Jacinda Ardern hails New Zealand zero-carbon law: ‘On the right side of history’
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Jacinda Ardern hails New Zealand zero-carbon law: ‘On the right side of history’

November 16, 2019

We’re here because our world is warming.
Undeniably it is warming. And I’m proud at least that, 10 years on
from when I first sat right over there, we’re no longer having the debate
over whether or not that is the case, we’re merely debating what it is
we do about it. Climate change is the biggest
challenge of our time and for us here in Aotearoa,
New Zealand, that means for this generation this is
our nuclear moment. And so today, if we are to truly reflect
that that is what this means for us, we have to start moving beyond targets,
we have to start moving beyond aspiration, we have to start moving beyond
statements of hope and deliver signs of action. And that is what this government
is doing and proudly so. Thank you National for supporting
this bill. We have to be unified in the fight
against climate change. We have to move together. There will be areas where we
don’t always agree and in one area it will probably
be pace of change. But we will keep pushing,
doing everything we can to bring you with us. But, madam chair, today we have
made a choice that I am proud of, that will leave a legacy
and that I hope means the next generation will see
that we in New Zealand were on the right side
of history. [Applause/cheering]

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  1. People who say about being on the 'right side of history' have something to hide, in this case it's most likely the back handers she'll be getting

  2. Some might argue that New Zealand is a small country and that its government actions are not mitigating the effect of climate change, and it is indeed true, but the effects are passing to the world where New Zealand will be an exemple of how climate change can be fought without diminishing the economy's growth in a substantial way, therefore other countries will follow through, it is like the LGBT community rights where the laws began in Netherland and Canada and then were adopted rapidly by surrounding countries.

  3. Ardern says New Zealand on 'right side of history' as MPs pass zero-carbon bill ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/07/ardern-says-new-zealand-on-right-side-of-history-as-mps-pass-zero-carbon-bill

  4. Big oil and Big military are polluting, Citizens of the world use a drop in the ocean compared to BP and the US Military.. We need to get rid of those two and we wont have a problem.

  5. Miss Horse must go….she got no cooking clue how to run a country.none of her election promisses came true and now she try to play scientist…come on Miss Horse…pack your bags and go….you are a disgrace to this nation because your heart is somewhere else…NOT in New Zealand !!!

  6. Wait until they start taxing you for your carbon footprint because that's what this is all about. This whole "global warming" isn't about helping the environment, it's about money. Wake up people!

  7. Seasons are cyclical; sometimes it's warmer, sometimes it colder.
    Enacting environmental policies based on junk "science" is as damaging as implementing Socialism in a Free Market nation.

    This is about taxes and population control. The fallacy that by reducing "plant food" a nation will create a more hospitable environment is ludicrous. Increased CO2 & Seasonal warming equates to plant growth and produce abundance. When a government official tries to impose or does impose policies that pretend omnipotence, they need to be impeached/removed from office.

  8. lol, makes no difference what N.Z does with a population of 0.0006493 of the world. 1 volcano will emit more than your whole country does in the next 220 years. Jacinda, how you going to plug those volcanic gasses? We could just ask Michael Petterson, Auckland University of Technology. But nah Jacinta is on her world domination doctrine, How Dare You is all we hear.

  9. Climate is changing, the political one, these con-artists are pulling out the NWO card in the guise of global climate change, we're not fooled!

  10. i am sick of New zealand and this woman, all as she ever dose is shoot off her mouth saying things that is either worthless or is being done already like she knows all about it, instead of stupid little island now it is even small er stupid little island that knows everything

  11. I tip my hat to you New Zealand, Especially for the bipartisan way this was done. Other countries should learn from this.

  12. How anyone finds people like this remotely sincere or impressive is beyond me.

    Climate change is definitely a problem, but it's far from the only problem.

    Overpopulation, industrial and agricultural pollution and identity politics are just as pressing, if not more so.

  13. "The oil industry generates 75-87 TRILLION dollars annually… that's just oil."

    "The annual operating cost per household of coal/natural gas is $85-$200 whereas for solar/wind energy is $30-$40 – which means that you will overall save money in the long-term (despite the cost of installment to your home, in the case of solar panels)."

    "A May 2012 study by Synapse Energy Economics found that adding wind energy in the U.S. Midwest would save consumers between $65 and $200 per year. "

    "If the climate change movement is about money and power, the powerful rich men of the world would have listened 30 years ago to the 97% of climate change scientists who agree that it is man-made. "

    Boomers in the comment section: angry minion meme noises

  14. She just jumps on the bandwagon issues making out she’s a leader, but she doesn’t realise shes just a sheep.
    She’s no leader at all.

  15. A huge step forward! Bravo Mrs. Ardern! You are the best PM! I wish there could be leaders in the world just like you

  16. Will that calculation for zero carbon include no domestic or imported products that produce carbon during its manufacture and zero carbon for airplanes and ferry boats landing in New Zealand. No carbon emitting transportation vehicles. 2050 is thirty years away. What steps now is New Zealand taking to develop alternative of carbon zero transportation, manufacturing, mining and energy.


  18. Goodbye New Zealand. I will be writing to my local member to insist that none of you should be allowed in oz any longer. You left wing scumbags will be eating each other shortly and I have no intention of letting you jump ship from the soon to be mad max he’ll hole you are creating.

  19. Agenda 21/2030 just got fast tracked. Ardern sacrificed NZ for her own career. Ardern is worming her way into HRC's circle. Ardern is friends with Bill Gates and they are both pushing the vaccination agenda. Done nothing for the working poor. As George Carlin (RIP) once said, "The planet is fine, the people are f'd".

  20. does any one hate this woman i am Syrian so far from her country and i proud that the earth has women like u i wish we can borrow her for a year or so

  21. for me she is the most beautiful woman or i should say person on the earth i dont know why i should be so proud or happy just to see her talking bravely honestly truly even i am Syrian

  22. She is hell bent on creating a socialist hell-hole and destroy the country. Just like other left wing wrecking ball parties around the world she is sheltered/propped by the complicit media.

  23. First she did the gun grab then free speech and now the land grab. Ardern is checking all the agenda 21/2030 boxes. Shane Jones is a has-been and should not have been allowed back in. Farmers are being kicked off the land as Ardern destroys another industry just to make the commies in the Green party happy.

  24. You have to remember these are extremely hard times with the cost of rent and bills. I am currently on a supported living payment benefit for schizophrenia and a screwed back which was passed down through the blood lines. I am on $408 a week. $350 rent $40 power, $5 water. I am left with $13 a week for dr/nurses bills ($18.50 dr's $14.00 nursers) For prescriptions, gas and food.

    $13 dollars is what i am left with.

    To pay for all that.

    If i do any computer tech work i have to declare it. If i earn $50 for working i declare it and $50 comes off my benefit. I am still left with $13.00 a week for everything….

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