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Impractical Jokers – The Ferret of Liberty (Punishment) | truTV

November 27, 2019

Alright. Alright. So you might notice
Murray’s not here. That’s ’cause the other day,
we were watching “Taken.” Yes. As we do. And we decided that
it would be fun if for Murr’s next punishment,
he got taken. Murr has no idea
that he’s on camera. Murr: Thank you, man. Right now he thinks
he’s on his way to shoot a challenge. Good timing. Man:
Staten Island, right? Yes, sir. Q: His driver is really our guy who’s taking him
where we want him to go, which isn’t gonna be fun
for Murr. No. But definitely fun
for us. Oh, yeah, of course. So enjoy Murray being taken. We have a specific set of skills. [ Laughter ] Murr: Yeah, can you hear me, dad? We’re filming on Staten Island at the YMCA on Richmond Avenue
and Amboy Road. I wanted to see if you guys
wanted to come to set. Oh, Murray just texted me. “Dad is coming to set today, “guys. I’m taking him to lunch afterwards around the corner
from the Y. You guys are welcome to join. My treat.” We’re not
going to the Y. [ Laughter ] How about 1:00?
Can you be ready by 1:00? Joe: When he sees the driver’s
going a different way, he’s gonna start getting
inquisitive. Right. Oh, oh! [ Laughs ] Why’d you get off
the highway? Really? Look how annoyed he is. He’s pulling out the GPS. Where you going now? Is it telling you to do,
like, a left? No, no. You’re going
the wrong way entirely now. Now you’re going to the 3rd. This is not right at all. You’re going the wrong way. [ Cellphone rings ] [ Cheers and applause ] No, no, no, no! Where we going?
‘Cause he’s going the wrong way. No,
he’s going the right way. Murr, you’ve been taken. [ Laughter ] Taken where? This is not my punishment. This is not
my punishment day! Oh, yes, it is. Listen to me. You better call your dad
and cancel that lunch ’cause it ain’t gonna
happen today, buddy. Am I mic’d? Is there a mic in here? Son of a bitch, there’s a hidden camera right there. [ Laughter ] And there’s another one! I hate you guys. You know what?
First step was, we take Murr. Now we’re gonna take the car. Here we go. Here we go. Hey, Dad,
we have a change of plans, okay? [ Laughter ] What the hell? Hey, Dad,
there’s a change of plans. Sal: The car is on the flatbed. They’re punishing me today,
actually. Q: He’s trying to
talk to his dad while they’re hooking him up. We’re not filming at the YMCA. I’m down by the ferry now. They switched it
and they’re punishing me. I don’t know
what they’re doing. [ Car alarm beeps ] Where’s he going? We’re gonna keep on moving,
pal. Murr:
Where’s this guy going? Windows are locked,
doors are locked. Joe: He’s locked in the car. The car is chained down. He has no control
over what he’s doing at all. Q: It’s really a euphemism
for his life. Sal: There he is. There you go. Right over there. What is going on? Let me out of this car. What the hell? What’s going on? We took you,
we put you in the car. Murr: Yeah. We took the car,
we put it in the truck. Yeah. We took the truck, we put it on a boat. Yeah. There’s more. [ Laughter ] If this boat sinks — We’ll see you later,
Q: Later, pa Murr: What the hell? [ Laughter ] Wave, wave. You know, it’s
about 100 degrees in this car. Murr, don’t worry, you’re gonna
cool down real quick, buddy. [ Laughs ] Stop saying that.
Am I getting wet? Am I getting wet? There she is, boys. The Statue of Liberty — Look at that. -Look at it.
-Lady Liberty. -Beautiful. -I got to tell you guys, this is a great punishment. I’ve never been this close
to the Statue of Liberty before. Okay, Murr, we’re here.
You can get out. [ Car locks chirp ] -Step on out, buddy.
-[ Laughs ] Q: There he is. [ Laughs ] Joe: Just hop down
and open that trunk. Who’s the most Lady Liberty
out of all of us? Q: Well,
it’s definitely not me. Nah, it’s
definitely not me. There’s really only one
real Lady Liberty in our group. [ Laughter ] Murr, you’re
our Lady Liberty. You’re the ferret
of liberty, buddy. That’s it. Is this is a microphone?
This is so stupid! Can you hear that? [ Fanfare plays ] All right, beautiful. [ Boat horn honks, laughter ] Murr: Where you going? Oh, come on! Ooh! Ooh!
It is so cold out here. How are
your baby balls? They’re nonexistent now. Yeah, Murr, at least you can
blame it on shrinkage this time. [ Laughter ] [ Boat horn honks ] There’s all these tourist ships. Okay, Murr, get
on your box here so all the passersby
can see you. Oh, my gosh. -Come on, Lady Liberty. -[ Laughs ] Yeah, here you go.
Put it up! Put it — [ Laughs ]
-[ Laughs ] Man: Over here
to our left-hand side, there’s some dude
out here posing as the Statue of Liberty over
here to our left-hand side. [ Laughter ] -Yes.
-No! All these tourists,
they’re all looking at me! Joe: Oh, look at them all taking
pictures of him! You’re upstaging
the real Statue of Liberty. [ Laughs ] Murr: The real Statue is
right there! Look that way! [ Laughter ] This is so stupid. -Pose. [ Laughter ] Come on! Some tourists
from Germany are booing him. [ People booing ] [ Laughs ]
-It’s 30 degrees! I have shrinkage! [ Laughter ] Q: Uh-huh, yeah, yeah. Tour’s over!
Go home! Sal: Well done, buddy. All right, guys,
I got Murr a way home. I’m not taking that home. Are you serious? -Good luck. [ Laughter ] Sal: We’ll see you
back at shore. No, no, come on. Hey, you guys want to go have
lunch with Murray’s father? [ Laughter ] Joe:
Murr, we got to go. We’re late for lunch with your dad. You’re joking, right? No, I’m not.
Pose. [ Laughter ]

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  1. We took you we put you in a car.We took the car and put it in a truck.We took the truck and put it on a boat.

    There’s More…

  2. Why is he acting like he is locked in. He can just manually unlock the door with his finger. Its not that hard it takes less than 3lbs of pressure to open the lock manually. And he could just unbuckle the seat belt and lean forward and hit the electric lock/unlock switch.

  3. im not from the us and was thinking that it's weird that he has lived in ny his entire life and hasnt been to the statue of liberty and then i realise that it's no different to someone who has lived in london their entire life and has not been to big ben 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Yo imagine living like these guys. He can’t even get in a taxi without wondering he’s about to get pranked or not.

  5. Last when I posted this 😀👅🎁🤓⚽️🏳️‍🌈⚔️👌🏻🎉😉🐬😝🍿🎷🏄🏼‍♂️🦀💛🖤😂😁👁👩‍❤️‍👩👨‍❤️‍👨🦷👟🥾🧦👡👠🥿👑💼🎒💍👝🧳👓👛🧦🐵🙈🙉🙊🎨

  6. What kinda gets me is how you wouldn’t act weird seeing an iPad hooked up to an HDMI cable in a car when there’s no monitors anywhere

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