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  1. Jagmeet does what he does best, he Singh's when told to.
    He answer ! How high do you want me to sing…. or speak…
    Try reading Canada's charter of right's and liberty and put them in application. If you can…

  2. No worry, be happy.
    What will be left for you to do, once Canada provinces separated..
    Nothing, find yourself a new job…

  3. Liberals and NDP spending our money? Hahaha Your children will be paying for it. Lol
    Loses 15 seats and still thinks he has power

  4. How do you plan on paying for all your plan lol. Your going to have to build pipelines in Alberta if you want to even attempt the amount of debt your party plans on putting Canadians in. People are afraid of conservatives lol your NDP cabinet are a bunch of Socialists you want hard working people to pay and let lazy people reap the benefits.

  5. Coles notes somebody? I don't have 30 minutes to waste & hear about how he plans to fuck up the country.

  6.…/toronto #Toronto

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    Canadian Banking System Exposed /// Bill Abram


    A lire……La charte Canadienne des droits et libertés….
    Please read … The charter of rights and liberty of Canada….

  9. Hope Springs eternal in a democracy, Unfortunately for the minority population provinces with no equality it is Eternally hopeless. Without an Equal Senate to counter the HOC Mob Rule & a Representative Unifying Electoral system. WexitAlberta

  10. Oh darn. He lost me when he "corrected" himself from saying " a woman has the right to choose" to "a person has the right to choose".
    Uterus=woman. Sorry, dude, I'm choosing reality.

  11. Fix our primary healthcare system instead of implementing pharmacare and dentalcare. We still wait months to get procedures done and YEARS on wait lists to find new doctors. We do not all agree with his platform.

  12. Get out jag you are a disgrace to or country get out now shame on you canadien ppl as to wake up to this we need to take back or country guys let's all stand for or rights

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