Indira Gandhi Interview | TV Eye | 1978
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Indira Gandhi Interview | TV Eye | 1978

August 26, 2019

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  1. I only support the sterilization program during emergency .. Look at the population now .. We cant even buy a home for ourselves .. Prices for land have gone high to sky . too much dependence on petrol diesel gas is eating up the imports . we should have stopped growth of population long ago .

  2. India, once upon a time had such a dynamic lady Prime Minister , a world class personality. Absolutely proud.

  3. Hey Pooja 👋 how are you Yar 🤗😊 …how are you Yar ?? 🤔 Anything wrong with me? Kyu Nahi baate Karni hai? Please tell me … please please 🙏🙏

  4. One statement of Indira Gandhi with which I have to disagree here: they didn't leave a really good economy. I think we all know that decades of socialism ruined us, and our conditions just days before economic liberalization are also well known.

  5. I wish people still had guts to interview like this today. Or, if the interviewee had the guts to invite real interviewers who could ask questions like these.

  6. 9:13 she says "India is not a small country like the UK" , huhaaaa it was like a punch in the face to the anchor..

  7. India needs once again a great person like her to put all her neighbors in their right place, so no more interference.

  8. those going gaga over her oratory skill , let me remind you that this interview is between a western country corepondence with a left block supported ex PM , disguised in democracy. They tried to destablise democratic status of india , but the resolve and will of indians defetaed this idea

  9. What she could have done for Article 370, Modi has done that work today. All bakwas dynasty 's decisions …made us suffer for 70 years..

  10. 08:11 Prime minister arrested because he was destroying democracy. Wow. That was the power of democracy back then.
    Sadly, today's prime minister is destroying democracy on every other day and no one can do anything.

  11. As much as Mrs Gandhi stood her ground, I think the interviewer did a great job of asking very difficult questions and being so impartial. He almost looked like a hurt Indian asking for justification from the high and mighty.

  12. a stupid lady which think India is her father's property…anytime can do whatever she want ….became crazy aftr got banned from fight elections fr 6 yrs. empliment emergency…. big hate 4 this stupid lady … India has lost much during her pmship…

  13. पढे लिखे होने का बात ही अलग है, लव यू मा।
    आपको तो हमने नही देखा लेकिन फिर भी न जाने क्यों दिल में बसती हो।अफसोस है कि हमने आपको नही देखा।

  14. He is a Journalist, not a lawyer or judge. He can't push her where she will get mad and end the interview. Her anger towards him shows that she is lying, emergency was declared for power and not for democracy. And it was rude to say India is not a small country like UK, it was UK who taught you and your father Democracy. Why would you go to UK to educate yourself then? I am glad people of India thrown these dynastic clowns out of power.

  15. She was sharp, confident, smart and very influencing but she did take some very bad decision and misused the powers that she had just to stay in position of power, position of a prime minister and safeguard her family.
    Selfishness is completely opposite to the oaths they take in parliament when they undertake a position.
    For those 20 months of emergency, when basic human rights were snatched from people, some congress paid people don’t talk today but everyone bashed current government for demonetization that was troublesome just for a month or so and even now they are upset about not having internet connection just for a week or so in Kashmir for safety reasons.

    Wow 😮

  16. I love modiji as compared with others today but this interview is awesome.i love modiji simple english without looking from the papers like manmohan singh .
    But Can anybody today face such an uncomfortable questions so boldly after incidents like emergency.?
    Many netas will run away from the interview on the spot.😆thats why she is called iron lady.
    The english and american reporters and medias were hostile towards india at that time.the reporter is too fearless.😆
    Indiraji is uncomfortable on question on emergency but she is calm and bold and threw googly so cleverly.
    I was born in 1977 but look at her top class english even at class 10 education.she was wrong on emergency but ?

  17. A very delusional leader trying to hide behind a mask. 😂 Clearly she clarifies only through her Hypothesis. Secret informations indicated, everything was necessary back then, say wether you have to jeopardize the very foundations of parliament and other institutions. Great Journalism 🎉 Greedy lady !! Though a powerful leader.

  18. I don't understand why congress sychopants even dreaming of pulling an INDIRA GANDHI out of CHOR KI BEEVEE priyanka gaandu.

    Congress decline began the day an italian whore entered IRON LADY's family

  19. Mai pahle suntha tha ki Bade log Bade log. Is ka matlab indira gandhi jai se intelligent pm`s. I feel it exactly here.

  20. ABP news asked every type of question to PM Modi in 2013 no one got boycotted.
    In 2015 every media house barked Award Wapsi no one got banned. The ideas of secular goons got rejected by people of India in Modi era.

  21. Again this man did not ask about 39th amendment which nullified Supreme order. Some secular goons want all questions against Modi.
    Modi even as CM thrashed many secular goons of Indian and foreign media with facts.

  22. Why did u arrested the Opposition?
    Gandhi: Becoz they were destroying Democracy!!
    Dumbest answer I have ever heard

  23. How can a young man sitting in front of a old woman very irrespectively.. !? The interviewer didnot have any sense ithink, he might have respected her since she seems to be his mom.!.

  24. Wow, loved the way she answered questions.
    Kya chai wale feku ko PM buna rakha hai. Kisi leader ka koi standard he nahi inke samne.

  25. Modi seriously kitna gadha lagta hi inke samne ……bada aya inpe ungali uthayega….
    Time ke sath cheeze upgrade hoti hi….per India me to time ke sath degrade ho gayi…..
    Wah modiji wah……
    Is anchor ke samne modi ki gand phat ke hath me aa jati

  26. How confident she was!! "the future of India is us to decide and we'll decide it in India and it's not anybody else's business"-what a strong commitment..

  27. she is the only patriot, honest and most daring lady of congress more bolder than any female politians of world…
    she alwasy wanted to destroy pakistan not unlike today's congress pro pakistan party to save pakistan…


  29. Best Prime Minister I would say. Best female PM ever, even if there there were any other female pm would come.

  30. With cool answers how many slaps she had gave to that poor anchor he had to cry for sometime after going home

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