Introducing Google Chrome Frame
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Introducing Google Chrome Frame

October 28, 2019

Hi! I’m Alex and I’m a Software Engineer at
Google. I’m here to tell you about Google Chrome Frame, a new plugin, that brings open
web technologies and Google Chrome’s speedy rendering engine to Internet Explorer. We built Google Chrome Frame to help developers
create rich, cutting edge web apps. To get there, web developers need access to
technologies like HTML5’s canvas tag and recent improvements in JavaScript performance. Some
of these capabilities are not supported by Internet Explorer, especially its older versions.
Developers still need to reach IE users, so they often invest lots of time and effort
finding work-arounds, or sometimes they limit the functionality of their apps. With Google Chrome Frame, developers can design
and build the apps that users want. They can target Google Chrome’s advanced HTML engine,
it’s speedy V8 JavaScript runtime and all the other open web technologies in Google
Chrome. This allows them to build apps that are faster and more powerful. To take advantage of Google Chrome Frame,
all you need to do is add a single tag to the top of a page. When Google Chrome Frame
detects this tag, it switches to Google Chrome’s high-performance HTML engine. Other browsers
that don’t understand the tag, just render the page as normal. Since developers are fully in control of whether
or not to start Google Chrome Frame, existing sites won’t break. All of us on the team are excited about how
much better the web can get. We’ve worked hard to make Google Chrome Frame simple, fast,
and seamless, while staying true to the spirit of the open web. Google Chrome Frame is an
open source project, so try it out on your sites, check out the code, and let us know
how it goes so we can improve the web, together.

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  1. From the GCF homepage:

    "If Google Chrome Frame is not installed, you can direct your users to an installation page. "

    Yep, and people wont use that?

    And there wont be any "Google Chrome Frame"-only sites?
    Just like there are no "adobe flash"-only sites.

    Because people just aren't that stupid? =))

  2. So ALL you simply have to do is :

    1.) Put that tag on all the billions of pages on the web.

    2.) Make sure everyone using IE who cant/wont install Google chrome on their computers successfully installs this program from Google instead.

    …and it will be like they are are all using chrome?

    Sign me up,!
    Where do i go to get my hat and robe?

  3. You Press Ctrl+Shift+N and you open "incognito window" which doesn't save anything you do on the web. Hence the name of it….

  4. So, what is this thing about really? I love google chrome. Does this Google Chrome Frame mean Internet Explorer will look like Google Chrome now when I use it?

  5. I like it. Plus Google try and show their work place as a fun and innovative place for work and ideas. So I can see why they would allow it. It doesn't make them look like any less of a company.

  6. they claim it will make IE (specifically IE8) "less secure"

    isn't this the same tactic they used against Chrome browser? Didn't that fall on it's face like IE in the Acid3 test?

    Yeah. It did.

  7. Add the agenda-push tag to your page (which I guarantee Google will do to each of their web applications) and your page will direct you right to the Chrome Frame download page!

    Trust me, if users are too lazy to switch away from IE, that more likely supports that notion that they are also sheepish enough to simple "click to install and continue to my page."

  8. I have to directly disagree, I do computer maint. around my town for spare cash, I don't know how many times I've shown a user "Here, this is Chrome, it's better, use it." and I come back two weeks later and find them using IE and wondering why it's sluggish. They go around installing toolbars and whatnot constantly but they won't switch to Chrome. This is the perfect thing to help bridge that gap!

  9. ToBeTie wrote: "Not everyone will download the plugin, as it causes unnecessary hassle"

    Yeah, but downloading another browser is also an "unnecessary hassle" in the eyes of the folks still using a f*cking old browser such as Internet Explorer 6 (eight years old already, and counting), so for those people who refuse to upgrade, a plug-in is better because the user interface of their (for some unfathomable reason) favorite browser is unchanged! So this is a good step forward for the web.

  10. Brilliant idea – love the thought. Lets see how Microsoft reacts to this one. Will they try to "annoy" plugin users like they did with the Flash plugin once? Secondly, now we just need to make valid XHTML code and test that one 4-5 browsers… knowing that there will be a solution for the Javascript/AJAX – has anyone tried how Jquery etc. works with the plugin yet?

  11. thats because chrome frame only runs on websites that request it… acid 3 does not have the meta tag chrome frame request

    DUH j/k but seriously

  12. Thank YOU GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been trying forever to get my site to work with IE… I have come to the point where I dropped support for it… this makes it possible for IE to view my site correctly !!!!!! thank you so much I LOVE YOU GUYS

    my site is savemoot com
    try it with without chromeframe…. it is Terrible

    i mean… IE doesn't know what an inline-div is seriously

  13. Chrome Frame is good for enterprises since they can still use IE6 for their intranet and not have to deploy a 2nd browser for internet surfing. Of course you lose tabs but most corporations don't want to upgrade their old apps since it's very expensive and time consuming. Eventually they'll upgrade if W7 gets mass business adoption.

  14. It works fine, but not great. Installing the plugin comes with some problems.

    It uses the webkit engine and the output SHOULD be identical to chrome's output, if you install the plugin and have the meta-tag. I tested it, and the performance increase is noticable. I was like o.0: IE with fluid JS animations 😮

    it's amazing 😀

    But not ready… YET. I would like to see the result! keep it going 😀

  15. Great intentions…but bad idea.
    As it is..IE6 is the baby that should never have been born. By allowing stubborn IE6 users to "prolong its usage" via this plugin will just perpetuate the crime that is IE6. Furthermore, most corporations that still insist and use IE6, will most likely not approve installation of this plugin. Individuals who still use IE6, will prob not even know this plugin exists. I say, let IE6 die its long overdue death and not prolong it with this plugin.

