Is Australia going to become a republic? – Australian republicanism explained
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Is Australia going to become a republic? – Australian republicanism explained

October 23, 2019

In 1999 Australians voted in a referendum that would shape their nation for decades. The question? Should Australia ditch its monarchy and become
a republic. They voted to keep the monarchy, with 6.4
million voting for the queen and 5.2 million voting for the republic. But was this win surprising? Monarchists argue there are no legitimate
reasons to make Australia a republic. They say this is because in many ways Australia
is already what they call a “crowned republic”. So what does this mean? Well firstly, Australia is what is called
a constitutional monarchy. This means Australia has Elizabeth II as monarch,
but because the Queen lives in the United Kingdom, she is represented by a Governor-General
who acts as the head of state in her place. The current governor general is Sir Peter
Cosgrove, who replaced the first female Governor-General in 2014. So monarchists say that this system, where
the Governor-General is at the head, is already very similar to the systems used in most republics
where a President is appointed by the parliament. But if is so similar,
then why not just get rid of the monarch, which represents a extra, layer
of our government that has little power and has little involvement Whilst members of the royal family visit Australia
regularly the Queen herself has
not visited since 2011 when she oversaw the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Unfortunately the Australian republic debate
is dogged by misinformation from both sides of the argument. Monarchists think that if Australia becomes
a republic, we would need to change our flag. This isn’t true, we could keep the flag
as a republic, we could even change the flag today if we wanted. They also argue that a republic would be expensive. We would need to change our coins, since the Queen is on them. We wouldn’t, they’d still be legal tender. And they conveniently leave out the fact that
the coins change regularly with a new portrait of the Queen, and whilst many are starting
to think it, unfortunately the Queen is probably not immortal. So the coins, and the fiver, would have to
change anyway when Charles becomes King. It’s also argued that acronyms and the like
would need to change, since many organisations have the word Royal in their names. But what letter does republican start with? And navy ships and other things that make
reference to Her Majesty, like HMAS Canberra or my local telephone
exchange, Her Majesty’s Exchange Ayr, could just be changed to reflect the title of the
Governor-General. Or they could just leave them. There is no rulebook for becoming a republic,
some might say that is the entire point. But republicans are part of the misinformation
problem too. They scaremonger saying Australia is not
independent. It very much is. Australia became independent of the United
Kingdom in 1942 when King George gave his Royal Assent to the
Westminster Statute adoption in Australia. But even with this act, there was still confusion
about whether the British could legislate in Australia. So in the 1980s this was resolved by the adoption
of 2 Bills. The Australia Act Commonwealth, which was
passed in Canberra, and the Australia Act United Kingdom, which was passed in London. The acts were identical and adoption was simultaneous
because both governments were still unsure which one had the authority to pass the act,
so they agreed to do it at the same time with the same words. So Australia has been fully independent since
Prince William was about 4 years old. So if a republic referendum was held today
in Australia what would happen? Well polls and research show that support
for the monarchy has grown since the referendum. Research from the Australian Journal of Political
Science shows that support for the monarchy was low during the 1990s, which coincided
with 2 high profile royal scandals. The divorce of Prince Charles and Diana, and the Queen’s refusal to address the Commonwealth on Diana’s death,
treating it instead as a smaller private matter. Another interesting factor interesting factor is in the age demographic. The age group with the highest support for
the monarchy are 70 years+, followed surprisingly by millennials. The most republican cohort are the baby boomers,
who were young adults in 1975 when the monarchy intervened and sacked an Australian Prime
Minister, a unique moment in Commonwealth history. Whilst a referendum to make australia a republic
would likely fail today, it’s difficult to predict what future trends will be. Do you think in 50 years time australia will
still have a king or queen?

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  1. I like the idea of being a Republic, but only if the people get to vote for the executive branch like in America. However, I would be tempted to vote to stay in the Monarch if another referendum comes because I like the idea of Royal Commissions – It makes it a lot harder for corrupt banks to send out their hitmen to kill whoever is opposing their regime.

  2. A future radical muslim president or a Stalin hitler
    Idi Amin. Gadaffi or Kim Jung un Republics breed dictators. Especially in multi cultural societies

  3. I mean, it won't affect anything. So why do it? If anything, it just links into Australian history to just leave it.

  4. Talk about graphing tricks. You make it look like a huge amount voted against the changes when it was actually quite close.

  5. I mean I can admit this if we become a republic we will still be kissing China's and America's Ass so what is the point. I support independence but we will be owned by Chinese and Americans instead of the British

  6. Problem is that when I went to court in 2011, it was "the queen vs ####" written on my court documents. Not the "state vs ####"
    Remember people, this is a YOUTUBE VIDEO! This does not mean this is true!
    Research it for yourself.

