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Ivan Pernar in Croatian Parliament – Parliament is The Puppet Show

February 2, 2020

Thank you Chairman, thank you distinguished
ladies and gentlemen, colleague representatives. First of all, I would like to say that the
basic European value is democracy. After politicians return from Bruxelles,
the place where they allegedly, let’s assume from what
the TV is telling us, freedom of speech and democracy are
valued, it surprises me that in this House the Chairman has been interrupting me in my
speech, that is in reply that was very short – only two minutes –
solely because he didn’t like what I was saying. If this Parliament is not the place
where representatives are free to express their opinion
which, let’s say, opposes the American
propaganda, than say so. If you are bothered by what Pernar says,
because he takes issue with what America did in the Middle East, OK, just say:
“Pernar, you are not allowed to speak.” If you are bothered by my opinion on the
issue who is to blame for the refugee crisis, say: “Mr. Pernar,
you have no right to speak, I forbid you, you are
barred from speaking.” However, it is a farce in making,
meaning, it is supposedly required for representatives to
be more active. We will use fines from now on
to make representatives come here, that’s the plan from MOST. But, on the other hand,
when I expressed my opinion, that is a reply to Mr. Plenković,
then the President of Parliament, who proposed these laws in the name of MOST,
he switched off my microphone two times. Are we mannequins,
ie. is it expected from me to act as a mannequin
and keep quiet? What’s the point for me to come
to these sessions if I’m not allowed to speak my mind? So, first and foremost it is my
opinion that representatives have to be allowed to speak freely and express their
minds because I’m not here for myself, I’m here in the name of my voters
who elected me to represent opinions and views which are
as follows on this matter. Gentlemen from HDZ, please don’t
disrupt my presentation, thank you. Distinguished colleagues, please allow…
Please allow Mr. Pernar to finish his presentation, and Mr. Pernar,
I hope you are going to move on to the topic soon, you’ve had enough
introduction, thank you very much. Thank You Chairman. Gentlemen from HDZ always do laugh,
but the situation in our country is not funny at all, that’s all I have to say. People are digging through the garbage,
queues in front of soup kitchens are long, but you just keep sneering. Please stop that practice and
be respectful, thank you. I would like to say that the complete
policy we currently practice towards Russia is wrong. Soldiers that are being sent, ie. the sending
of soldiers to Russian border that is being planned, and even increasing the number
of soldiers who are there, I consider to be incitement,
or provocation. You yourselves know how much NATO has
spread to the east in the last 20 years, but Russia hasn’t been
spreading to the west. After the actions of NATO we saw
the aftermath of that politics, and the main was refugee crisis. So, we are dealing with the
consequences all the time here. Turkey is guilty because, allegedly,
hasn’t retained the refugees. We are guilty because we haven’t
accommodated a certain number of them. However, those who created refugees, who created this refugee crisis – and
we know who that is: it’s USA, American government
with its foreign policy – they are taking the least refugees. But then we are constantly being imposed
liability, you have to do this, you have to do that, all kinds of quota are being given
to us etc., but in this House there is no discussion about Croatian foreign policy
at all, which, if we really decide, and it is said all the time that
we co-decide in NATO, although it’s a lie in my opinion – we
are only obedients and servants there – if we do co-decide there, then we are
co-responsible for what is happening. However, here we have
a situation where the causes of the problem are being
completely ignored. And it goes like that for years. We have, I don’t know, 350 thousand
citizens with frozen accounts, but we are dealing with the question
how to foreclose on their property and by what method
to freeze their accounts, or by which technique
to evict them, but nobody raises the question why
is it not possible to settle claims, why is there kuna illiquidity,
there is no talk about that. When Pernar mentions that the policy
of the National Bank is to blame, then goes the yawning and sneering,
but until when? It is not funny to our people. I know that when I speak here,
that many of you, you would most preferably have
me removed from this rostrum because you are
bothered by what I speak. But to the people, let’s say to Libyan
people, whose country was turned into hell, whose heads are being cut off, from where
originates refugee crisis never seen before, to them it is not funny nor do they find it
irrelevant what kind of policy Croatia is practicing toward their country. The same is with the people in Iraq who
too were the victims of US policy which brought about disunion of
country, sectarian conflicts, and ultimately, the
emergence of Islamic State. Also, when we talk about terrorism,
and terrorism is important thing, ie. important subject
for discussion, you all know that America is the
one who brought Taliban to power. Why is it not allowed to
talk about that truth here? When US officials
admit in front of cameras: “Yes, we created ISIL,
yes, we armed them, yes we financed them to
remove Syrian Government”, then why not say it openly:
“We support terrorism”? No, the story will go like:
“We are fighting against terrorism”, and while on one hand we supposedly
fight against terrorism, on the other hand we send
weapons to this same people. Croatian foreign policy,
as well as American, reminds me of the book Dr. Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde by Louis Stevenson. In it a respectable citizen by day,
becomes a monster by night. Unfortunately, the policy of our
Governement is just like that. On one hand we fight for
the poor, on the other we push the people into poverty. On one hand they talk about
patriotism and national interests, on the other hand they sell our countries’
sovereignty and rid it of its freedom. My dear colleagues,
if we are not allowed to decide and express our
opinions in this House, then what do we have here? Do we have our country at all? If we have to go to consultation before each
and every decision we are about to make and if our decisions depend on will
of those we are consulting with, then do citizens really decide by a
