Interlocking Shapes – How to improve your Composition
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Interlocking Shapes – How to improve your Composition

September 12, 2019

What makes this an interesting
composition is, this contour here is quite intricate and involve. Then when you create this negative shape here,
what you do is you end up with this shape, interlocking with this shape, so
this becomes a positive shape that inserts itself into this shape and here
it inserts into here the same things going on at the bottom if you look at
this this shape here is a negative shape and these cars what they do is they link
this top shape into the bottom shape and this is a principle of shape design
called interlocking when one shape interlocks into another it strengthens
the design if you took the cars out then this shape division would not be so
interesting so the choice of composition here and actually the choice of placing
the cars here creates these interesting shapes these negative shapes in this
picture we have one here and then another negative shape at the top and so
while making those shapes interesting by making those shapes interlock with these
roofs at the top and with the cars at the bottom you create these beautiful
shapes so again this is what the Japanese woodblock printers were very
good at being creating these shape divisions you

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