Iranian Revolution: 40 years later | IN 60 SECONDS
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Iranian Revolution: 40 years later | IN 60 SECONDS

September 21, 2019

1979 was a momentous year in the Middle East — the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, Saddam Hussein becoming president of Iraq, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. But in retrospect, the most significant event was the Iranian revolution, an anniversary we mark on February 11. The revolution removed the Shah, who
had been our chief proxy in this strategically vital but highly volatile part of the world. Worse, it brought to power a regime that has
defined the US as its principal enemy ever since, despite repeated efforts
by American administrations to find a path toward peace. Since 1979, the most constant threat we’ve faced in the region has been Iran’s relentless enmity — which it has aggressively pursued
by killing Americans, attacking American military forces and allies,
and arming groups that seek to overturn the regional status quo by violence. As Americans debate our role in the
Middle East, it’s worth remembering why many fear it would be dangerous to leave. Iran’s dogged aggression against the United
States, its friends and interests, which started 40 years ago. What do you think the future holds for US-Iran relations? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other topics you’d
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  1. Guys would you cover about Hezbollah's activities in Mexico , Chinese drug warfare on United States and hostile foreign powers propaganda like RT , CGNT,TRT, Al-Jazeera ,Press TV and Chinese cccp investment in Hollywood and Diane feinstein links china

  2. Is this a joke or outright propaganda? It presents the Shah as though that's what Iranians wanted rather than him being a result of previous American regime change in Iran. "the first United States covert action to overthrow a foreign government during peacetime" –

    If I was Iranian I'd be wary of more US meddling too. The poor Iranian people can't catch a break. It's only 31 years since the US blew an Iranian passenger jet out of the air too.

  3. Iran is pure evil. Not like Americas partner Saudi Arabia, a true democracy that sees human rights as its core value.

  4. So what this is saying, is that the CIA instigating a coup and installing a dictator because a country wants to nationalize their oil was a bad thing in hindsight? Imagine if we could learn from history and apply it a current situation.

  5. I don’t believe that part of the world will ever know peace. Those who want it desperately will be killed or silenced for daring to seek something better than violence and enslavement.

  6. When did AEI get into posting fiction? I'm not a fan of the theocracy in Iran, but a blind guy couldn't miss this pile of crap.

    Dogged opposition to the US…who happened to overthrow their democratically elected government and install the dictator shah and his brutal savak secret police. Then, they supported Saddam as he killed half a million Iranians…including over 50,000 with chemical weapons. The US has Iran surrounded with dozens of military bases and nuclear weapons.

    Let's look at other wonderful American deeds in the region. The US helped create al qaeda by funding and arming the mujahadeen in Afghanistan…including helping Osama. That worked out so well that they, (along with their pals the Saudis…but more of them later), gave millions of dollars and sophisticated weapons to any group who were opposed to Assad in Syria…even though they knew most of those who received US aid, were in al qaeda…the worst of which branched off into ultra radical nusra and isis.

    The US loves to crow about how they are fighting isis, but it was Iran, NOT the US, that pushed isis out of Iraq, after the US abandoned its puppet government. The US was content to allow isis to earn millions of dollars selling oil by truck to Turkey. That bit of clever foreign policy didn't get stopped until the bloody Russians started bombing the trucks.

    The US gave Saudi permission to attack Yemen…providing intel and fueling the thousands of raids against a defenseless country…the poorest in the region. The US continues to spread the farce of Iranian control over the Houthis, (who have centuries of history in Yemen…as opposed to the invading Saudis), without ever explaining exactly how Iran manages to get weapons to the Houthis when America is helping the Saudis blockade the entire country by sea, land and air.

    Ironically, before the brutal invasion of Yemen, it was the Houthis who were responsible for fighting and controlling Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula, (with help from the US, ironically enough), reported by US intel as the most dangerous branch of al qaeda, (they bombed the Cole) , who quickly overran most of Yemen.

    The US supported war, (and that's real support not the fake news support of Iran for the Houthis), has killed over 10,000 civilians, wounded hundreds of thousands, created the conditions for the worst outbreak of cholera in the past century affecting hundreds of thousands and puting, literally tens of millions of civilians in mortal danger of starvation, dehydration, disease and exposure…and let's not forget the American bombs dropped from American planes on any school bus, wedding, hospital and funeral the US sees fit to target to Saudi pilots.

    Every conflict in the middle east in the past half a century has one common denominator; the involvement of the good ole USA.

    I can't possibly express how disappointed I am in the AEI. I got lulled by some contributors who speak with sense, logic and most importantly, impartiality. Now they let this guy rant, who can be little more than a Saudi and/or Israeli and/or MEK shill. As I said…I'm no fan of the theocrats who run Iran but I am capable of at least playing devil's advocate and looking past the cut and paste bullshit being used to support the disgusting butchery in Yemen.

    If you want to maintain any sort of credibility, you will do a much better job of vetting your contributors.

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