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Internet Bill Of Rights

October 14, 2019

the white house is planning on uh…
proposing something known as the consumer privacy bill of rights and what
they want to do is basically prevent uh… uh… web services such as google
from collecting your information and selling
selling it to a third party without giving you the ability to
opt-out and without giving you the ability to review what kind of
information they’re getting to these third parties this is a really really
important proposal and i think that it’s one of them few things that if it
actually happens will be a huge uh… i guess success for the deal bob
administration kennedy massively cynical here that definitely had me no i don’t
blame you for being cynical uh… so email lately dave realize the cash cow but the internet companies parkway and they have one accident in washington
republicans democrats alike and they realize oh we do a good bill like so far we say hey
you know what musica ura website govern often really presumably to some pirated material that
you don’t even know about onto that they just gave us millions of
dollars so let’s continue to propose was about
the internet companies pro or con and see what kind of money raised on us that could be highly likely because if
this uh… type of proposal actually goes through uh… what will happen is if you opt out
than all the sun angles lucky to be able to sell your information to a third
party and that’s their money maker face all that information advertisers and
honestly we stopped at like who’s going to be like yeah share some land for
mation my private information to third-party right you know what what i
came up with a model for this before looking which i think is right business
model that you know if you often you should
give something back you know you have penny back for whatever whatever it is somehow you get a discount and they get
to sell your information uh… genetically not identifying it so that
cynthia could make and that’s fair because then you have consensual
agreement here uh… i hope the best model they go to
by like this bill that would protect us not only a month so there are companies
in this case i’m not because there wasn’t really into our privacy yes but facebook’s will be disillusioned
ons to make sure that bill never gets into you’re definitely right about that
and it goes back to the same issue citizens united we gotta make sure that
you know but the thing different companies corporations don’t
have the ability to do that right because that we’re not gonna get any
real change but this proposal actually goes to
levels deep o does has a lot of there’s another aspect of it that i don’t think
anyone stalking about and we should discuss not only kinkel goal sell this
information to a third party advertiser they can also sell this information to people that might potentially employ you
in the future health insurance companies who want to
know whether or not you have anytime health issues right so if you’re on
global and you’re searching of breast cancer do i have breast cancer uh… what are the symptoms of breast
cancer right dot information is safe and that information can easily be sold to a
health insurance company so it’s a huge issue this would basically prevent that from
happening uh… google what only be able to sell cell this information to an
advertiser yeah and then of course is a third
letter they say that they’ve course this is not specific to any individual until
it is sprayed so until they so your other searches amendments let’s say uh… for example is a messy divorce and bob wants to know what’s our search
for more likely would sell it wants to know what bob searched on google okay and then we got real problems they say they won’t be say they want of
course until this money to be made now google makes so much money that they
don’t need to resort to that at this point but uh… you know are you just gonna
trust the company to do the right thing now we should pass laws the nation they can do it because at
some point of his money to be made a corporation will do it

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  1. @MrFreeCookie You cannot the best managed anything and have had a hand in the huge crash that happened when the dotcom bubble burst. You neglect in your comment to account for the vast majority of internet companies that have ever existed who are no longer with us. In fact your statement is patently false to the point of being unsupportable aside from perhaps the first sentence and even thats a stretch.

  2. watch out guys. if it's not broke, don't fix it. websites tracking you and selling your information is scary, and legislation may one day need to be enacted to prevent serious abuse, but i think Cenk is dead right about the government just wanting a piece of the pie at this point. google and facebook are big apps, but it would not be too hard for other companies to replace them if people lose favor. having the government help us with this problem is just asking for more trouble.

  3. @flake452 As things stand all of the websites are able to gather and use whatever information you "make availabe" to them as they see fit. Further they have no obligation to ensure that you are aware of how the intend to use said info or even what info they choose to gather. In other words using another website does not address the issue in the slightest.

  4. @Steele00 It is funny that you would choose to use probably the worst violator of internet privacy, Facebook, to defend continuing to allow such abuses. It just shows how little you know about the subject.

  5. I just googled my name in my state, and google came up with my address, who lives at my house, and my number.

    LIKE WTF!!!!

    I've never even seen this website before… or why its even there.

  6. @Flynn01979 Then dont use the internet, you cannot expect someone to spend money and time creating something for no return. As long as they dont lie about it, its fine.

  7. ah all those kids who learned a new word turned to Google to look it up and then thought deleting browsing history made it all go away.

  8. @MrFreeCookie It's not the most innovative because it has been the least regulated. It's the most innovative because the internet has not been around that long. We need regulations to protect people online just like we need regulations to protect people in real life.

