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Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

September 10, 2019

It’s Friday on the streets of
Kashmir’s largest city. It’s the day Muslims
normally gather to pray. But in recent weeks, it’s also become
a day of protest. Indian authorities
are working hard to keep a lid on
displays like this. But they can’t change
how people feel. As protests break out
across Kashmir, Indian officials
repeat what has become a well-worn soundbite. “There have been no major law
and order situations reported from across the Valley. Life is slowly
returning to normal.” “And the situation is returning
back slowly to the normal.” But things here
don’t seem normal. Kashmir has been a
conflict zone for decades. But when India moved to strip
the region of its autonomy on Aug. 5, the
situation came to this: thousands more troops and a curfew bringing
daily life to a standstill. Phone lines and internet access
were shut down, cutting off around eight million Kashmiris from
the outside world. So, we came to see what’s
actually happening here. We visit a neighborhood
known for frequent clashes between protesters and
Indian security forces. People, here,
are in mourning. Fahmida Shagoo was at
home with her children and her in-laws on Aug. 9. Police started firing tear gas
at protesters outside. Fahmida’s husband, Rafiq,
helped rush her to the hospital. But doctors could not revive her. A sudden death and no one
to hold accountable. In addition to tear gas, for years, Indian forces
have used pellet guns to quell unrest in Kashmir. These shotguns fire cartridges
full of lead pellets that lodge themselves
in the flesh. They are supposedly
non-lethal, but can cause life-changing disabilities. Parvez Sofi says
he was at home when he heard
a commotion outside. When he opened the door
to see what was happening, he became a target. In the name of maintaining
law and order, Indian forces have
license to shoot with near impunity
in Kashmir. There is no official
number for the injured. But in just one
hospital here, sources told us over
60 people had been admitted with pellet wounds
since the lockdown began. Still, this doesn’t
stop some people. And lives here have been upended
in other ways, too. This woman’s
22-year-old son, Mehraj Ud-Din,
was arrested. She doesn’t know
why he was taken. Since then, authorities have
been giving her conflicting information. This is not
an isolated case. Since early August,
thousands have been arrested
without being charged. And there’s no indication
when or if they’ll be released. Although some landlines
have been reconnected, Kashmir is still
largely cut off from the rest
of the world. That helps authorities keep
stories like these quiet. But as the days pass, they’re getting louder.

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  1. Their will be many Kashmir in Europe and America and Canada. just fun to see how they handled them in next 20 to 25 years.

  2. Hindus have become blood thirsty maniacs..just look at the comments from from their educated class below..imagine how animalistic their masses would be..we need to snatch India back from them and restore it based on Mahatma Gandhi's principles of equality and rule of law..

  3. It's a shame on NYT to support this Pak propoganda, supporting a country which was shielding the mastermind of 9-11 Trade centre attack.
    Most shameless American daily no self respect.

  4. i dont want this to happen to the kashmiris,at the same time i dont want kashmiris to join pakistan.why cant they love their own country whats wrong with them?

  5. U.T.s of J&K and Ladakh:

    There were problems of different types during past 72 years to no solution in sight. There will be some problems in coming years with plans, actions and solutions in sight.

    Indoctrinated and misguided ones will realize that morale and token logistical support for militancy by pakistan will not yield any result except abnormalcy in state.

    370 &35A were hurdles in the way of Delhi to intervene sincerely against militancy while a tool in the hands of political vultures to mislead ignorant and innocent masses in states.

    U.T. status will give free hand to Delhi for development and also control on law and order.

    People have been suffering by riding two boats while anti&pro kashmiri political vultures(leaders) getting freebies from both sides. in full disregard to condition of present and future of masses.

    Tell me of one political or separatist leader who didn't make tens of millions of rupees and also tell me of one family member they lost during past 72 years. All who died come from poor and lower middle class families.

    I foresee some law and order problems in coming years (like what we faced in Punjab in 1980s) but situation will normalize as Delhi will have more access because of UT status.

    Some old and new political leaders will help and support.

  6. If there is 144. More than 5 people cannot go outside together. This is video of pok. It's fake and they misleading you.

