Is It Time for an Economic Bill of Rights?
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Is It Time for an Economic Bill of Rights?

October 9, 2019

Let’s try the four one seven area code next. Who’s calling today from four one seven Hey, dev is Tyler. Hey Tyler, what’s up? Okay, so this is the 75th anniversary of FTRs 1944
address to Congress on where he introduced the second bill of rights and economic bill
of rights already of course, and June. He called for a 21st century economic bill
of rights. What do you think about the value of having
an actual declaration of economic rights that could be committed to by representatives,
citizens, organizations as a unifying expression of what the democratic party and Democrats
are supposed to stand for? It would be delightful, but it would also
be the type of thing that very rarely actually makes change happen. So that’s my only hesitation. I mean, I love all that stuff. It’s great to put pen to paper and say, this
is what we’re for and this is what we believe in. But at the same time it, you know, show me
exactly how it’ll make change happen and I don’t know if it will. What do you think would be the challenges
in terms of something like that actually making a difference for us? Of course, we have many of these pledges throughout
history. Recently, the sunrise movements with their
no fossil fuel money pledge seems to be having an impact. Some pledges have an impact, many of them
have absolutely no impact. Yeah. Yeah. Idea of tried to have something. Yeah. That’s serves as a straightforward litmus
test. The democratic party in my mind and no way
has resembled FDRs party and no way resembles and Nordic model as social democratic party. Right. And so, so what, you know, what would be the
challenges? Something like this. Well listen, in the end, the declaration needs
to come with controlling the white house, the house of representatives in the Senate. I mean that’s how you’re going to get change. You, you take control, you outline your values
and priorities and then you make it happen and you know, it’s like the, the sad reality
is if the Senate is controlled by Republicans and Democrats sign on and say, this is our
vision. Okay, who cares? And it’s like, I’m not being cynical, I’m
just trying to be a realist here and this is not me saying, Oh, it’s stupid. Online petition culture. Petitions don’t matter. I’m not saying that in any way. I’m just saying there are elements of the
system that we know how it is that you change them and we’ve got to control the white house,
the house of representatives in the Senate in order to make it happen. Right. That makes sense. Not to mention that not all, not all democratic. It’s important. Also, not all Democrats in the house and Senate
are on the same page on every issue. And that’s another obstacle. Yeah. I mean, that’s why I think it would be an
upfront litmus test. You know, like maybe a way of creating great
oppression. I mean, it’s great that Bernie Sanders comes
out with a call for a 21st century bill of rights, but he’s one candidate and it’s one
platform, right? That’s not inviting the American people. It’s not inviting other candidates, other
representatives, Tucson on board. So that was the thought that maybe this would
be a means of getting a lot more pressure on democratic candidates or incumbents to
actually commit to a common expression of what their party is supposed to be about. Yeah. I mean, I, I don’t disagree, but besides the
practical problem, there’s also like, then you get people who want to put in stuff that’s
a little bit loony and then it’s like, then people stay stray away from it and it just
becomes its own problem too. But it’s an interesting idea. I appreciate the call. Okay. Thank you. All right, take care.

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  1. Didn't TYT develop an economic "pledge" for candidates to sign? Their success (or not) may provide some clues to the viability of an economic bill of rights.

  2. If we had the Economic Bill of Rights codified into actual constitutional amendments, think of how much our country would change

  3. FDR, the New Deal, and the unionization of workers across the spectrum of industries is what made America an economic powerhouse. A middle-class that earns and spends. (Aside from being the only major nation left physically intact post-WWII, with no manufacturing competition for ~40 years. That didn't hurt either.) Supply-side fiction and the dream of trickle-down don't work. The middle-class is almost disappeared. Act fast or war will come. All it takes are hungry bellies; unemployed parents.

  4. It was time for when FDR called for it, now that American economy suffers the same ills FDR worked to fix, it's needed more than ever.