  9. @TheYoungTurks I don't just think that this bill should only apply to internet companies, but also companies in general. I was affected by the Epsilon breach where US Bank had given my information to them without my OK, and Epsilon got hacked.

  10. if the health insurance thing is true then i'm screwed. as a nursing student i spend a lot of time researching various diseases, so i have a lot of searches about stuff like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hyperkalemia, etc. i'm sure any other student going into a medical profession is in the same situation.

  11. Google really sells our info w/o our permission?? WOW well im in favor of this bill go for t Obama ! we'll see if it actually passes though

  12. Google is fucking awesome. Any Corp. that starts competitions for another space race, imo, should be revered. Go look up Google X-Prize. Go look up Lunar X-Prize. Go look up Automotive X-Prize. Google funds ALL of these, creating competition for progressive, new technologies. I could care less if they sell my search info to make some money. Anna, dont make it seem like they are selling your SS number or fucking blood type. They are selling your search info, THATS IT! Google is a beast.Google2012

  13. @flake452 The problem here is that "another website" may not *truly* exist, by which I mean another website may not have the feature/material one wants or, in the case of social media, may not have the audience one wants.
    The better argument is what Ana made is that the websites make their money off of selling this stuff. What people really need to accept is that they're going to need to start paying for this stuff.

  14. @flake452 Who the hell reads pages upon pages of small print? "This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read" – Winston Churchill

  15. I really don't care if Google has my age, gender or interests stored. I LIKE having advertisements that interest me. What I don't like is that they store my NAME and my location.

  16. @BOZ11 Terms of Use documents usually contain a table of contents which maps out where you can find what information. It's actually a good idea to read through it on a lto of services. Take facebook for example. By making an account you grant them the rights to take anything you upload as long as you have the copyrights to the data, you grant them non-exclusive rights to reproduce / sell it.

    This includes photos, text, music, video, contact info, etc.

  17. @biggydx

    yea thats not taking over google, nobody even knows that it exists other than bill gates & thats about it

  18. I work at Google. What Ana said at 1:15 is a commonly-repeated myth. Google does NOT sell users' private information to 3rd parties! TYT, you should correct the record. I can't post a link in the YouTube comment, but search for "Busting myths about our approach to privacy" to read the most recent mythbusting.

  19. @flake452 : you assume people "opt in" when they visit websites, but that's wrong. Frankly, who knows that CloudFlare manages the access to a shitload of websites and that they can record your every move through ALL of these websites? Who knows that certification authorities can be falsified or that companies (Microsoft) insert the certificate of dictators (Tunisia) in your Windows and Internet Explorer without telling you? …authorizing dictators to spy on you? almost nobody knows.

  20. @romanmir01 I have given you a causal warrant as to why economies of scale are not that significant and dealt with the scenarios that you name by saying that in these cases economies of scale can still be taken advantage of by even small service providers because the economies of scale can be gotten by outsourcing those specific functions to those companies that have them. I have yet to see anything from you that addresses this.

    That I can found my own search engine is irrelevant.

  21. Funny they do this, yet are so pro-SOPA and pro-PIPA.

    The fact that it's so in favor of the American people, makes me suspicious that there's likely some font in .00001 size where we can't see the fine print and the proposal's true nature. If the GOP and democrats are in on this unanimously, then it's definitely a red-flag.

  22. Google doesn't sell your data like Ana was suggesting. Cenk, Googles business is built on trust, so they have incentives to not lose that trust. This is why they don't sell your data.

  23. A whole bunch of people are enlighten, a majority of Americans didn't even know that their information was being given away without permission

  24. As interesting as this is, it has nothing to do with "contraception" or Mr. Smiley-Face, (that would be "President" Obama), saying that he is going to spend taxpayers money to use pond scum to generate gas and oil.

  25. my internet bill of rights:
    1) right to information sites like wiki, google, information providers will not be shut down.
    2) right to porn PORN WILL REMAIN UNTOUCHED! (unless underage sex with dead bodys etc…)
    3) censor only software that shouldnt be pirated (AAECS5, sonyvegasstyle, etc)
    4) rip this bill because the internet is like international waters NO FUCKING RULES SHOULD APPLY.