  7. Growing up with the Queens portrait on every wall I do have a soft spot for old Liz However once she is gone we should become a republic because a monarchy in the 21st century is crazy!

  8. If we get rid of them pretty much nothing will change other than maybe coins and money but as the video said that happens anyway… Just get rid of them, why should our country be ruled by some rich family overseas.

  9. So, a couple of questions to the pro republicans – What direct benefit is there to the averge Australian? How would becoming a Republic improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the governance of our Nation?
    Churchill put the best ever argument against a republic and said it in a few words: "The Monarchy is not significant for the power it wields but for the power it denies others."
    And to top it all off – if you trust ANYTHING that the current head of the ARM says….. are you insane? Peter Fitzimmons books alone are so factually idiotic as to rule him out even if you asked him how he likes his coffee. The man is a red bandanna wearing, weapons grade moron. Just read what that platinum fool wrote about the Eureka Stockade and you'll get a glimmer of either a top shelf liar or a bottom feeding grub. Or both.

  10. Canada is still in the British Empire, America doesn't interfere in their business. Americas republic was born in blood which had an enoumous bonding effect upon a largley homogenous population. Polyglot tolerant Australia doesn't need turnbulls C-section kow tow republic (proverbs 22:28) I am not a royalist nor are the majority of the british people but to change for the sake of it is pointless or worse. Anzus was the worst mistake australia ever made, heavy reliance upon america like a well kept slut and what happens to them when their paramour becomes jaded with them? They are to busy making enemies, getting into enourmous debt and trying to get out of it again to have our interests @ heart. I am not a christian (like most of my fellow australians) the etruscan/cainite/catholic priesthood invented jesus, but I do believe that we are the lost ten tribes of Isreal (Ephraim & half Mannaseh) look what god has blessed us with already, America (oholibamah) "the bad lieutenant of nations" needs to wake up to her filthiness and to actually become a "light unto the nations" before she is utterly destroyed

  11. From an English Republican, Australia should seek to rid herself of the Monarchy. We feel up here that we cannot function as a quasi-feudal state and have been searching for a long time for the reform to make it happen, which could be one of two ways.

    The first is seeing the gradual break-up of the UK with independence movements between all members, and the second is an outright referendum on the suggestion which was conceived by the late great Tony Benn about creating a truly Federal Commonwealth of Britain. See here for more information –

  12. I think I'd prefer to live in the Republic of Vietnam than the Republic of Australia. Heaps cheaper, pretty girls, beaches, booze, dope, no Muslims…

  13. The Queen and the office of GG have never blocked the passage of any legislation passed by the democratically elected parliament. The interference that occurred in 75 is an example of where that office overstepped its mandate and serves as a warning as to why a partisan presidency must be avoided at all costs. Democracy or Republic – those are the choices. Here's to the truest Democracy in the western world. Cheers c#nts!, and here's to Elizabeth II for allowing us to become that. To put it simply, do you want a non-interference crown or a Trump?

  14. Australia is NOT a Monarch. We have been Sovereign since 1901 when we became states and left the Colonial borders act… VERY important

  15. You mentioned that the Queen hasn’t visited Australia recently. She is getting on a bit, you know.

  16. I'm not a monarchist but will always vote no to a republic. There is no good reason to change. It's all hype and bluster and will just make politicians and the like feel important. Similar to the gay marriage thing. It's all BS.. change is good but not all change. Preferential voting needs to be changef and other important things like more referendums etc…

  17. I still think a lot of Commonwealth citizens would still have a bitter taste in their mouths about seeing “a King Charles” on the legal tender they have to use everyday, so I still think we’ll leave after she’s gone 🗣🗣🗣

  18. 1) our nation to become a republic , will only happened if Britain becomes a republic !!
    2) a republic is the best governing system in the world .
    3) a Democratic kingdom is not the same as a republic .

    Let's be assured that I want what is best for our nation . but if the majority votes against republic then so be it .

  19. Fuck off you traitor . The queen secures all our rights and you filthy fucking scum sucking Republic pedophile run dog shit eating inbreed dogs want to turn our God given right's into privileges . You filthy U N run bunch of sock puppets with U N hands up your asses to control your fucking lying mouth's . Fucking death by hanging for all you scum .

  20. No exchange of power from the people to the dogs we have now ever took place you traitor . The Australia act was defeated and never happened and the filthy shit covered dog cunts have tried to roll it out silently over our true law . Fucking Traitors .

  21. The reason why the people refused the republic in 1999 was due to the government of the day demanding that they elect the president not the people . That is why we are still a monarchy country

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