Introducing the Federal Judiciary Channel
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Introducing the Federal Judiciary Channel

November 18, 2019

Welcome to the Federal Judiciary’s YouTube Channel. The Federal Judiciary impacts every American, serving a vital role as the third branch of our government. We hope the videos you discover here will help you connect with the federal courts in fresh ways that inform, motivate and inspire you. Our videos deal with practical issues, such as how to file a case in federal court to career opportunities that exist in the Judiciary’s workforce. Educational videos – for the public, students, and lawyers — are a central part of our channel. The Court Shorts series, developed especially for students, provides a behind the scenes look at jury service, the inside of a courtroom, and more. As this channel grows, viewers will hear first hand from federal judges and other men and women who work in federal courts throughout the country. You can watch naturalization ceremonies, learn the differences between federal and state courts, and gain insight into the most cutting edge legal issues of the day. The strength and endurance of our democracy is based on the rule of law, and the courts are where most citizens come into direct contact with that law. Helping more people understand how the federal courts operate will reinforce our basic freedoms. I encourage you to explore our YouTube Channel and learn more about the important role your Federal Judiciary plays in our society. Please visit now to watch, share and subscribe.

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