket & some Food"! Ukraine: Thanks USA, That makes everything better!

  14. The Truth is that the DNC, doesn't have a CHANCE, when POTUS TRUMP IS RUNNING AGAIN! MAGA 2020
    You Corrupted POS are going down!

  15. So…..Adam, Pelosi, Nadler ect… Your Mueller Investigation didn't bring enough after 2yrs + the Illegal Surveillance of Trump & Associates, before, during & after the Election? So now you're just grasping at any straw, because you're DESPERATE!

  16. That's exactly what the DNC has been saying since Trump got Elected! That he wasn't their president! Everyone of you should have the Tea Party Treatment, until they find your Ulterior Motives! Or the proof, that you said exactly that!

  17. OMG! Protect the Country… you did with Killary's Investigation?? Are you kidding me? You are the Joke of the Decade! Did you Protect all those people on The Clinton's Death Trail? There certainly seems to be a lot of Suicide around them?

  18. We The American Citizens, shouldn't have to pay-off Victims of Congress members, that can't keep their hands to themselves! You should have to pay for your CRIMES, just like we do!

  19. This President has been Scrutinized since before he started running! And you still don't have anything! What's wrong with you people?? My dog could've done better!

  20. What about the Ambassador Christopher Stevens? What about Obama watching the Rape & Murder of him? All because he knew of the Illegal gun trading, that was hidden from the rest of us! And then refused to give the Ambassador help, after begging for it. Then refusing to let the Military come from around the corner to help, them! So now your accusing Trump, of what Obama & Clinton did….. how Ironic.

  21. IF these questions are SUPPOSEDLY first read by Mr Roberts, WHY does it appear as though the Congressmen/women ALREADY KNOW the questions because they're READING from their notebooks, their PREPARED answers??????

  22. Violation of Trust? So POTUS Trump was asking about Biden's conflict of interest, & that is illegal to you? But, Biden's "Quid Pro Quo" Wasn't? It seems that the House failed to do their job, since no investigations into the Biden's was requested! But, I guess when you're so busy, lining your own pockets, you can see no crime!

  23. Fear…. Is that what you feel when thinking about your own investigation? Your skeletons are crawling out of your own closet, as you speak!

  24. Above the law, like you & James Comey, McCabe, Strokz, Ohr, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Nadler, Podesta, Schumer, Rosenstein, Mueller, Watters, Jackson-Lee & many others! The God complex has been rampant for awhile, in the DNC!

  25. Lt Col Vinman is a Traitor! Any convo with the president is under Executive Privilege! That fact that he is invoking that, shows he has an ulterior motive! And should be investigated & prosecuted!

  26. So, Adam is not going to answer anything about the whistleblower! Further proof, that they don't have one! He is getting his info, from illegal Surveillance! He didn't have a problem releasing the names of whistleblowers on the other side!

  27. lol, I can hear it now. dad o son" you are not going to gt your $20 allowance unless you get this room clean by the time I get home today" son to dad " You can't do that it is quid pro quo!"

  28. Turn over your illegal Surveillance, Adam!
    I think Will Bottom, shouldn't have been silenced! Release him!

  29. It didn't matter when they went to Trump's Attorney's home or Roger Stone's, at 2am, like they were hardened Criminals! With loaded guns held on them & their families! But, their Secret Witness should be trusted, with just their word…..

  30. So the President hasn't claimed Executive Privilege & you think he should give you any info to use against him? Because all the Illegal Surveillance & Mueller Probe, didn't get you any! Your an IDIOT!

  31. From 6-15 thru 4-19 = $3,833,180. paid to Hunter Biden alone. 1 meeting in Monaco & 1 Fishing trip in Norway. For over $3 Million dollars! I want a job like that!

  32. It's incomprehensible that We The American People have to pay for Congress Members Mis-Deeds! While they become Millionaires on $174,000. a year! While living in million dollar homes!

  33. NO Nadler! This Impeachment was 1st used to ruin his Christmas, and then hopefully to stop his re-election! Just be honest!

  34. How do you know that info from the NSA is pertinent, if you don't have it? Aren't you just upset that the DNC doesn't control it anymore……..

  35. Nobody even knew that Biden was VP, to Obama! But just think…..if Biden would do that as VP, what would be his limits as President? Trump is not worried about Creepy Joe! That poll was only on MSM or CNN(Clinton News Network).

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