Jacob Zuma Responds To “State Capture” In Parliament
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Jacob Zuma Responds To “State Capture” In Parliament

November 23, 2019

Thank You speaker um Mr. Zuma its November 2017 more than 18 months since you first learned from the Public Protector that There were serious allegations of what is now called state capture and we’ve seen their attempted to challenge and in a court to stop from being published and By all accounts is the executive manager of government you have done nothing in respectable revelations of corruption and capture Now of trying to make my question as simple as possible for you to understand it Mr. President. Mr. Zuma… Do you think as the president of a? Republic of South Africa this country that it would be in your best interest and in the best interest of a country that You appoint the independent commission to investigate The revelations of corruption and state capture as a matter of urgency. Thank you The Honorable, the President. Thank you, err… madam err… Speaker I Have said in a number of occasions that I am ready to establish a commission of inquiry judicial one The problem that we have faced is that You had the Public Protector Investigating and producing a report which is called capture report Or state capture report or whatever you call it correctly once that report was given I Then said the remedial action of the Public Protector was Unconstitutional that I have to undertake and I took the report for the review So I’ve never said and did nothing I took action to review the report isn’t that matter was heard and you were waiting for the judgment What in terms of the law as I know in this country that if the matter is in court? same matter State kept a report I couldn’t establish a commission of the same thing you can’t lawyers say it is a matter that is sub Judical Right? Now You want me to break the law whilst the matters being handled in courts I establish another parallel process also indicated to do that earlier than anything else and I’m ready after the judgment. I am going to establish it immediately There’s no doubt about it all these issues that people talk about they’re going to go to that commission so will prove the liars and the truth It is coming my dear. Don’t worry. It is coming thank you very much madam Speaker. The one Honorable Hlowama Honorable speaker cannot protect me you You are well protected honorable Hlowama… We are only 2 in this Nationalism Assembly Honorable speaker… Honorable president… You are truly a disciple of deception I’m convinced today that your presidency is equal to walk of shame You know that your family has made section world their pilgrimage Honorable president I truly believe that you need a rehabilitation of conscience Give us the real reason why you have put our country to auction Why do you have why do you engineer a state-owned enterprises to profit your family and friends? I know honorable honorable president that your words lack honor and that always saturated with false hoods But when are you going to put on a part of your country and its people first before self-enrichment? There’s a point of order? Horonable Radebe, what’s your point of order? I’m rising on rule 85 the member is casting aspersions on the character of the President Honourable Hlowama you know how to… Channel the issues that you are raising that I referred to as casting aspersions. You know the correct thing to do, and I wish you to desist yes and to Proceed to channel those issues if you have them honorable speaker Our sitting president is even affect. I don’t know what aspersion is he talking about honorable Hlowama But I’ve answered my que… honorable Hlowama Can you withdraw the statements you made before you go to this point where you are about to ask a question. Okay Honorable speaker I will withdraw that one, my question is honorable president when I’m going to put our country first before self-enrichment Honorable Hlowama. If you are going to say a Sitting president is guilty of self enrichment then you must please submit That allegation in the correct way meet it But you cannot let me think that it can stand in the house as a valid question Honorable speaker you see our problem is that we are actually saving him. We don’t even want to tell him in his face honorable Hlowama He is messing our controller speaker And we are tired of using proverbs honorable so Amma. I’m not recognizing that as a valid question, and I proceed to Allow the Honorable Africa. I’m one I’m allowing honorable Sheikh Imam to ask the next Supplementary question… Honorable speaker Thank You honorable speaker Mr. President… honorable speaker No, honorable Cater. I don’t know on what you are rising, but otherwise I will… honorable speaker What are you rising on honarable Cater? Honorable Hlowama’s question is a valid question. Honorable Cater, please take your seats. You’ve asked your question the president has answered. But he’s asked a valid question… We are proceeding with supplementary questions, and I don’t want to have this engagement with you on the floor, but Horrible speaker it was a valid question… Please take a seat honorable Cater Thank you madam Speaker Mr. President We are a lot about state capture… Now what we don’t hear about is that just prior to the 1994 elections Many companies in South Africa and from abroad were given contracts for 30 and 40 years Is this going to be part of that investigation to see whether that was in order and clearly that was to benefit a few? Thank you. The Honorable the president Thank You honorable Speaker, the Commission That’s going to be established Is going to… they point fingers to other that their product the truth will be found? if There are people, and they are Who have come to say? Corruption started long before 1994 on the Wealth of the state on the properties of the state, so those who are calling for it are going to regret. It’s going to investigate. Corruption in the country as long as the citizens are able to say this is what we would want to be investigated that commission that Judicial Commission will investigate Thank you madam Speaker The Honorable my Mabasa Honorable president Seem that you are going to appoint a mental Commission to conduct an inquiry when the Judicial Commission is Competent to do to execute the inquiry The Honorable the president Thank you, err… Honorable speaker as I’ve just explained when I was answering the question that There was an investigation done by the Public Protector and Produced a report state capture report and that report I felt There were aspects that were unconstitutional and I took god to review So this matter has been in the hands of the courts Now that is what made me not to establish another Commission on the same issues Although I wanted to do so in fact at one point I thought I would do so but the legal people said you can’t do it because the matter is sub-Judy care now Fact that Parliament as a different arm of the state. Takes a process. I don’t know what I don’t know Parliament. Has its own time To take its own decisions to whatever it does but I think it is always important to remember the separation of powers Particularly if the matter is being handled by another Arm of the state I Don’t know and so my impression of that Parliament discussed Logically felt it should do this. I am NOT. Am NOT a judge to judge if Parliament, which one which was In the hands of the protector would be no longer there So would be dealing with one commission if Pete have another commission have another inquiry That is up to those who do it It’s not my call. Thank you. You

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    Sadly, for them it’s a real life and their President.
    I can imagine switching Jacob Zuma for Joffrey would be a big step forward for the nation.

  3. Thank you honourable speaker for defending my lies, i love you baleka u always defend me ZUMA, zuma said so..

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