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  1. Homeless drug addicts do not want to get better. Many like the freedom of being homeless.

    I know about addiction and it is not hard to quit cold turkey.

  2. According to a Standford University study it takes seven billionaires to end worldwide hunger and homelessness so tell me the first seven billionaires on Forbes list to get started. Yale University and Harvard University had a similar study and the results was the same.

  3. The same mayor who is stealing the money for more so called rail lines Federal Audit all the books in Los Angeles County start with the MTA

  4. The mayor is a liar. Cleaning up homelessness will not piss off conservative. The homelessness everywhere is pissing off everyone.

  5. time to take action to help.. all of you are subject to sick plagues and homeless ..say what you want its action time..people are going to die and it could be one of you arrogant flat heads who are above it all until it hits your clean up ,give food ,water and hope and right now they need socks and blankets..throw in a sweater or coat..stop hate…build unity..come on lets go..time is running out…

  6. Housing is too expensive!! 😣

    *Some people don't Have "family:" family died or family they do have live in foren places living in worse conditions perhaps
    *People lose their jobs
    *eventually lose their homes
    *Become homeless and struggle to find a job to pay for a 1 bedroom that's around 1,300 not including hygiene, food, clothing, transportation (Ect)
    *Not making excuses but it's reality and it's sad no one wants or chooses to be homeless.
    But the cost of a temporary home is out the door its mind blowing.

  7. I can sleep, piss and shit wherever I want too! That's my god given right fuck you! I'm sick of this shit. Police saying I can and can't do what I want. Smh FREEDOM IS NOT REALLY FREE!!!

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