Is the Constitution a Socialist Manifesto?
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Is the Constitution a Socialist Manifesto?

August 27, 2019

George in Chicago hey George thanks for listening to Chicago’s Progressive Talk, what’s on your mind? Thanks to you and your staff for everything you do. A thought occurred to me, when you had Professor Wolff on. You had let off with talking about how Germany is on the knife edge of a recession or a depression. But it highlights the difference between their system and ours. If they go into an economic downturn and people are put out of work, well they’re taken care of with generous unemployment insurance. They have national health care so nobody has to worry about losing their insurance. They have extensive programs for training and retraining, so you can upgrade your skills. Or get . . Free college education. Free journeyman apprenticeships things like that. Yep. And that you’re paid to get to participate in those things.
Right whereas here as you pointed out numerous times wages and salaries for working people have been staying that are gone down since 1981 Bill Clinton ended welfare as we know it so the people at the bottom of the pyramid Struggle more and more unemployment used to be up to 65 weeks now it’s 26 and We still have to pay enormous amounts of money for health insurance Germany has 12 percent of their GDP for health care and they cover everybody We do 18 percent and lots of people aren’t covered and what we continue to do is reverse Robin Hood we enrich the rich at the cost of the working people and the poor yeah and I just wonder if the Fed had a counterpart organization that was as interested in sustaining the working people Instead of rewarding the bankers that continually put our economy and a pail spin and then get rewarded for it with Subsidies and no prosecution in other words if the money was coming up from the bottom Maybe we wouldn’t have the problems we have yeah well I think a large part of our problem George is is money coming down from the top to extend your metaphor when the Supreme Court 1976 said that billionaires can own politicians and that that’s considered First Amendment free speech and that they can and that they can pour unlimited amounts of money into camp into elections even you know for things like ballot initiatives so they can change the course of American political history that was the beginning of the basically of the collapse of America I mean that led directly to Reagan you know four years later and that led to reaganism which we’ve been living under now for forty some odd years and and and Germany has not gone down that road and you know the UK did where they got Thatcher and we got Reagan and that’s why the United States and the UK are both you Know we’ve seen our middle classes wiped out but the rest of Europe didn’t make that stupid mistake and you know spot on and you just you did a brilliant job of laying Out all the reasons why thank you for that appreciate it David and Stella Koon Washington am I. Santa right David yes they come how you doing there Tom great what’s up pay for it first of all first of all corporate welfare to You know big companies there on the public trough that’s not socialism That’s corporate welfare yeah you’re right one thing cuz it Doesn’t help Society you’re right it’s not socialism what One thing one thing that you know what things that we could all do today is That would you know to me Socialism is economic democracy Well we can do today each of us is go down to a our firmly local credit union open an account and then step number two would be to get down to a bank, where you’ve got your your you know a college your money and Transfer it to your friendly local economic democracy credit union which in that that would keep the money here that would keep the money in your neighborhood instead of ship looking off to Wall Street that now that to me is socialism Yeah, I you know but I mean that’s not the generally Accepted You know notion of socialism but I absolutely get what you’re saying and I knock receipt Yeah, there you go very very well said David Ross far Glee you have no say-so your credit union you vote for years the CEO you vote for the leadership you’re absolutely right well you can even run for Leadership you’re absolutely right I mean, they’re co-ops essentially you know local credit unions and and I participate one I think everybody should get out of the big banks and Get into your credit unions amen Brian and grant Michigan let’s down am6 1688 grant what’s up Hi down, by Brian you would like to see from democracy from socialism mmm-hmm and I’ve got a couple things the main one is I think we have to do the same thing with high-speed Internet that we do with telephones and Electricity in the 30s Tom n oh there’s a lot of us who live out in the middle of nowhere who are stuck with why was he an expensive satellite internet and run wines and and creating an internet infrastructure for the country I think would be a great thing we needed another re a the the You know the the program the the rural electrification administration Is what that was with the the program that that brought telephones to rural America the program the brought electricity that was the REA the the and and then you know we need a an RI a yes I’m with you yeah the other thing I’d love to see is whenever companies soul there goes bankrupt hmm that the Workers get their pensions first before anybody else Yes and that was that was by the way that was the case prior to the Reagan? presidency it used to be that the law was that companies had to book their pensions as as Liabilities in other words if a company had five million bucks in the bank That was pension money that had been taken out of their workers paychecks that money actually was considered to be the property of the workers and If the company went bankrupt they had to give it back to the workers because it was taken out of their paychecks Or even it was matching money you know out of the largesse of the company it was still considered out of their paychecks because it, was in lieu of some other benefits that they would have gotten and So the you know so when a company went belly-up or When it been bankrupt or when it got acquired by another company Whoever it was whatever the situation was those workers had to be paid back first before anybody else got their piece the pie regen changed those rules will Congress change those rules at the request of the Reagan administration to say that pension funds were no longer Liabilities on the books of a company they now were assets So if a company was sitting on, five million dollars in their pension fund and another company bought them yeah they could take that five million dollars and convert it to something other than pensions and and you know we saw that in a big way in the 80s with the with the bankruptcy you know the acquisition by Carl Icahn of TWA One of the things that funded that was he took down the pension the same thing with Eastern Airlines I mean there was just a bunch of these high visibility things where where people where workers lost their pensions and Billionaires took that pension money used it to buy the companies used it to increase their profits and and the workers got screwed Spot on Brian thank thank you very much that was an excellent one Marty in Eugene Oregon hey Marty thanks for listening at 1350 a.m. What’s up Hey, Tom thanks for taking my call I appreciate it I’m surprised I got in them I just my point is that I think we should be embracing a lot more Socialism in our economy after all the Constitution and in my view is a social Socialist manifesto yes and as I mention it’s a general welfare three different times it is socially different time it’s all about We the People and It’s supposed to be doing where it’s supposed to be functioning doing things for us that we can’t do ourselves individually so yep But that’s my point okay amen well said Marty thank you for the call Edie in climbeth Falls Oregon. Hey ed what’s up Thomas I think you’re being unfair with your characterization of do people want free stuff That they want free medical care do they want free dental do they want free I mean they want free everything of course people will Always say yes But the same studies when they do that if they ask the people How about paying for it do you want your taxes to double or triple so you can pay for all that free stuff to people Saying, no we do not want that I think Americans are taxed enough I you know at least Americans who make less than two hundred thousand dollars a year I think they’re paying plenty of taxes or maybe a hundred thousand dollars a year but the people at the high End who are who are paying half the tax rate that that you know the people who work on this show are paying the people at the high end they’re not paying anything close to the taxes they should be paying and the corporation’s in America during the Eisenhower administration fully 1/3 of the federal budget came from corporate taxes now it’s 6% Corporations are walking away with this stuff and creating billionaires in the process those taxes need to go up. 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  1. Is the Constitution a Socialist Manifesto > yes an that's a good thing.
    I hate it when some one says free stuff and no more taxes because it's not free and the rich Need to be taxed more to pay for that so called free stuff..

