Japan releases documents to back its stance that 1965 treaty settles compensation issue
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Japan releases documents to back its stance that 1965 treaty settles compensation issue

November 28, 2019

Japan has released a pair of documents
purportedly backing its claims that it’s 1965 treaty with South Korea completely
settles the issue of compensation for wartime forced labor
the South Korean government however flatly denied Japan’s claims our
packagin has more the Japanese Foreign Ministry has revealed partial records of
negotiations leading up to the 1965 treaty normalizing relations between
South Korea and Japan on Monday it released the correspondence to documents
from the working of negotiations that took place on May 10th 1961 they
indicate that South Korea demanded compensation from Japan for people who
suffered mental and physical pain caused by forced labor under Japan’s colonial
rule they also showed that the South Korean delegation demanded compensation
at the national level after which payments will be distributed according
to the victims needs the Japanese government is using this to claim that
the treaty clearly includes compensation money for the victims of forced labor
and thus completely and finally settles the issue it also says that contradicts
South Korea’s argument that there are still outstanding claims for
compensation from individuals Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide asuka
said Tuesday that these documents have been revealed before and that they
contain nothing new but he said Japan will continue releasing such documents
to support its argument that South Korea is violating international law to this
Seoul’s foreign ministry clarified in a statement Tuesday that not only is there
nothing new about the records the Supreme Court considered that very
information in ordering Japanese companies to compensate the victims it
also reiterated that the top court ruled that the treaty does not cover
compensation and that it honors a court’s final decision packagin arirang

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  1. A viable and quick solution is for the plaintiff to suit and demand compensations from the South Korean government who had already held the fund from Japan, aimed specifically for wartime labours. Case resolved and closed.

  2. Japanese government tried to compensate each victoms themselves, it was korean government to insist they would pay themselves the money but money was used in their economic development and may be in politicians pocket too. Does money settles every thing? (Rape, murder, labour) Does money give you justice? #By_the_way_im_not_japanese

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