Item Frame Secret Door Tutorial Minecraft Bedrock [Windows 10, XBOX, Console and PE]
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Item Frame Secret Door Tutorial Minecraft Bedrock [Windows 10, XBOX, Console and PE]

September 13, 2019

Alright guys so this in my opinion is
the best hidden door in Minecraft and I’m about to show you why. So if you look
around, there’s no buttons, there’s no switches, there’s no levers, but when I go
over to this item frame and I twist it… boom it opens up into a secret treasure
room and I can hide myself back in here just like that. And I’m gonna show you
how to build it…let’s get started! What’s going on guys and welcome back to
another Kid-A-Loo tutorial! So I got a TON of messages from you guys wanting a
bedrock version of the hidden door, the item frame secret door tutorial so I am
on the bedrock version today and this is going to work on Windows 10 Pocket
Edition and console and we are going to show you how to make this item frame
hidden door…let’s get started! Alright guys so I actually have two designs for
you today so stick around for the whole video I am going to show you two
different designs so depending on your world and depending on what you’re
looking for one or the other of these might be a better fit for you but I’m
going to show you how to build them both right now go ahead and hit that like
button subscribe so you don’t miss any of our tutorials we would love to have
you with us and let’s go ahead and get this build started. Okay guys so just to
show you the functionality of this once again right there and this right side
opens up and then we can walk right through and then turn around and there
is a switch and you can close it behind you okay, so that is this setup and
here’s how it looks and so I’m gonna go ahead and show you how to build it now.
Okay so the first step is, let’s go ahead and build our wall so we are going to
put our bookshelf here, put a bookshelf here and then we’re going to go ahead
and build a wall right here so this is going to be our doorway okay. And what we
want to do is go back here and look one in and two over and we’re going to put a
piston, a sticky piston, right there right there here and here
and then we’re gonna turn this way and put two more sticky pistons just like
that so it is six sticky pistons and then we are going to put our bookshelf
right there so that is what’s going to get pushed. So as soon as we put the
redstone to that it’s going to push it over and down and then it’ll be flush
just like it is right over there okay. So that is step one, now step two is where
we go around behind and start to add in the redstone okay so we are going to put
some redstone here we’re gonna put a block here and here and here and a
temporary block here and here and a block here and then we can go ahead and
build our wall up right here across. So this is the set up and now what we
are going to do is we’re going to go ahead and put a comparator right here so
this is going to be the magic that makes this item frame switch work, we’re gonna
put a comparator so two toward me and the one pointing out so the arrow
pointing out and then we’re gonna put our redstone to attach that bottom bit
right there so redstone, redstone, redstone, redstone okay now that is all
connected up and looking really really good! Okay now the next step is to add a temporary block here and a piece of
glass there now the good thing about glass in the bedrock version is that it
doesn’t interfere with the redstone so we can actually use that here and we’re
gonna jump over to this side we’re gonna put another solid block there and then
we’re going to put another piece of glass right here okay. So the next thing
we’re gonna do is put another piece of redstone on this glass so we’re gonna
put redstone here then we’re going to go here we’re going to turn around and then
this is where our repeater is going to go. So let’s get a repeater, we will face
this way put it here to one tick and then we will add some more redstone here
and then the easy part redstone here and then we will drop down and put some more
blocks here and here and then add our redstone there
and there and voila that should all be connected both top and bottom and then
step three all we need to do is go ahead and make our switch. So let’s take an
item frame we’ll put it here we’ll put a sword in there and then let’s go ahead
and see if this works. All right guys so you can see it is closed and then when
we flip this around it opens up and that is design number one okay. So obviously
you can clean this up a bit you can add some other item frames but before you
leave the next design is actually my favorite design so when you walk through
on this design you still see all of this redstone so if you want a design that
will actually hide this and look a little bit cleaner I have another design
that I want to show you that is really my favorite. Okay so this is design
number two and I hope you guys stuck around for this because this is the
design that I actually used in the example at the start of the video. You
can see the item frame here with the sword is the one that we want to use and
as you go in here you can see it’s totally clean so you can see the pistons
right there but other than that this is a really clean design and then the
switch on the back that will close it behind you. Alright guys so first step we
are going to go ahead and build our walls again and one thing that I do
really like about this design is it feels to me like it’s a little more in
line so the door is in the middle you know it just feels like everything is a
little more in line. It does use a little bit more redstone an extra repeater but
I think it is well worth it. So first we’re going to build our walls and then
we’re going to do the same thing as before so we’re going to look at this
right here and we’re going to put down our sticky pistons there and there
double them up and then put another sticky piston facing that way and then
