India: Muslim Students and Professors Protest Against Citizenship Bill in New Delhi

December 22, 2019

“This is the ninth day of our protest against the draconian and anti-constitutional bill that has been passed into Lokh Sabha and Rajya Sabha [lower and upper houses of Indian parliament]. This bill is the Citizenship Amendment Act, which is totally against the constitution and the secular character of our nation. This bill discriminates the citizens on the line of religion, cast, and all. This is a document which wants to deprive the minorities of their basic rights. That’s why we’re protesting against this bill.” “This is an indefinite protest. This will go as long as the government doesn’t agree to our demand. We will protest as long as this bill, this act is not withdrawn. Since this government wants to divide India on the line of communal and this government wants to bring a National Legislation of Citizen which will deprive minorities – Muslims especially – of their citizenship. So this is all about our struggle to save the constitution, save the nation, and save our citizenship.”

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