  26. btw:
    Google REQUIRES you to opt-in before they sell info to 3rd parties, and also just go to settings and turn the features you dont like OFF, such as personalized ads…

    from their privacy policy:
    We will share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Google when we have your consent to do so. We require opt-in consent for the sharing of any sensitive personal information.

    take a look at google's privacy policy, you can find links to it EVERYWHERE

  27. @madmoddersparkler If you wish to make a convincing argument you should support your statements with facts, and adhere to logic…

  28. @KyleKJune Well first of all, we don't need regulation to protect people online. And secondly, we don't need regulation to protect people in real life. Maybe you should avoid blind assertions based on propaganda.

  29. @MrFreeCookie Yep you're absolutely right, we don't need regulations to protect people. I suppose murder should be legal. Hey I have a great idea we should let chemical companies dump in our reservoirs. Maybe we should allow slavery again right?

  30. I think they should just create a law that limits the information they can and cannot sell to companies and also specifically spells out what they can and cannot do with said information. The opt in/opt out feature would not be a good idea.

  31. I actually don't have that big of a problem with ads. They are annoying but I don't mind watching a couple of ads just as long that means websites like youtube, facebook, ign, etc. are free and they don't go over board with the spam mail. However when they sell my information in a way that hurt in me in some form or another, that is when I begin to have a problem.

  32. It could be that the democrats and republicans in congress don't want to be tracked by google. Google could, in theory, expose all their searches, thus making any congressman look bad.

  33. You know what this is what they should have done before sopa is find out what they think is good to do on the internet and what they want to protect then make laws to stop people doing bad thing but the interent rights bill should supersede any things like anti pricey bills.

  34. Statisticians, retailers, governments, medical companies, educational providers and pretty much every business on this planet collects data on their clients. They often make that information available for free and others make it available for a fee. I don't see why Google should be made to pay or ask for an opt out when my university/health provider/business/government never asked me in the first place?

  35. No what you do is not use google Cenk. Think about it. If google actually started doing that. Who the fuck would use google? It's not in their financial or public interest to do something so outrageous. There are plenty of other search engines that will advocate not to do it, and will take google's place as the #1 search engine if google did something as heinous as that.

  36. @hogwildlou69 Obama's administration did not conceive of the NDAA. This proposal has been around for a LONG time. He very reluctantly agreed to renew the new version of it in exchange for removing some of the more horrifying elements of it. Do some research before you make claims. Its easy and satisfying to blame whoever is currently in power, but it isn't that simple.

  37. I was one of MegaUpload's premium user who lost all the backed up files I uploaded and I'll tell you what, if I could go back and do it all again, I wouldn't. Lol. I'd probably just buy an external hard drive or something.

  38. OBVIOUSLY they should have the option to Opt Out.

    The real problem is that isn't the STANDARD, instead having the "option" to OPT IN.

  39. Google will just make it that you can only use Chrome for so long without agreeing or that they will find a way to throttle your speed online regardless of it being legal.

  40. @stevie68000 Haha now you're coming into every video to post hateful comments. Now you're account has been flagged. And you want to play that game? Well a christian guy tried to take over the world 70 years ago.

  41. @MrFreeCookie Well except that, unlike you, i didnt make any claim beyond pointing out that your position is unsupportable. I referenced the dotcom crash as evidence that your assertion that the IT sector was the best managed in the economy was flawwed, as is your current assertion.

    Where are the facts to support your original claims? They are of course nonexistant, hypocrite. As to your demand that i adhere to logic; I am unsure at this point whether you know what the word means.

  42. Ana is taking naive to new levels of ignorance.
    The Banksters own the government, the president, Hollywood, the media, and the internet.

  43. far as i know google doesnt sell your info, strictly speaking, google IS the advertisement agent, so an advertiser gives their ads to google who targets the ads to you based on your information. google IS an advertisement agent so they have no reason to sell TO advertisement agents as they are competition.

  44. what was that crazy coal company's saying that scientists are bullshit and only in it for the money? and that public school education is fake?

  45. google offers so many free services! has anyone ever heard of "no such thing as a free lunch?" I would allow my history to be tracked if i can have youtube, gmail, calender, and so much other stuff FREE!

  46. this is just like sopa they'll take down all the websites they want and claim "that they were selling ur info" even thought the companies did nothing

  47. I usually make really constructive comments. Hopefully this turns out the same. I was letting the video load, I paused at the very beginning. I found Ana's AwWWw Face.

  48. I think we should have to opt in, not out, of all of these kinds of things. Businesses should offer incentives for people to opt in. I'm sick of politicians who put business interests before the interests of the people, the ones they're supposed to serve.

  49. or to people that can kidnap you or your children, i think this goes against the right of privacy

  50. @All – More like its a law/bill that exonerates past crimes, meaning all information that's collected, can be accessed legally. It's a slipper slope.

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