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Intro to Music Composition | College Hall Bells

October 17, 2019

– We are going to be performing original
music world premieres by Smith composers in the “Intro to Composition” class on the
Smith College carillon. – So the piece that I composed was kind of
centered around the centennial anniversary of the bells being donated
in honor of Dorothea who was a student here. And I have never really composed
before, and definitely never composed for bells, so I was thinking about kind of
the pomp and circumstance that generally surrounds the ringing of bells, and the
sounds you hear from that kind of thing.

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  1. Hi Smith college YouTube channel administrator,
    I am from Pakistan we are proud of our students particularly female students who have earned their degrees from Simth college and from other schools, colleges and universities of around the world. That's why I surprised when I have noticed that comments have been disabled😢😢 for following link video, in which a Smith college alumna hailing from Pakistan shared her success story!!!! 👇👇

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