Indian sign language to add amendment of the constitution of India
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Indian sign language to add amendment of the constitution of India

November 24, 2019

Hello! I am A.S. Narayanan (sign name) I am the President of the National Association of the Deaf Today I am going to talk related to Indian Sign Language ISL to add amendment of the Constitution of India. Do you have know in the history how many languages in India Government has officialised? We have 22 official languages. Like Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati etc. These total 22 languages you know. Now we want to add as ISL (Indian Sign Language) as 23rd Official Language because government has given recognition to regional state languages but ISL (Indian Sign Language) signed by Deaf people isn’t recognised by the government in the 8th Schedule. I want to let you know that NAD has been lobbying with the Ministry of Home Affairs by writing letters to them. Home Ministry has received our letter and it is under process. Now I request you. I am asking from you all because the Parliament’s session will start from 18th November till 13th December. All Deaf to use Twitter, write letters, individual messages, even associations, parents, siblings and interpreters, everyone to viral this campaign The Home Ministry will see support for our demand and put it up in the Parliament session asking the LokSabha and Rajya Shabha members to approve the addition of ISL in the Schedule It will be beneficial for us in the future and give respect to Indian Sign Language. I hope you will support this. I request you. Thank you for watching.

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