  7. These are the goons who killed their Kashmiri pandits and drove them out of valley. These are the people who destroyed all the temples of Hindus and buddishts. What azadi they talking of. Those who cannot respect diversity has no right to even voice. Let them free their mind of hatred.

  8. Indian Army has full right to shoot any kashmiri men and child..
    Indian politicians has full right to take any kashmiri women…

  9. TNYT…wow!! U guys can scoop down to any level to gain popularity and viewership in the middle east, Pakistan. U have no idea what happened with the then minorities in the region in early 90's (Hindus, Christian, Sikhs and Buddhist). Why..because it won't polarize people and get you viewerships.

  10. Only 1% of kashmiri people creates disruption.
    It's a right decision by the Indian govt to eradicate terrorism attack which is frequently done by the support of Pakistan govt.
    And most of the videos which are going to be viral in social media related to kashmiri issue is fake…

  11. All this video is showing , voilent crowd running on rampage and destroying public property …just like any other place freedom is there everywhere, how you use it will have an equal and opposite effect on you !!!

  12. There is no need for curfew or shut down of phones or internet , if people wake up go about their daily routines do some productive work of their time and come back evening enjoy and live happily with their family …!

  13. These people if they don't like India they can happily go to Pakistan , anyways it's very near to Kashmir ,staying in India conspiring against the country going out on streets pelting stones at the soldiers and conspiring with terrorists planting bombs , putting national security at risk , NYT should be ashamed of themselves , let alone if this happened in America all these people would've been killed over night and a new civilization would've replaced, the next day moving forth and media is complaining about pellet wounds ? It's laughable at the least !!!

  14. Stop showing videos from POK. New York times and concentrate on your own country. You have plenty of nuinsense to cover.

  15. These are not even the residents they have all come from Pakistan and killed or kicked out the kashmiri Pandora real residents of Kashmir. They don't deserve rights

  16. Seems you don't have ethics New York Times, shame on you have you ever interviewed a Kashmiri pundit and baluch freedom activist, how can you? you are the shameless beings on the earth

  17. Nice try and bluff old videos from other parts of out side India too.this is how western media spread hater IN kashmir.

  18. It's A Islamic Jihad you thankfull for Indian government otherwise Kashmir Next Afghanistan Syria Iraq your NGO maybe fail and money are wasted because they want unrest and you doing human trafficking organ trafficking your totally plan fail Kashmiri think about your youngsters specially girl same thing doing in Gulf Ukraine. Russia always stand with India your propaganda never success here.

  19. But this just shows Pakistan flags and Muslims. But Kashmir is supposed to be a different country from both Pakistan and India. The one's asking freedom are mostly Muslims who want Kashmir to be amalgamated into Pakistan. They are not showing the original inhabitants who actually want a different country from both Pakistan and India.

    The video shown is a total propoganda.

    Though Kashmir was an independent kingdom, it is now a part of India and some part of it is occupied by Pakistan. It was never a Muslim dominated area.

    If you really want to show the cause, please do your research. Not purport a video saying "Side India doesn't want the world to see". Thats not only fake but it makes you lose credibility.

    Take care, cheers and do report the truth.

  20. Man I think muslims should invade into the USA increase their population for over 500 years and then Finally separate A big Land from The USA in the name of muslim killings….☺☺
    I would love it👍👍

  21. Look at those each of them who are protesting for freedom in kashimir looking lyk supporting terrorists,inspired byisis nd alquaeda and they may have bombs and other weapons..india has taken a good steps to control those terrorists who planned to bomb cities nd hotels lyk in srilanka..

  22. Do not worry west. We indians do not let become kashmir another syria,where you can meddle with your nefarious agenda. It's our and it will remain ours.

  23. First interospect yourself and then talk about us. You all are paid media. You always become blind a nd deaf for what is happening in USA, UK, China, ITALY. You all hype the news and show it to people.

  24. Why don't you guys show date of the footage while you playing it. It really confuses us from what date you are showing the images from.

  25. These are not common public these algawadi political family and their supporter only. Totally one side video, not true Video. Preplanned and propenganda against India.

  26. These video clips of protest are very old and not after conversion to union territory. This media house is straight away lying. We have more faith on our army than these media houses and groups organising these so called "protest for freedom".