more books here and here so those will push forward. Okay so that is step one. Now the next thing we want to do for this design is we want to go ahead over
here and put a couple blocks down so blocks here and here
and then we are going to actually dig this out and put blocks here and here. Okay and then we are going to dig these blocks out right here so two four six
blocks out right there and we are actually going to dig these six blocks
down two deep like that and then we’re gonna put more blocks underneath just
like that okay so we’ve got you know the two here the two here down three this
way and then one over okay and that is going to set us up to power these
pistons all the way across the bottom where we need it. Okay, so the next
thing we want to do is go ahead and put our redstone repeater into that block
right there and we’re going to set that to three ticks and then we are going to
put some redstone here and here some redstone here some redstone here we’re
gonna put another repeater right here okay and then we are gonna put some more
redstone here and some more redstone here. Okay and that is step 2. Now step 3
all we need to do is go ahead and build up and power these top pistons okay so
in bedrock you have to power the top and bottom pistons. In the Java edition we
really only have to power from the top and it connects both so we’ll put a
temporary block right there we will put some glass right there and then we can
go ahead and break that one okay and then we will put another temporary block
there and just kind of build up and we’ll do that one more time and we can
knock those out. So then now all we have to do is
redstone up our little hill here so top of the glass top of these blocks okay so
now we come on this side and we are going to go ahead and build this out. So
put another block there put a block there we are going to put a block
here and here and I am going to put a temporary block there one there and one
right here okay so that is going to get us set up for what we need to do. So
now this is where we’re going to add our comparator so we will go back to the
comparator we will put that in just like that we will add some redstone here here
and here and we are going to add another piece of redstone right there okay so
now that should be all the pistons connected both top and bottom. So the
last thing that we need to do on this we can finish this wall off over here so it
looks complete and we can add some side walls here if you like and we really
just need to add our item frames in now. So let’s go ahead and add the item frame
here here and here and the one that is powered is obviously
this left one so we’ll go ahead and put our sword there and let’s see if this
works! All right so there it is so that is
pushed back you can see it’s all flush and even and nice and then if we want to
open this, boom there you go so now as you walk through here you can fill in
these gaps with whatever block you want, you can take this out as far as you want
and then on the backside of this block is where we want to go ahead and put a
lever so that you can, as you recall, shut it behind you. Okay so just put your
lever right on this block right here and then this design is all built so let me
give you an overview of that once again so you can see it from the top if you’re
making this step-by-step you can check to see that it matches up. So this really
is to me the very best piston door design. Alright guys so we are
back in our room so I wanted to show you guys the finished product and how this
looks once we have it all done and built out. Obviously you can build your walls
you can build additional bookshelves you can really make this look like a real
room and then boom you open this up and you can have a secret treasure room in
here. We’ll look behind us and there’s our
switch so you can close it behind you nobody will know that you’re in here you
can decorate this however you want so this is really an awesome, awesome my
favorite secret hidden item frame door that you can use in bedrock edition so
that includes Pocket Edition, that includes the console versions and that
includes the Windows 10 edition version as well. Alright guys so I hope that was
helpful to you, please leave a like if you plan on using this design and
subscribe to the channel – I would hate for you to miss out and any more cool
tutorials plus we would love to have your support we hope this bedrock
tutorial helped you out. If you love the secret item frame hidden door design I
would love to hear about it in the comments if you plan on using this in
your world please let us know below and otherwise we will see you guys on the
next tutorial video bye!!!

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  1. This item frame hidden 1×2 piston door should work on all versions of the bedrock edition of Minecraft. If you are playing on the java edition of Minecraft then I have that tutorial for you here: Thank you for watching and subscribing!

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    lol Wild raided your channel from her live stream. πŸ™‚ I'm not sure who else will comment. πŸ™‚

  3. #FNANationRAID πŸ’™
    Congrats on 2k!! πŸ€—πŸ’šπŸŽ‰

    I have to try this when I can. My nieces been trying to figure out how to make a secret room in Bedrock and I can never get it to work. This is so cool!

  4. Hm, sorry but what is the bedrock version? I'm on ps3 and I can't place redstone on the glass. I haven't started working on this yet but I'm sure I can make a workaround, though I was just curious about the platforms this works on.

  5. You are amazing with the tutorials and the redstone!!! WOW!!! This is GREAT! No wonder so many people wanted you to do this.
    Wha-la <– technical term, right? πŸ˜œπŸ˜„

  6. thank you so much i've been for hours trying to figure it out for my self then i gave up and went to good old YOUTUBE and here we are, Thanks once again

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