ImpulseRC Alien 4.5 – New 2019 FPV Frame ✔️ / Review 4K [ENG Subtitles]
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ImpulseRC Alien 4.5 – New 2019 FPV Frame ✔️ / Review 4K [ENG Subtitles]

October 8, 2019

Hello, folks. If you are interested in drones hobby, you will definitely know ImpulseRC brand. I will test their latest Alien 4.5 rame – and I invite you to this review. Here is the whole frame, we get three bags in which we find, respectively: a set of screws – nuts and casings, in the center we have the whole center of the frame, and on the right are our arms. Interestingly, if you’re also buy a hat, you supposedly have + 10% skills in flying So let’s see the individual elements and here because of the fact that it is definitely a premium gear there is no reason to expect any defects and I can tell you that its a fact We have, of course, aluminum bars with a length of 3cm so they are quite short, we have two plates between which we mount the camera, the bottom and top plate is 2mm thick we also get a rubber top that we mount at top-plate so the battery does not slip it is previously mentioned a set of screws we get two thicker tubes to hide the antennas from the receiver an interesting addition are two files and being honest I have no idea why they are there here because the frame is perfectly cut and there is no need to use them Generally speaking, all these elements of the Carbon fiber are cut perfectly, they do not have any spatter or burrs, but at this price I did not expect anything else. I started to assemble this frame and I have to tell you about these 8 “screws” because this is a great solution that I previously only saw at GEPRC see it at the close. Here, you do not see half of these metal elements because during entering they came into of the Carbon Fiver. But why? Well, the whole frame thanks to such a procedure gains much more strength than we would just screw the nuts on. At the moment I am trying to feel some looseness, and in a moment I will be try to break the frame and I have to tell you that there is not even a bit of looseness but when it comes to bending diagonally here maybe a little something feels bent but remember one thing, there will be 4 more screws in the middle of the frame, for sure some stiffness will be gained. This is how it looks after the assembly, but without the upper screws, cuz in a moment I will transport all the guts from my main drone which you can see on the left on the top. here I have nothing to complain about, the assembly was trouble-free and quite quick considering that we do not get any manual. Pay attention to area in the middle, that is where your main electronics will sit there is less space than from behind, because of how your arms are connected to the center. I’m talking about this because … I barely placed my stack on the middle, I even had to cut off heads from standoffs to lower my tower, otherwise the top-plate will not close. The last thing I had to do here was to match the 3D print for camera, so you can see my recorded material in 4K, and I’ll give you a few more words in background. Previosuly I fly on copies of Alien, like Martian 220 and 215, and I have to tell you that this frame is much shorter, smaller, and lighter – definitely more suited to modern electronics. For sure, after changing you will have to improve your Rates and Pids because the frame is more agile and you will feel it strongly after changing to this frame if you leave your old betaflight settings. I fly on Alien 4.5 for about a month, I’ve had a few smaller and bigger crashes, and it’s definitely durable frame which is a big pros for me. I also like the design, minimalistic but it has something in itself. In addition, if you do not know on Alien 5 – the bigger brother of the reviewed model Mr.Steel’e is already flying for a few years So If you have about 80$ and you want to have a strong, and robust frame, I can recommend you with a clear conscience the Aliena 4.5, and from today it is my favorite frame. If you have any questions, please leave comments and in the meantime, thank you for your attention and see you soon. Bye…

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  1. Pilniki są do spiłowania ostrych krawędzi na ramie z karbonu polecam spiłowywać krawędzie pod bieżącą wodą aby nie wdychać pyłu. Po takim zabiegu masz pewność że nie skaleczysz się przy montażu ramy jak i dalszym użytkowaniu quada.

  2. Hej, czy nagrałbyś film jak złożyć drona od podstaw głównie do
    nagrywania w jak najniższej cenie, może być bez stabilizatora.Pozdrawiam

  3. I have (3) 5” Aliens with Betaflight , a Reverb, and just built a 4.5” Alien Iworh Kiss V1, and really like the smaller frame, flies the same as the Reverb very nimble p.s. using Mr. Steele’s Kiss V1 pids and rates:)

  4. Czesc. Czy ktos moglby mi polecic jakis poradnik, badz przykladowy zestaw komponentow do zbudowania wyscigowego hexacoptera?

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