direct election of their representatives or somebody else
decides instead? Do we have democracy at all then? Is that democracy? I think not. I want to say that the sanctions to
Russia are imposed on us. In Bruxelles they say ‘you have
to impose sanctions on Russia’. What benefits does Croatia
get from these sanctions? And for this servile Government, servile
before Bruxelles and Washington, whatever USA says, it does. It acts in an undignified manner. The man who is free and
independent personality structure wouldn’t allow that to himself. It’s the same thing when diplomat
was banished from Russian embassy. There comes a directive
from U.S. Government: “You have to banish somebody
from the Russian embassy”, and then some random
person gets chosen. Through no fault of his own, the man
gets banished, gets declared to be a spy, just like our colleague Beus
Richembergh proclaimed me to be the Russian spy not long ago, only
because I do express my opinion, because i think that Croatia, instead
of having prominent pro-American policy, should conduct its own
policy in its interest. And Croatian policy,
that is Croatian interest, must not be the creation of refugees. And we know who are the ones
who are creating refugees… And as long as the USA
continues with its wars… If there was a situation where
USA said: “In Iran there is”, lets say, “hostile regime, it has
to be removed”, a war against Iran
could happen next day. And then what?
Lines of refugees again. And what happens then? While we would provide for refugees,
US would continue to send the weapons. The USA simply potentiates the crisis,
potentiates the conflict, potentiates war, blood and violence, and for one reason
only: to control world resources, to control oil. The USA doesn’t go to Iraq
because it wants the Iraqis or, I don’t know, Libyans
to have democracy. These are fairy tales
for small children. Our Prime Minister instead of speaking
publicly and openly in Bruxelles, we are like parrots: They say: “Impose the sanctions
on Russia”, Plenković is going to say: “We are imposing
the sanctions on Russia.” If Bruxelles said: “Send your
troops to Russian border”, we would say: “We are sending
our troops to Russian border”. If that’s the attribute of
sovereign state, then I don’t know… Our policy looks to me more like
the policy of NDH from 1941 to 1945 when directives were coming from Berlin
and when we did at every whim of… Eg. Berlin said: “We proclaim
war to Soviet Union”, Pavelić said: “We proclaim
war to Soviet Union”. Berlin said: “We are sending
the troops to Russian border”, Pavelić said: “We are sending
the troops to Russian border”. What is it we are talking about
ladies and gentlemen? Are we sovereign state, I asked that question when
we discussed the Election Law. We are now talking about Election Law changes,
who will be permitted to stand as a candidate, and who will not, and I answered that
it’s absolutely all the same who’s gonna run for Parliament
and who’s gonna be elected if those elected are not going
to be the ones who make decisions. It makes me sad that for 20 years now
this is the subject no one touches. Parliaments have been changing, that is
convocations of Parliament and representatives, but nobody has been speaking
about that serious issue. Why is that so? Have we become
good servants? When I talked to Academician Stjepan
Zdunić, ie. Ph.D. and former director of Institute
of Economics, I think, he said to me: “Well Ivan, we have
always been in a vassal relationship.” – it was when I told him about the problem
of our country being controlled from the outside. However, here is
the issue: our country is in vassal
relationship, it’s a slave, it doesn’t have its monetary
policy in its interest, nor foreign policy,
nor tariff policy, meaning, not one aspect of our
politics is actually in our interest, and in Parliament we are expected
to make country have good results. And one more thing, for this
catastrophic economic situation, and I explained that we have this economic
policy imposed on us from outside, our voters are going to blame us. They will say: “You guys from Parliament are
to blame because you made these decisions, you are to blame because here
we have a currency clause, you are to blame for the fact
that we must take refugees or because you don’t know how
to deal with that refugee crisis.” But are we really to blame? Are we The Parliamentarians those
who have been making decisions that have led to problems? Maybe yes on paper. Maybe, dear colleagues, some of you
have raised your hands for these decisions but the question is have you been merely
a puppets on strings in those moments or have you truly been expressing your will? That’s serious problem. Is this The Muppet Show? Are we puppets here or are we
humans who have their dignity, sense of self-esteem? Self-esteem, ladies and gentlemen! You are representatives in Parliament, you are
the ones deciding the fate of our country! You cannot let somebody else,
who has never gone to polls in Croatia, whom we don’t know, to decide whether or not the state
assets are going to be privatized in Croatia, whether or not 20 thousand people
are going to be fired, whether outsourcing will happen, whether our highways will be privatized, whether the Labor Law is about
to be changed. How can it happen you are not
the ones who are deciding on that? And I’m sorry that the Prime Minister
Plenković does not use his time in Bruxelles to stand up more for Croatian interests,
but he comes here just to pass a message about what
he was told there. Mr. Plenković if in EU,
in Bruxelles, you don’t decide on anything, if you are
coming here just to inform us, if you cannot fight for
anything in our interest, what’s the point in
going there? Then we can simply abolish
Parliament and bring here a regent from EU just like they
once tried to do in Greece. Well, yes, have them send somebody of
their own, similar to High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, let him go
to Ban’s Court, and we can all go home. Otherwise all of this is a farce. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a farce. Thank you. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. Know that vast numbers of the American public is working very hard to over-throw the globalist slime which has infested our nation. If we can overcome the expected election fraud and get Mr. Trump in office, there should be some really good changes happen fairly quickly. Hopefully, Trump winning will set off a complete collapse of the power of the globalist elites; and, return to world wide sovereignty.

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