Is Universal Healthcare Really Constitutional? (2019)
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Is Universal Healthcare Really Constitutional? (2019)

January 17, 2020

Brandon in Sorrento Florida. Hey Brandon
what’s up? I thought good to spend on what your guest is talking about I am I
did go for Trump and I and I do obviously have little friends
I find that when we do sit down and have a talk
turn the bank on and I find that a lot of us we actually come to agreements
that we all want the same thing. For example, we all support education. We all
support clean water. but I think where we divide words I think my liberal friends
finally understand is that I don’t agree it’s more so whose responsibility is it
and that’s kind of where we kind of there’s a fork in the road. And I argue
to them I said I vote for someone like Trump so they can nominate you know
Scalia type Supreme Court justices because I don’t feel like education
Authority state right so that’s that’s I think that’s what that’s what the
biggest biggest difference is like for example health care I tell them look I
don’t care if the state of Florida passes health care I you know I don’t
mind people having health care if California wants health care go ahead
and pass health care but it’s not the role of the federal government and
that’s that’s me and once they understand that then we kind of why do
you think it’s not their role as our government Brandon because it’s not one
of the enumerated powers in article one section eight really so government
government cannot spend money the things that government congressman spend money
on is clearly defined in article 1 section 8 of the Constitution and if aid
for example education the Constitution does not give the federal government
that authority health care okay hang on just say article 1 section 8 opens with
Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes duties imposts and excises
to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general will
Fair of the United States and then it ends we’re still article one section
eight to make all laws necessary and proper for carrying into exec into
execution the foregoing powers and all other powers vested in this constitution
the government the United States or any department or officer thereof in other
words it’s not just limited to these 18 items but you know how is the general
welfare of the United States not affected by people being sick
particularly in an era where you have biological terrorism and you’ve got
diseases that can you know it just massively kill people whether it’s a
mutated flu or whether it’s a bola how is general welfare which is in the
enumerated powers Clause of the Constitution that you so love okay how
is that not not fulfilled by having a national health care system so this is
where I think you’re wrong and that is if you’re so basically you’re saying the
general welfare Clause is an open-ended Clause yes I am and if that was that was
the case your enumerated powers would not need to be there you so those
enumerated powers are kind of a they make your logic flawed in a sense you
wouldn’t need them no because it doesn’t say these are the only powers that the
Congress has it doesn’t say that it says the exact opposite and anything else
necessary to protect the general welfare of the people what you have to have is
not you know a constitution you’ve got to have a consensus when the when the
majority of Americans agree that having Social Security is meeting the general
welfare of the people then you have Social Security when the majority of
Americans say no Social Security doesn’t meet the needs of the people then you
don’t have social security okay then so you’re saying Congress has ultimate
discretion or whatever they want to do no I’m saying that the people have
ultimate discretion and if they don’t like what Congress is doing they vote
them out so if Congress wants to enter an American is that constitutional at
that time no that’s that’s specifically prohibited by it well it’s specifically
prohibited by the habeas corpus provision in the Constitution but that’s
but you’re you changing the subject branded I’m saying you know I don’t see
what’s conservative about saying that because it doesn’t say health care in
the Constitution governor can’t do that it doesn’t say that you
have public roads in the constitute well if I guess it you know it says postal
roads in article one section eight but that’s not public roads that’s just
postal roads you know we we collectively pay for fire departments to kit to take
care of our houses why they catch when they catch on fire
why wouldn’t we collectively pay for health care it’ll save us all a fortune
and it’ll make our society healthier what rational person would be opposed to
that Brandon Tom why did they amend the constitution to ban liquor if they could
they could have just done it for the general welfare the public why did they
go with the amendment process that’s a good question I’m guessing because they
didn’t think that they didn’t think that and I know there’s no gotcha here it
says it’s my point my earlier point that you have to have the public’s support
they had to get 2/3 of Congress and three-quarters of the states to say
we’re gonna ban liquor now there was a big crisis and I’m guessing you’re
familiar with this back in the 1920s where the the 10:00 10:30 coffee break
in the morning was actually a whiskey break and a lot of people are dying in
factories and dying afterwards and coming home and beating up their
families and there was a real crisis alcoholism in this country at that point
in time but that’s that that’s got we’ve succeeded in in wandering off field.
Brandon thanks.

