Intro: Greater Minnesota’s Economic Composition: Industries and Performance
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Intro: Greater Minnesota’s Economic Composition: Industries and Performance

October 17, 2019

The following is a production of the University
of Minnesota. Hello, my name is Brigid Tuck. I’m the senior economic impact analyst with
University of Minnesota Extension. Extension has been participating in conversations about
the role of Greater Minnesota in the state’s economy. There’s been a lot of discussion
lately, about how Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities regional area interact. While
we find the conversation about greater Minnesota as a whole to be very interesting, we were
also interested in what makes different parts of the state’s economy work. So we wanted
to look at the drivers and the changes in the economy happening in different regions
of outstate Minnesota. We did this research with funding from the EDA Center at the University
of Minnesota Crookston. I finished this research recently and am making this series of videos
to help explain that research. There are four items I want you to take away, and I am going
to explain each one of those in the following videos. The first video will focus on the
conclusion, about how greater Minnesota fared during the Great Recession – essentially,
the general themes that we heard about the United States held true in Greater Minnesota
as well. The second video will focus on the “Big 3” in Greater Minnesota in terms
of industries measured by output. So we’re going to look at professional and business
services, manufacturing, and agriculture. The third video looks at health care industry
in greater Minnesota and how that’s been changing, and some surprises from that analysis.
Then the fourth video looks at regional differences in industry strengths. So certain regions
did well in certain industries, and I want to highlight some of those.

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