Iridology Terms – Strong vs Mild Constitution
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Iridology Terms – Strong vs Mild Constitution

September 23, 2019

hi I’m Beth Hovis from Trinity School of
natural health when looking at someone’s iris one of the first things we notice
in Iridology is the person’s Constitution that person’s ability to overcome and
resist illness and disease what is a constitution? it’s how close and
how tight the fibers of the iris are so someone who has a very strong
Constitution or a strong Constitution will have iris fibers that are nice and
dense and tightly woven together in the iris as we progress along our charts we
will see that the iris fibers start to separate and as the more that they
separate the less resilient that person is to overcome illness and disease we
start out with a very strong or strong Constitution and we move to resilient
moderately resilient and mildly resilient when we see someone who has a
moderate or mildly resilient iris we know that the separation of fibers
has happened almost all over in that person’s iris and when we see that we
know the person has less ability to overcome illness and disease these
people tend to be very sensitive and realized that they have a difficulty
overcoming illness or disease and they are the ones that will tend to rest take
a break and relax more often than someone with a strong constitution
someone with a strong Constitution on the other hand is going to be someone
who keeps going no matter what they don’t tend to get sick and if they do
they overcome it really easily but they are also the ones who will keep on
working and keep on going no matter what until suddenly they’ve come down with
something and they can’t imagine how it happened what happened to cause them to get sick when we are looking at someone’s irises and we notice these
different constitutions we want to help support that person the best way
possible so when I see someone who has a strong constitution I will make
suggestions on slow down take it easy pay attention to what your body’s saying
because it’s really easy for someone who has a strong constitution to ignore
warning signs that the body is giving that person will ignore aches and pains
and upset tummies where on the other hand someone who has a mild or moderate
Constitution takes note the first time something comes around and they’re the
ones who tend to step back and rest relax and treat themselves with love and
care so what kind of Constitution do you have go look in the mirror and see are
your iris fibers tight and nicely woven together or are they loose and separated
some either way your irises are beautiful and it’s your body’s way of
telling you how to support yourself

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