  2. "we the people" & "communism" share the same derivation/mean the same thing.

    communism, community, communication, communion all share two precepts, "co" & "uni":


    together as one…

    e pluribus unum

    "we the people"

    seems the US founding fathers were a tad ahead of Carl Marx…


  3. The banking part sounds like it should make a difference, with the system from the bottom they actually experience different social issues and struggles, that is quite the difference from the top?

  4. Tyrant does not want to lead a constitutional system of government, he prefers oligarchic, authoritarian, despotic dictatorships, which therefore, are "not democracies".

  5. I mentioned this on another site: The Preamble to the Constitution. "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." That sounds pretty socialist. Notice that the first five points all refer directly to government action and for the sixth you need government.

  6. The declaration of Independence was a socialist manifesto, relying on the strength of the collective signatories to stand together against the tyranny of the crown and the private colonial corporations supported by the king.
    The volunteer military has always been a socialist body, even the Revolutionary Army.
    Otherwise Thomas Jefferson would have jumped in a rowboat, rowed to England, delivered a personal letter to King George, and rowed back home with no more liberty than when he left.
    What libertarians don't understand is that the legal basis for their ideology is the Magna Carta, which only states that certain high ranking nobles of the King's court were granted certain liberties in exchange for their tributes (aka taxation without representation), such as the right to a trial, a trial that would not be recognizable to today's legal system (hence the term King's "court", before that it was just constant infighting between warlords, oaths of loyalty, and then extortion).
    As far as guaranteed pensions, we've fallen so far from the new deal unions fought and died for right here in America it's not even remotely funny. What do you think it will take to get back to that point of worker protections/power?

  7. All workers are just slaves of the Pharaoic elites of the secret societies to generate wealth for them. Democracy is a smoke screen to let the slaves fight among themselves so they don’t revolt against the elite illuminati. They are trying to escape earth before the next global destruction due any day and they know it!!!

  8. Wells Fargo's datacenter burned down yesterday and their "Business" Continuity Plan failed. I guess they're not good at stealing and moving around customers' money either.

  9. Another countermeasure that would be useful would be to combat outsourcing by seizing the asets of the company that wants to move abroad and turn the facilities into a co-op.

  10. It's taken me (age 74 now) until recently to know how we all were carefully taught in our schools that Socialism was bad. I have recently read "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn and chapter by chapter on You Tube read by Andi Burridge. A huge WAKE UP call .

  11. While Reagan did unleash the power of big money which changed American history, money coming from George Soros and the rest of the top 1 percent, most of whom, with the exception of the Koch Brothers, are leftists and fellow travelers, the real change came about in 1913 with the passage of the 16th Amendment which not only established direct taxation on the national level but also allowed for the development of these super-rich liberal foundations like the top three, Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller.

  12. Americans are not looking for a free ride but fairness and justice. The money we pay in taxes to fund illegal and immoral wars should be used for paying for universal healthcare and free education (so all Americans have equal access to economic opportunity and economic success). As it stands, we are taxed without representation and instead of being used for the benefit of the taxed, our taxes are used to enrich the corporate war machine and fund the excessive compensation packages payed to our alleged "representatives' in government.

  13. Bernie needs to impose a billionaire tax on anyone with a net worth of 1 billion dollars or more, gets taxed at 100%. No exceptions & No loopholes!

  14. For its time it actually was/is socialistic ….. remember over 95% of the world was living under a system that had emperors and kings and nobles ruling over everyone else with little social mobility….

  15. The Republican party is a criminal organization. It will remain a criminal organization and execute its criminal acts more openly and with greater frequency until they are stopped. SO STOP THEM!

  16. Thom Hartmann Please cover Eugene Debs on one of your shows in the future!?!?! He is one of Bernie Sanders biggest inspirations!

  17. Of course American constitution is socialism. One early version of socialism, from Europe of 18 century, while it was not called socialism and when by that document is described society of that time, with that economy, that technology and that inherited rules. World changed, improved socially, economically, technologically but American constitution remains the same and even deteriorated by new legislations making him insignificant and repealed in its core and philosophy.

  18. "fight the enemy where they aren't" – the art of war
    Create a socialist company, if one is successful then more will follow. I'm amazed on how little it has been tried.

  19. Short answer: no, not really. Perhaps it may have signaled a shift from Monarchism toward popular government in the history of human progress as being conducive for socialism, but no. Once again, socialism isn't literally ANYTHING a government does.

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