International dream comes true for Blair composition major
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International dream comes true for Blair composition major

October 12, 2019

As long as I can remember I’ve loved music. I was about 8 years old when I started composing. Basically I love I love Czech all things Czech. I’ve got Czech heritage on my dad’s side,
Beranek. There’s folk songs that I know that I put
in and dance rhythms and I immerse myself in that world. I just mailed him the score and waited and
twiddled my thumbs and suddenly I got an email that said wow this is great and we’re going
to program it on the National Concert in the Capitol in November. And I thought there is no way. It’s just not in my wildest dreams. And suddenly my music’s being played. It was unreal I still can’t believe it over
there I was Mr. Composer Beranek is how they they say they always put the occupation in
so suddenly I was like I’m really a composer. The next development is I got a commission
to arrange it for symphony orchestra so the Wisconsin Philharmonic is now going to be
playing it in April. I would not be the person I am and the musician
I am today without the professors here at Vanderbilt. I mean it is totally changed how I see the
world and especially how I see music. I’m so grateful I feel so blessed.

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