Installing a Pocket Door Frame in an Existing Wall
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Installing a Pocket Door Frame in an Existing Wall

October 19, 2019

Hey Remodelaholics! Welcome back to our DIY Channel! Today, I’m going to show you how I installed this pocket door. The easy way? The easy way. So, we realized after we showed you the video of last week how we wanted to install the built-ins We had some things we had to finish up before we did that So when we first moved into this house We noticed how narrow this hallway is and how everything’s just so tight. There’s some cabinets here, the bathroom door and the bathroom door swinging open It just takes up a lot of space. And so we realized here’s an opportunity for a pocket door. Yeah, well that and we have two girls that usually share this bathroom. And having a door to fight over we decided was a bad idea. I would like to get rid of this bathroom door that swings in this way and put it on the pocket door into this section of wall. So that we could create into this, like a foot of this space, a closet that is in the bathroom. So we basically needed to take out this entire wall, rebuild it. So, we’ve got power going up here. So there’s probably power going up and down this whole thing After I roughly located where the power was I started to cut out the drywall Once I got all the drywall Removed I was able to see Where all the electrical was how many studs I was dealing with So I only had to remove the drywall on the hallway side, which was really nice and easy. Here’s the bathroom switch and up above here I’m gonna have to put a new junction box so I can reduce the amount of wires that go through this space I’m gonna bring one wire across over to the light switch and the rest will go to the junction box. So I had to use a shallow box because I didn’t have a lot of room for the light switch And so it does stick out about 3/4 of an inch. I’m gonna put a piece of trim around it eventually and It’ll look really nice. So this I can leave the where it is. I might push it off to the side a little bit so it’s out of the way, but in this space I need to add a 2×4 that goes all the way across so I’m gonna cut out these two by fours that go up and down, notch it out, So I can put it to my 2X4 header up there. And then I’m gonna remove the door jam and this 2×4 that’s right behind it. So this is not a bearing wall If it was a bearing wall, we would have to do things different and we would have to consult an engineer So I’ve cut out the two by fours that are in the way and I cut out a spot so I can put that 2×4 Header back in place. So now this space is almost ready to bring in the pocket door frame. I also had to cut off the bottom 2×4 that was attached to the floor the pocket door kit goes all the way to the floor This is how the other side of the wall looks. I didn’t have to mess with it at all. I tried to leave the sheetrock intact Got all the header and everything in see that I Get the rough opening Based on a 28 inch door You could buy this kit at the hardware store So the kit cost about $80 And it doesn’t include the door We used the existing door that was on the bathroom And then it just goes in here like this, so, We were able to get this pocket door in leaving the other half of the drywall in place, which is pretty cool. And then, and then what do you do to resecure that drywall? (Sorry, tiger) And then… hold on let me let that cat out He’s dying Then I’m gonna have to use one inch screws Into these boards from the other side just to resecure it all. Awesome Okay, so where are you gonna attach it right now to begin with? So right now I’m gonna level it, make sure the track is level with the top. Then screw it in place. And then I’m going to start attaching it here. Hold on… Tigers having a conniption fit. Let me… Okay, so there’s like a little metal plate. So that keeps the frame from moving around. Yeah Know some people hate pocket doors, but we actually really love them! In this case, we have a small bathroom, and the pocket door will gain about eight or nine square feet just from missing that swing of that door– or removing it. So now I have all the drywall pieces put in place The next step is to start taping and patching all the holes. I made sure that I only used one inch screws around the door so that the screws don’t poke through and scratch the door Anyway, so it is moving along but in order for us to be able to finish this project, we had to finish all the door molding Which meant we figured we’d show you how we installed this pocket door this week. Look he disappears Except I still see your hand. So look how cool that is we don’t have this issue where the door used to swing this way. Yeah Now we have the opportunity to use this base that we’re starting. Yes, and especially without fights and slamming fingers and doors and all of that jazz. Thanks for watching this video everybody and we’ll see in the next one

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  1. I wonder if we could do a pocket door on our master bath 🤔 it kinda drives me crazy when I'm trying to put stuff into our linen closet and someone tried to come in (closet is right behind where the door opens up). 🤔 Same issue on my girls bathroom. 🤔

  2. Love pocket doors for same reason. Curious – did you leave room on the latch side for trim install – approx 6"? Was the bath vanity screwed into the previous wall studs? How did you get the 1" screws into the pocket door frame from the vanity side, when the vanity is in the way?

  3. I luv pocket doors, they do save space, I prefer a pocket door over a door that swings open to either direction.

  4. How did you get that light switch to meet box fill requirements? So it sounds like you rewired to make the switch end-of-run, right? But you're still bringing the hot and neutral into the box, the ground conductor, and the single-yoke device, so that's 5 conductor equivalencies, right? And that looks like an 8 cu. in. box.

  5. Every wife start out saying “I would like” you notice that. 😁 Good video I would like a pocket door..Here!

  6. Thanks for making this video. We have exactly the same layout and situation that you had–left door swing into the bathroom–a pantry to the left and in the hallway a bedroom door to the right. My wife wants a pocket door to save space and allow us to put a towel rack on the wall that is now behind the current door when it opens. Space is tight. Problem is/was light switch and outlet in the wall just inside the bathroom door.. After watching your video, I'm thinking it can be done. I'll be removing and installing a custom vanity, so I'm thinking of removing the drywall and doing the stud removal and header work from the bathroom side. At any rate–thanks for the how-to!

  7. the running commentary and questions by wifey was UNNECESSARY and actually disruptive and annoying…just get the shot…AND the cat…

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