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isaMasterClass for Composition & Contemporary Music

October 19, 2019

I have experienced that people who perform contemporary music are very open-minded. To everything. Contemporary music brings great (artistic) freedom which is a beautiful thing for all performers. It is most interesting to receive new ideas and direct input from composers one may think that one plays a certain piece correctly and faithfully however, there are always new impulses and it is a fascinating experience
to work directly with the composers. Of course, contemporary music is very close to all of us. Everything is up to date – the composers, who write the music, are present – one has close contact with them. There is lots of creativity which is a most exciting. Actually, one can hear even more in contemporary music for instance, if sound is in focus,
you also have to listen closely and play spontaneously. Here, I have always been carefully guided through playing a piece. New experiments let us produce new sounds and try out composers’ new concepts at first-hand. Actually, isa offers two courses combined: First, there is a course for composers which is led by Yann Robin Secondly, there is course for instrumentalists where they learn modern playing techniques – either for the first time, which is the first step or students can further perfect their technique. The first thing I had to learn was rhythm and how to count. Playing quintiles, etc. and playing technique equally. All of our tutors are highly specialized and play in well-known ensembles for modern music Each year, we welcome a composer in residence This year, Tristan Murail is joining us. We have many plans and I hope that all this is appreciated and many people will join us.

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