In the Dead of Night, Senate Votes To Steal HUGE Constitutional Right
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In the Dead of Night, Senate Votes To Steal HUGE Constitutional Right

September 12, 2019

In a morally controversial decision, the Washington
state Senate passed a bill that is sure to anger many Americans and force numerous debates
to take place. The bill that passed is called Senate Bill 6219, and it forces insurance
companies to cover the cost of abortions and contraceptive drugs and procedures that are
part of maternity care plans. This effectively will require companies to pay for women to
have an abortion and the company no longer will have a choice other than to comply with
the ruling or stop providing medical coverage for their employees. Most Americans find it acceptable that birth
control will be part of an insurance plan’s coverage, but many people do not wish for
the abortion procedures to be covered. Many people, in particular pro-lifers, want for
the abortion procedures not to be covered by insurance companies. This places businesses
in a bind as they battle with the laws and conflict of being forced to pay for people’s
abortions, even if they are morally or religiously against abortion. Many people consider abortion to be a form
of murder, compared to a form of birth control which prevents pregnancies – not ends them.
Many others are touting this as a violation of people’s constitutional rights that mixes
with the religious aspects, such as religious freedoms of which some might find abortion
explicitly wrong to commit. Businesses who provide medical coverage for
their employees often do a fantastic thing for their workers, who then receive better
outcomes and products from said workers. The businesses who are privately owned now risk
losing one of their Constitutional rights that should have been left up to the business
to decide. Not everyone is accepting of abortion, and no company should be forced to participate
in the murder of an unborn child. This debatable topic will leave business owners with a tough
line of decisions if the bill is successfully signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee. The
bill will be sent to him where he must sign it officially into law. The Daily Caller reported more on the controversial
bill from Washington state: “The Washington state Senate passed a bill
Saturday mandating that insurance companies pay for abortions and contraceptive drugs
and procedures for maternity care plans. The state legislature passed Senate Bill 6219
in a 27 to 22 vote Saturday, according to KIRO7. The measure insists that any company
who provides maternity care must also provide coverage for women who seek to abort. It also
requires insurance companies to cover all contraceptive methods including drugs, implants,
consultations and sterilization procedures. The bill does not allow exceptions for religious
or moral objections. “It’s vital that women have access to
whatever contraceptive drugs, devices, products and services we need to manage our reproductive
needs and overall health,” state Sen. Annette Cleveland, said in support of the bill, according
to the Peninsula Daily News. “This legislation has been a long time in coming and will make
a big difference in many women’s lives.” (RELATED: Washington State Considers Bill
Requiring Health Plans To Pay For Abortions)” It should also be noted that current Federal
law does not allow taxpayer money to be used to pay for abortions. There are only two exceptions
to that rule: 1) a woman is raped and wishes to abort the rapist’s spawn, and 2) a woman’s
life is in danger during the pregnancy, and abortion must be completed to save the woman’s
life. In the first case, the abortion should be done because women should not be forced
to carry the child of a rapist, nor is there a need to bring more evil blood into the world.
The second exception will save the woman’s life and allow her to continue trying for
another child. Sometimes there are complications with pregnancies, and we should always seek
to save the lives of the women who wish to bear children. Abortion has been a hot topic in politics,
and Planned Parenthood has been the face of child murder for a very long time. Planned
Parenthood does provide some outstanding services for women, such as breast cancer screenings
and affordable contraception, but they face a plethora of controversy in their line of
work for things related to abortion and Margaret Sanger’s alleged disdain for African Americans. Do you believe that businesses should be forced
to pay for medical insurance that pays for abortions? What is your opinion on this bill?

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