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  1. How about asking if it's the moral thing to do, regardless of written law? I thought we went through this with marijuana.

  2. The caller needs to read Article 1 Section 9.
    Interdictions against congressional action are specific and do not match his hallucinations.

  3. And thus the issue, the constitution was not written in an under 200 word vocabulary and is too easily interpreted to meet anyone's agenda.

  4. Yet the GOP wants to sell insurance across state lines and forgets about the interstate commerce clause…even argued against it pertaining to Obama care. Twenty years of brainwashing will do that to you.

  5. More and more jobs aren't paying for healthcare for their employee's. And since that once was the main way Americans got their healthcare? It's time for a new system that DOES give it to everyone. OR ALL Jobs have to be FORCED to give it.

  6. WHY wouldn't any leader of any country WANT ALL of their citizens to be healthy? Unless it would cost them money, lose them money if everyone was. THAT is the reason we don't have National Healthcare. Because many people who are sick & spending a ton of money on healthcare. or paying for virtually useless healthcare. Wouldn't exist!

  7. Chattel slavery was constitutional in 1789, but somehow that was changed. There was no NASA in 1789 either, but the government funds NASA. People like this caller are the reason America has a tough time expanding beyond 18th century ideas on government.

  8. Our government created a website for healthcare that didn't work yet people still want these jokers to overtake our healthcare system

  9. they got the 19th Amendment for an extra layer of protection so that the SCOTUS or a future congress couldn't simply overrule what at the time was the will of the people…

  10. Liberty. Equality. Fraternity. General welfare. Pursuit of happiness.


    And lol at anyone who thinks the constitution card finally needs playing for healthcare. Wars? Nah. Racism? Nah. Corporate welfare or corporate personhood? Nah.

  11. It's interesting when people complain about welfare and taking care of others but then don't realise it is written into their countries principle dociments

  12. Universal healthcare would be far more constitutional than endless foreign wars and the Drug War that this country wastes billions on. Our healthcare and education suck, our taxes should be funding those services.

  13. en anothR 🤔thang that keeps me ta wonder if them libertarians CONservAbuckerZ flim flam GrifferZ and my heart go Zzx out to the dam grifted dumDown trash that constantly attacks your subconscious or conscious Mineset via technology that has reached a danger point of subliminal seduction to the human race or just enough to keep the notion that competition in Healthcare is normal 💲👿🤔 Yes U Just keep looking to see the next class action lawsuit of the stuff that you've been experimenting legally at a high-cost to the lawsuits that nobody can afford or would rather not 🤔either way Butt wait there are class action suits whereas thel More Public it becomes the smaller the share of the spoil after the settlement is made whereas you may be entitled to$78 to your share of ❔ Cuz we are America and we are not socialist SURE 👻 OKAY what are we when we are poor and ILL or 😡😂 unable to work or YeR over age yet U have been paying into it and still somehow we believe there is not enough money 4 Healthcare not insurance but Health Care when you're down to scraping up coins on the couch from quarters 2 now the dimes and nickels along with Penney's to get em rolled up for the bank to turn it into folding money, Now I'm getting sick just thinking about this I've never Met any hard core broke broken down broken spirited people that uphold libertarian mindsets, U may open the door for a lady jusT to be a gentleman out of cultural habit or jusT to watch her walk 👌Bu✍️t you cannot imagine Healthcare in the richest country on the fkN planet? ❔🤔🤔💚&✌️& LOGIC
    . … . NO❔🖤TO💙💚YES. So yeah time has taking on a new chapter a new paradigm minutes rather hours are minutes years aR months and any fears I once maybe had 🤔 Just lookin back?? They seem irrelevant INDEED 🌠 IFN only but ItZ gettin fkN REAL ✍️🎶🎶🎶🎶😇❔❔ not like that anymore No not yeT 😖yeT ,en in debT💲. Yeah" the post office stole it and the mailbox got lost".. DYLAN..✌️

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