Is It Time to IMPEACH or ARREST Federal Judges Who BRAZENLY Violate the Constitution? 🤷🏽‍♂️
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Is It Time to IMPEACH or ARREST Federal Judges Who BRAZENLY Violate the Constitution? 🤷🏽‍♂️

September 23, 2019

Loretta lynch famous said is it time to start locking up judges who refuse follow Justice Department guidelines. you can NOT simply lock up a citizen up because he can’t afford to pay fees/penalties/fines Judges must treat defendants as citizens and Not Cashiers. The Constitution says: No man is above the law. Therefore, We need to start locking up judges who violate the Constitution. Deprivations of rights under color of law. Judge Richard J Leon, has a history of denying rights to the most vulnerable members of society We must lock up all judges violate the Constitution Democratic or Republican appointed judges GOP Senate block Obama appointed judges at a record rate now Trump and his bias agenda .. stacking the deck against equality. Why should you be worried? Because these judges have lifetime appointments human beings lives are in their hands and the only way to combat. This injustice start locking up judges who willfully and blatantly violate the Constitution towards the most vulnerable Americans Trump is appointing judges who are openly racist, openly homophobic who is down-right sexist who are willfully ableist Judges who have a history depriving rights. Rights from the weakest members of society Why should you care? Why is this dangerous We already have judges who are unfit to serve judges who are willfully refusing to follow federal rules of procedure. This is called deprivation of rights under color of law. Now There is difference from a judge using their discretion verse Willfully deprivation of rights People run civil court system to enforce rights! to end injustice This is the only court system where people can go to to confirm their constitutional rights like getting paid to work Judge Richard J. Leon denied air traffic controller the right to get paid. He said, “we can not run to the court for political reasons.” getting paid is not a political reason some will argue. Judge Leon’s discretion However, Judge Leon has a history of abusing the weakest members of society Judge Leon has a history of violating his oath of office Judge Leon has a history of being a racist, a classist. abuser of the weak. He is the most overturned judges in history Judge Janet C. Hall Ableist she moved an African American disabled male case 60 miles away from the nearest federal court. where all the litigants are from! This is willful DUE PROCESS SUPPRESSION Moving the case, where all the litigants are in Hartford. Where the City of Hartford employees can testify on my brother behalf are literally steps away from the Hartford District Court. I mean it right next door! It the City of Harford, City of Hartford Employee building, City of Hartford library, The District Court (laughter) It not funny But this is the absurdity poor people have to deal with Despite ALL the litigates and ALL the testimony and ALL the employees and ALL witnesses are in HARTFORD! Move the case to New Haven So I write a reasonable accommodation request for the case to be move back to Hartford
Where are the litigates are from You know it sounds pretty reasonable Don’t you think? Not to her This is what I call in my book Formidable Barrier and guess what? now the case is BRIDGEPORT! It would be laughable if it wasn’t true. we must recognize as Americans that due process suppression though secrecy and indifference

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  1. What is your Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law Story (aka Abuse of Power Story) or #WorkingClassDiscrimination Story?😢🇺🇸

  2. When are Americans going to have the same level of comfort proclaiming 14th Amendment rights as such as their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights? #DueProcess Suppression in Blue State #Connecticut

  3. Let's Be CLEAR, The DC Circuit Court Declared Judge Richard J. Leon "Gross Abuse of Discretion" aka He Violated the Law. 2nd Circuit Court Declared Chief Judge Janet C. Hall Violated the law by acting as defense counsel and not a neutral arbitrator. #OurRightsMatter

  4. Chief Judge Janet Hall has no RIGHT to move a #WorkingClass Americans case 60 miles away from the nearest Federal Court. How is this justice in 2019????????? #WOKE

  5. No Man Is Above the Law! Judges must be prosecuted for violating the Constitution. Just like all other federal employees who have a legal duty to enforce the law.

  6. Judge Jeanne Marie Reynolds is another discusting human being from the Chicago area. Notorious for allowing kids to go to the abusive parent, and ignore the facts from child services and police. Denies fathers their rights and loves to put them in jail if the child support payments are beyound their means.

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