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  1. As a 10th generation "all of the above" Canadian, the Idle No More movement has warmed my heart. The pride I have for our country and our people swells in my heart.
    The counterproductive, highly destructive path our current "leaders" have forced on our great country needs to be stopped. Much respect. Thank you. Miigwetch. Mutna. Merci.

  2. My heart is with you – my words are with you – my love is with you! Thank you for your action for Mother Earth it is motivating people all over the world! xx

  3. I stand with the People of the First Nation for standing up for our Beautiful Loving Mother Earth….I will tell you what I think…I do not think that President Obama will give up
    the XL Pipeline….although I hope he does…it would be the Right thing to do for Mother Earth for the First Nation People and for all of the Planet….Many Prayers for the right thing to do…..

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