  16. lol anyone notice that chrome logo is a reworkin of the windows flag logo there is an image out there that shows the transformation and it rocks

  17. @7960Dan its for developers to ease the dev testing process since IE is a bag load of shit that renders lot of stuff horribly

  18. Perhaps IE8 isnt that bad after all; my web page load speeds on IE8 are almost equal to that of chrome now(with chrome frame), but FF is still lagging behind alot.

  19. google chrome crush on its had with its V8 javascript
    when editing dokuwiki sites 🙁
    google chrome engine still has many bugs.

    i am so upset that i used google chrome.
    i have typed a full article then it shows an ugly face of a computer and says something kind of your frame cruched and all my creativity was lost in amoment
    (compared to ie6)
    the bug is probably related to object references to input elements, when docuwiki is automaticaly adds asterisks to textarea and checks where the cursor is

  20. Weird.
    If I want to run Chrome I just install Chrome period.
    This thing is installing Chrome and it's running it in the shape of IE

    Isn't this what viruses do?

  21. I'm a web developer, and I can't thank Google enough for this. I get nauseas just from listening the words "internet" and "explorer" on the same phrase. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  22. Google Chrome makes my PC to crash, IE6 does not. IE6 allows me to acces the cache files with .flv videos, none of new browswrs does. So why should I trust you with all "new functions" of jawa&flash co. wich are mostly used just for new annoying advertisment methods?

  23. @aellaron IE6 has the slowest rendering engine of any browser, and thus has the highest likelyhood of locking up your browser and making it crash.

    All modern browsers cache files.

    Java and Flash have nothing to do with Chrome Frame.

    Getting rid of IE6 is about making the web faster, easier, and leaner. Even Microsoft wants to get rid of it. It's time. If you are not forced to run IE6, don't drag the whole web community down by running a 10 year old piece of software.

  24. @scottgale379 Sorry, Im just feeling the pressure to keep me from the easy direct acces to .flv video files in IE6 cache folder. The else fancy things like "open web technologies" and "rich cutting edge web apps" wich need
    "html5 and recent improvements in javascript pefomance" and for wich all the commotion is, are from my sight just excuse for it.

  25. @najeebputhiyallam I concur. This is just stupid. And who with a sane mind want to develop in yet another standard. When it already is a pain in the ass to fix all problems for IE

  26. @sa1994kimo probably not. Most programmers I know look like a yeti or sasquatch. Hairy bearded tubby dudes, who are brilliant and kind but don't look they can get a girl to go out with them. In fact, the more brilliant they are, the bigger their beards.

  27. @0501701 As a developer I can tell you it's almost impossible to get older people, and I'm not talking senior citizens, I'm talking more like baby boomers and 40 year old folks to ditch their shitty Internet Explorer 6 browsers for modern current ones. In third world countries, also, many companies still use Internet Explorer 6 for their intranets, namely, in China.

  28. @mrbrockpeters I think that is because IE is better if you use other languages .
    I am using IE beacause google chrome is horrible when browsing arabic sites.

  29. Wow, i.e. sucks so bad that even google has to make something as if to say "Come on man, have some respect for yourself, put this on"

  30. Ehm, you're not a web developer ey?… I don't blame you, everyone can't be. Because if you were, you'd know that IE is a pain in the ass.

  31. 'Google Chrome Frame is a plug-in that brings open web technologies and Google Chrome's speedy V8 JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer.'

    It says it is right there in the description & even if that technically isn't accurate I don't think I can be blamed for stating it.

  32. Привет!
    За мен като начинаещ,тоя клип отвори нови прозорци към светлината от знания в YouTube,за което мога само смирено да благодаря на екипа му от професионалисти!

  33. Really wish if the entire school board uses this or just installs Google Chrome across their computers.. It costs literally to do all this, nothing. Seriously…

  34. dude I miss google chrome framework uh my hard drive crashed so now I really miss it.I wish I didn't have money to buy a new hard drive maybe operating system maybe you can help me out?.+17145198157

  35. indeed, this solves nothing. The vast majority of IE users nowadays are employees that are forced to use a certain version of IE due to company policy. In fact, they don't even have the required admin permissions to install additional browsers or plugins on the system. Otherwise they would have already done so.

  36. If they were ready to install this plug-in, they might as well have installed Chrome anyway. They don't because they are stupid!

  37. 0:27 "Some of those capabilities….."
    Some? Gross understatement!
    I wish Google bought Microsoft and stopped this. And I also wish Google bought Bieber's copyrights and save humanity. Amen.

  38. A quick look at your analytics might show a lot of IE traffic coming from government agencies and similar organisations/workplaces where users do not have administrator rights and can't update / install anything.

  39. i think this is the "encouragement " some need.. many in my groups an forums think chrome is a FBI CIA satanic cult of dark lords.. im not jokin.. sad but real.. so maybe this will help facilitate a smooth an gentil … Transition?.. I absolutelly LOve Chrome.. it gets beter faster stronger almost moment by moment/..

  40. I didn't mention that it is IE8 On windows XP computers, thankfully we have wifi spots at school, so we can use our own devices without IE (Unless for printing/scanning)

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