  5. From whence do the funds for such an Economic Bill of Rights flow? Let me guess: Tax the shit out of successful individuals and companies. Just because they worked hard to achieve their wealth doesn't give them the right to their wealth. Or does it? Asking for a friend.

  6. Easy to say that you're committed to an "economic Bill of Rights", much harder to hammer out specifics that most reasonable people can agree to.

  7. David, FYI an ad before your video with Mike Huckabee started before this video. obviously I skipped it. I know you have no control over it just thought it was weird.

  8. what would an economic bill of rights look like? the government can't stop you from owning money? the government can't prevent you from making money?
    "the right to make money shall not be infringed"? "The right of the people to be secure in their wealth shall not be infringed without due process of law"?

  9. None of this happens without 67 Science Senators. Anyone beats RUMP! Get to work on electing Senators who believe in SCIENCE!!! Can we get some Thumbs up? Click it!

  10. Its time for a dictatorship democracy does work we need an iron fist. Democrats and Republicans are wrong we need a dictatorship

    Trump isnt a dictator he is just a corrupt president. We need to an emporer

  11. You cannot effect changes OF a corrupt system from within that system.

    And Dave completely ignores the fact that the dems are just as corrupt and owned by big money donors.

    The more I watch, the more I am convinced he is a tool.

  12. That’s a cool idea. I’d be on board for figuring out what that would look like to create more rights for people. And as we’ve seen, we might need more.

  13. sounds upside-down, like it would actually have to be an „economic bill of PRIVILEGES“. You can never have a rightful claim on someone else‘s body, work or money.

  14. Here's the quick answer… No… go out there and work for your own instead of bitching about what others have…

  15. NO, unlike the basic human rights the founding fathers wrote, you do NOT have a basic human right to somebody else’s money. Just like you don’t have the right to steal something from somebody else’s house, you don’t have a right to the money that THEY earned either.

  16. Yes, it's time for something akin to FDR's Economic Bill of Rights.
    In the aftermath of WW2, America oversaw the creation and implementation of the hugely successful European Marshall Plan; time is ripe for a Marshall Plan for Main Street America.

  17. The problem with this is the INSANE amount of nationalization involved. Guaranteed work, housing, food, medical care, education (I'm assuming higher). The only way to support such plans is if the government provides these thing. With the corruption and inefficiency of the government, there's simply zero way any sane person would give up that much power to the feds. There's no way. Would you all give that much power to Trump? Seriously, go deal with the IRS and ask yourself if you want every business to be as awful. Ask any Vet if he'd rather go to a VA hospital or see a private doctor. Look at the problems we face in our farming community thanks to subsidized crops. Look at every other country that's nationalized industry, 9/10 of those countries have the richest people in the world alongside the most destitute. This all sounds wonderful, just like socialism, but you have to consider how power corrupts and how much power the individual gives up to his leaders. No thanks.

  18. You actually fucking said a written statement won’t change things. That’s obvious: people change things. Pussy Liberals don’t change things.,

  19. The point is you create an economic Bill of Rights and anyone who doesn’t agree with it dies. That’s real fucking change.

  20. Republicans did this in the 1990’s if you are upfront about what you believe people know what you stand for and FOLLOW YOU!!
    Bad analysis David!!

  21. Yeah

    Article one
    You have the right to get a fucking job.

    Article two
    If you don’t like your job you have the right to find a new Fucking job.

    Article three
    If you don’t like your job but don’t want to find a new one, you have the right to shut the fuck up.

    The end

  22. No, because the 4th amendment makes it illegal to declare yourself to have the right to the property of others.

  23. You can control the white house, the congress, and the senate once you do a better job of outlining what you stand for.
    It's not elected officials job to take control – the ideas take control of the people, and the people take control. You need to start with the ideas.

  24. It seems to me that a wave of social-democratic candidates unifying over an Economic Bill of Rights would be a huge benefit to transforming the Democratic party and taking the Senate back

  25. Nothing will change until the old generation in control dies out. This probably applies globally. The scary possibility is the next generation will be too brainwashed and carry on the same hard line policies, but I hope not.

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