It’s time to hold the banks accountable
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It’s time to hold the banks accountable

September 24, 2019

Giulia: I was a victim of fraud. $10million in my name. The lawyer I had basically said “you’re never
going to beat a bank, you have to pay”. So I tried to take my own life. Rainer: My
wife was dying of cancer, the bank, providing us with additional hardship assistance, then
they demanded payment of that. They were continually ringing my wife, she
was really sick, I kept asking them not to call her. They became quite aggressive and threatening. Elizabeth: Our new business banker tried to
bully us into refinancing all our loans, without a reason why. Paul: We didn’t sign it, that’s when they
got nasty. Elizabeth: Tried to repossess the car. Paul: Devalued our houses, all our redraw
went overnight, they put a stop on all our accounts. It’s just disgusting, the behaviour of these
banks and what they’ve done.

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  1. this guy is so full of SHIT, We are loseing out identity to islam with the help of the media who are the enemies of the people The Greens are a total BASKET-CASE and there is nothing honourable about shorten and labor

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