International Jazz Day Composition Competition Promo
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International Jazz Day Composition Competition Promo

August 26, 2019

[jazz music playing] JAMES MORRISON: Hi. I’m James Morrison. And I want to tell you
about International Jazz Day, an annual UNESCO event that
takes place all over the world, involving people of
all ages and abilities through community events,
workshops, and concerts. BARACK OBAMA: Jazz
at the Blues House. JAMES MORRISON: Each
year, one country is chosen to host
the global concert. And the exciting thing is,
for 2019, that’s Australia. And that concert will be
beamed live to every corner of the world from the
Sydney Opera House. No matter where you
are in Australia, we want you to take part
in international Jazz Day. And one of the ways
you can do that is to enter our
composition competition. This is for young
people of school age. You don’t have to
be a jazz composer. You don’t have to have written
any music at all before. All you have to do is
write a simple melody. That will then be judged by none
other than Mr. Herbie Hancock. And your melody, if
you’re the winner, will be arranged for
big band, and become the theme for International
Jazz Day, 2019, and played at the
global concert. The winner will also
be brought to Sydney to see all that happen live,
and meet Herbie Hancock. Now, that’s exciting. There are so many ways to be
involved, with learning modules for teachers, online
interactive workshops with some of the biggest names in
jazz, and so much more. To find out about all this,
go to the link on your screen. Get involved, and
I’ll look forward to celebrating International
Jazz Day with you all.

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