  27. We just don't know that we will go through this tomorrow. It's not about Gun or Stone, It's about Demand of people and Shear Arrogance of a King.

  28. Those who is rulling millions of Muslims in Syria and iraq, iran Afghanistan, they must not talk about kashmir, son of a bit*h

  29. India is trying to impose their verdict by force on Kashmir
    Longest communication blockage of history in this age is a suppression of voice of the ppl to come out. international converages are actually showing the true picture which is being hidden .

  30. Kashmiri people are getting bran wash by Pakistan to oppose India. Pakistan wants Kashmir to become his part in any cost and for that they for giving rise to terrorist and strike to separate Kashmir from India. But the truth story is that Kashmir is a part of India from 1947 and before that it was a part of Aakhand Bharat. These strikes are made by Pakistan to separate Kashmir from India but Kashmir is a crown of India and no any country will remove the crown of India . Jai Hind. I'm from India. If you are true Indian then like this comment.

  31. When usa fighting against Taliban militants in Afghanistan then it's a war against terrorism, when india do the same things then it's human rights violation. Please guys stop this nonsense, from the starting of indian independence western medium is very biased against india.

  32. Kashmeer is indian independent state. If u stone Indian Army, How can they tolerate? Even they have to protect themselves. India should let them go to pakisthan if they want to leave india. They have right to choose. But kasheer was indian is indian and will remain indian forever. Only indian flag should fly there.

  33. If Indian government wouldn’t revoke this article then for sure Kashmir was going to be another ISIS state.
    And whatever ISIS did to Yazids, theses Kashmirs Muslims were gonna do the same to Ladakh’ Buddhist.

  34. Lools like NYT forgot 9/11 . These people took out a funeral procession for mourning OBL when he was finally killed in Pakistan. Tells me all I need to know about them.
    And also about NYT. Perhaps the planes should have struck the NYT office that day. Would rid the world of a lot of trash.

  35. Western media want to keep alive the problem between two countries endlessly so that they can sell their futile weaponry at exorbitant prices and as such exploit the common citizens of both countries. With abrogation of Article 370 the Kashmir Valley is returning to normalcy and they are unable to digest it. JAI HIND

  36. Finally the world is taking notice… after decades and decades of human rights violations in Kashmir… About time Indian army's actions were uncovered…

    Some of my relatives have been shot dead, gone missing, beaten untill made disabled… this can not carry on any longer.. it's turned into the Palestine of south Asia…

  37. Ya Allah tu madad kar humarey kashmiri musalmaan bhaiyoh ki ya zul jalali walikram ya Azam tu madad kar kashmiri musalmaano ki aur tera azab nazil kar un zaalimo per jisne unke ghar unki aulaad sab tabah kiya hova hai .beshak hasbunAllahu wa neimulwakil Allahahi tawakkalna 😢😢

  38. i am Kashmiri and we want separate state or want to be the part of Pakistan india is doing cruel in Kashmir even our indian occupied Kashmir bro can not come outside their home if they did indian army killed him
    india is a terrorist and they are doing terrorism in Kashmir
    all international power is silent why ?
    are you afraid from india?
    have you no human sympathy?
    speak for Kashmir speak for innocent people of Kashmir either one day you will also die and what will give you answer to your ALLAH (creator)…

  39. US is destroying and murdering people in IRAQ, Syria Afghanistan and all over the world. And then blaming us for this .India was spending thousands of billions dollars to save kashmiri people from terrorists of Pakistan and this article was revoked to develop region.This people are supporter of separators .

  40. India treat genuine Kashmiri's with great respect and not like you people. What kind of atrocities you did in Syria and Iraq world knows.

  41. Your news is completely one-sided, the people who are showing the riots are those who are the supporters of pro-Pakistani militants, your news is working to set fire to Kashmir. A fool news channel like yours should not be allowed to enter Kashmir. Remember India Has been non-violent and will continue to be

  42. What a biased report. 4000 soldiers have been injured by stone-pelters and a mere 1000 have suffered pellet injuries. The valley is not homogeneous. These selective anecdotes to push editorial bias has reduced NYT to a scurrilous rag and a pale shadow of what it once used to be.

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